ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair Review

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair Review

Thinking about hunting or fishing or even a trip you definitely want to check this product out. It’s an Outdoor chair made by ALPS OutdoorZ. Waiting for your big buck you may want to rest yourself on a comfortable seat and take the tire out of your body.

You must take a chair with you while you go for hunting or fishing. Your hunting chair must be super portable, lightweight and convenient for all weather and condition.

You may or may not take a tent or hammock, but you’ll want to take a perfect chair with you. ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair is easy to carry, foldable and very much easy and silent to set up. Elevating you from the ground it gives you a stable position for your aim assist. Let us know more about the chair.

ALPS OutdoorZ Blind Chair Review and Features

When we research and experimented to make this ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair Review, we were very impressed with the build quality, materials, and easy using facility. If you are planning to buy this blind chair, you can take a look at their features.

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Impressive Build Quality of this ALPS OutdoorZ Chair

Unlike most of the chairs out there, this chair does not have any rolling or squeaks while moving, setting up or while spinning 360degree. Build quality of this chair is very damn good. It can hold an average person very professionally.

The base detaches and secures to the chair via riveted heavy-duty Velcro straps. ALPS OutdoorZ is also providing a strap for carrying with ease. The height is adjustable. It makes no noise while rotating. Green color also helps you to take a blind spot in the woods.

Comfortable Built Quality for Using Outdoor Longer

Being almost perfect in terms of durability, this ALPS chair doesn’t actually compromise the comfort part. And It has some fabric and other material, that can provide softness on the back. For that, I liked the comfortable design of this blind chair.

This swivel hunting chair with backrest also provides enough comfort and support to your back during the intensive hunting session. Sometimes hunting in a jungle needs a proper attention for a long time, where you cannot move. But with the proper comfort, this will be a lot easier.

For having flat-bottomed feet this chair can be set up on soft soils or even in the sandy surface. The backrest and sitting position have very strong and quality fabrics for comfort and also to last longer.

Materials of the Alps OutdoorZ chair

Materials of the Alps OutdoorZ chair

I was impressed with the material quality of the alps OutdoorZ chair. If you want something with more quality then this blind chair is a perfect choice for you. The TechMesh on the back and on the seat, they are breathable, and they dry very fast and they are very easy to clean.

Legs on this chair are adjustable for uneven surface. Also, they have the quality to endure a good amount of pressure. So, you can sit and enjoy your hunting session at ease and comfort and without worrying of any hassle.

Swivel Hunting Chair Adjustable Legs

One of the major features of a hunting blind chair is the swivel leg feature. The Large Swivel Feet helps you get stay steady in sandy or muddy surface like a champ. And this chair has a decent swivel foot with enough space to help you target your hunting gun more reliably.

You can adjust them from 17.5 inches to 23 inches. So, you won’t have to worry about your height. Grab the chair and go out for a hunt.

Large swivel feet help the chair to sit tightly on soft surfaces. You can adjust the seat height to sit using easy to use locking pins. It also helps you to sit with more flexibility and comfort.

Easy to Use, While Carrying it Will Be Little Tricky

ALPS OutdoorZ Chair Easy toUse

Carrying ALPS OutdoorZ hunting chair is not any hard task to do as you can fold the chair into a very small package of 18 x 14 x 37 inches and it weighs about 14.7 pounds. It may sound heavy but the quality and advantages you are getting are comparatively valuable.

Although personally, I do not like a heavier chair, I can make the exception in order to get such advancement this Alps chair provides.

You can also use the chair in beaches or duck hunting. The backrest of this chair folds to the front, so if you want to have a seat without any backrest you can have it here.

Some other Features to Mention

I like adjustable seat height option this chair provides. Not only the different heights people can find this feature useful, but also, I love this for a different reason. While hunting in the jungle sometimes I need to set the chair in a better height, if the ground is a little messy.

Sometimes a longer height helps me to point a target with a proper view, so I can say this adjustability is a bonus for me.

Also, thanks to the manufacturer to provide a stealth hunter cover with this blind chair. It helps a better comfort and durability, especially in rain.

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  • The chair is super comfortable to sit on for a long time
  • Fabrics on this chair are strong and high quality for rough uses
  • Has multipurpose usage along with hunting
  • Legs are sturdy and adjustable for setting in a comfortable height
  • Has a proper seat cover and deluxe support
  • Very easy to use and setting it up


  • Might seem heavy to some people
  • Cleaning dirt can be annoying.

Final Thought

And to talk about the company ALPS Brands is a continuously growing and expanding group of brands dedicated to developing and manufacturing high quality, performance-driven outdoor products. So, you won’t have to worry much about their quality.

You can sit on it for hours and feel no pain of patience or tiredness. For the decent price tag, you are going to get this top-notch quality hunting chair. So before your hunting season starts order one ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair for comfy hunting experience.


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  • Comfort
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Efficiency
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Check out the in depth honest ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Chair Review to find if it suits you or not.

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