Backpacking Tips for Women

Backpacking Tips for Women

Backpacking is a physical activity which helps to calm your body and mind. This activity also lets you experience and learn a lot from nature and from people of a different culture. Backpacking trips can be of different types, a trip can be planned for a day, for a week, for a month or even for several months.

It does not matter whether you are male or female you can always go for a backpacking trip alone or with your friends and family.

The approaches which are different for women as backpackers are your hygiene essentials and some extra essentials that you need to carry while backpacking trip. Here are the gears and tips for your backpacking trips.

Backpacking for Women: Tips on Female Backpacking List

Tent/ Hammock, Sleeping Bag/Mat

These are some sleeping gears which you need while backpacking. Some of these gears will also protect you from the outside. If you are carrying a tent then there is no need of carrying a hammock.

There are people, who use both sleeping bag and sleeping mat for extra comfort, but you can also sleep on any of those, this depends on your desire and choice. Unless you are going with wagon and have cabin sized tent, you will have to carry smaller tents.

If you have not used a hammock or you are new in this sector then you might not know that tent is heavier than hammock as it does not need poles for the setting. On the other hand, a tent can protect you from outside as it gives you extra coverage.

Also, you can carry backpacking hammock tent, which will cover most of the option of comfort, portability and safety.

Also, there are different types of sleeping gears for different environment and weather; you also need to know about the weather of your trip location before choosing the gears. Therefore choose your sleeping gears properly.

Choose a Suitable Backpack According to Women Need

Buying a suitable backpack is very essential for backpacking along with packing the backpack properly. As you will be carrying all your belongings inside your backpack you need to buy a bag which is comfortable to carry and has enough space for all gears.

While choosing your backpack to make sure you look for a pack which has a stable and wide shoulder strap, also the bag should have some safety locks and straps.

Choosing Suitable Backpacks

Here are few backpacks you can try for your next trip.

  1. Everlane The Modern Snap Backpack
  2. Mystery Ranch Stadt Backpack
  3. Eastpak for J.Crew Backpack
  4. Trakke Fingal Backpack
  5. Patagonia Ironwood Pack 20L
  6. Topo Designs Rover Pack
  7. And Wander 20L Daypack
  8. Mission Workshop The Fraction
  9. Joshu+Vela Stone Backpack
  10. Mission Workshop The Fraction
  11. Brooks England Pickwick Backpack

The safety straps help to keep the bag in shape; also some straps are used for perfectly hugging the pack on you. Also, buy a backpack which has some small pockets, do not go for a one compartment bag.

Backpacking Safety Measures for Women

Safety is something which you should always think before leaving for a place. You always need to keep a safe distance from the fire. If you choose your backpacking trip to woods where you will be staying in a tent then 1st thing you should remember, never cook inside your tent as fire can burn your tent anything. Instead, you can try campfire outside the tent and enjoy your time a bit.

Also, when you are cooking it releases carbon dioxide which is very harmful to you. Always remember to put out flames after you are done using a backpacking wood stove or campfire. Also while setting up your tent and campfire choose a place without widow-maker trees to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

You should also take care of your food supplies. Some people like to bring cooked foods and some likes to cook on spot. People who want to avoid cooking during backpacking should bring foods which do not stale easily, and if you are among those who want to cook on spot then you should carry limited essentials and buy again after finishing.

For protecting yourself from insects and other critters avoid using fruity toiletries as these can attract critters easily. Also, bring insect sprays and mosquito repellent to ease your backpacking journey.

Backpacking Safety Measures for Women

Always try to bring small lightweight products in order to make your backpack light.  

Safety Gears in Backpacking

Being a girl is never a problem in any sector, but as several types of people with different intentions live in the whole world you will have to be careful about it. For night safety always keep a torch with an extra pair of batteries with you.

As for safety kit, you can also keep pepper or chili spray. You can also keep a stick or pole with you. This can help you to protect yourself from any trouble and also you can use it while hiking. Never forget to bring your first-aid kits and to protect your kits from rain or water keep them in a plastic bag or a Ziploc.

The gears mentioned above are some must take essentials for every backpacker, be that a boy or a girl. Now I will mention some essentials which are only needed for female backpackers’ and a guideline on using those properly.

Backpacking Clothes for Women

Backpacking is all about roaming around with no extra hassle or burden; therefore try to take the clothes you need only. Do not carry different clothes for every day.

While packing you should take your essential clothes, 2 pairs of underwear, and 2 pairs of socks.

You should also carry a pair of thermal clothes regardless of the weather you are expecting. Hiking pants can help you a bit for the winter season. You can also keep a small towel and a cap with you.

Hair Care Tips for Backpacker (Women)

If you are going for a long backpacking trip and you are planning to stay mostly in forests or far from cities then you might want to cut your hair short before leaving for your trip.

It is very obvious that you cannot wash your hair every day while backpacking and also you do not want to roam around with cruddy and filthy hair. Cutting your hair short can give you relief from this problem.

Your long hair can bother you in windy weather, it can be messy; also it can be a problem if you are planning to go hiking on your backpacking.

Pee Rag or Toilet Tissue

There are two choices for how you want to wipe yourself after peeing. One is with pee rag and the other one is with toilet tissue. Pee rags have become very famous among women backpackers these days; this is a type of handkerchief that you can use while on the trip.

If you want to carry toilet rolls then the procedure is to use it whenever you need and throw it in a disposable bag. Do not throw the used tissues or even the bag here and there, keep it to yourself and throw it in a proper place.   

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of carrying pee rag is it takes literally zero space in your backpack and also this is very inexpensive; whereas toilet rolls will take a good amount of space in your pack and is a bit expensive as you cannot use the same tissue twice.

The problem with pee rag is you cannot wash it every time you use it and so you will have to keep it inside your bag like that and will again use the unwashed piece of cloth. It can be used for hygiene in backpacking times.

This might be unhygienic and can cause UTI; this can also spread germs in your bag and can leave a distinct smell. On the other hand, using toilet tissue after peeing is hygienic as you will use a tissue for ones and this can also save you from UTI.

Menstrual Cup or Tampons

As you are a girl you should carry sanitary pads, menstrual cup or tampons with you. Also, you can carry whichever you are comfortable with; do not try to experiment anything new while you are on the trip.

If you do not want to carry your regular thing then you should start using it before leaving for the backpacking.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people are very much comfortable using sanitary pads and you might want to carry them but those will take a lot of space in your bag, also disposing pads can be a problem in some areas.

If you want to use a menstrual cup, sure you can use it and this will also save a lot of space in your bag; but make sure you can take good care of your hygiene while using it.

You cannot always wash your hands and the cup properly while on the journey and that might cause you some big problems. If you are comfortable using tampons then you can use it as these are easy to carry and also easy to use.  

Underwear Hiking and Backpacking for Women

Underwear plays a vast role in the hygiene sector. You should carry an extra set of women hiking/backpacking underwear for your period time if you are going for a long backpacking trip or if you are aware of your period date.

You should carry underwear which is breathable and the best breathable material is cotton, cotton underwear can save you from itching or any damp feeling.

Being a girl backpacker does not make much difference if you are strong enough. You can go and do what others are doing. You just need to choose your own way and carry proper essentials.

Best Underwear for Hiking for men and women

You might face people who would want to take advantage of you but if you are alert and prepared then nobody will dare to think about those.

Do not stop yourself from anything just because you are a woman, keep the tips in mind and you are ready to enjoy your backpacking trip and explore the world.

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