Spots Beach Camping in Northern California

15 Great for Spots Beach Camping in Northern California

Camping is such an activity which attracts campers in any season and time, and if the camping is beside or on a beach then the level of excitement increases instantly. If you live in San Francisco or near California you might consider your beach camping in Northern California as this place as some amazing beach camping spots.

For choosing the best camping spot in Northern California you need to know about the camping spots in detail so that you can choose your desired one. Here I will provide some information about some beach spots which can you can do some research on before deciding your beach campsite in Northern California.

Beach Camping Spots in Northern California

If you are in northern California and looking for camping spots then we will discuss some spots in this article. Here are the spots for beach camping in northern California in a quick look.

  1. San Elijo State Beach
  2. Santa Cruz beachside
  3. Seacliff Beach
  4. Sunset State Beach
  5. Dillon Beach
  6. Refugio State Beach
  7. Refugio State Beach
  8. Limekiln State Park
  9. Half Moon Bay Beach
  10. Bodega Bay Beach
  11. Doran Regional Park
  12. Kirk Creek Campground (No Beach)
  13. Manresa State Beach
  14. Gold Bluff Beach Park
  15. Sonoma Coast

Want to know how to stay there and make a perfect beach camping in northern California? To enjoy your vacation with friends and family? Here is the short discussion on these spots and how to camp there.

San Elijo State Beach

This is a beach of Northern California. You can enjoy hiking, biking, and many more activities in this area. This is a first come first served basis campsite. You can also visit San Diago by taking a bike ride from San Elijo beach. If you have a pet or pets then you might definitely want to choose this spot as it is a pet-friendly spot. If you love snorkeling or diving and warm temperature then this spot is for you.

San Elijo State Beach

Also, this part of the sea is relatively less aggressive therefore you can choose this area without hesitation.

Camping in Santa Cruz Beach Side

Santa Cruz is situated in the center of California. This city has a dock and dockyard which connects northern and southern California. This Santa Cruz beach side is very happening as it has a lot of camping spots.

If you are planning to camp here, you should bring the best family cabin tent here that has good shedding. Also, campfire in the nighttime is a good way to stay warm in this sweet spot.

Seacliff Beach Camping

The most popular one is Seacliff Beach. It is one of the perfect spots for camping and for weekending.

Seacliff Beach Camping

Also, you cannot stop taking photos of this place as it the picture-perfect one. The campground is in such a place where the wind blows perfectly. So, making a great nighttime campfire using this technique is on with your friends and family.

You will find a ship offshore which is abundant; you can go inside of it and enjoy a rustic and old ship look. This is a very busy and popular site, hence you need to plan and book this place beforehand; also make sure to go through the Santa Cruz Seacliff Beach guide.

Sunset State Beach

This is another camping site of Santa Cruz. This place is famous for the pine tree as well. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on setting your campsite or tent then you simply choose a strong pine tree and use it as a shed for your campsite.

For enjoying your camping trip in this site goes through the Sunset State guide for choosing a perfect campground. You can bring the wagon and have a perfect lonely wagon camping trip here. Is one of the sweetest spots for beach camping in northern California.

Camping in Dillon Beach Spot

This is another place with natural beauty in Northern California where you can enjoy your beach camping. This is a dog-friendly zone and therefore the campers who have a pet or who want to bring their pet for camping can easily choose this site for camping.

Also, you can bring your kids for camping in this spot without any hassle. They will surely find the place amusing.

This beach has a separate campsite where you can easily stay and enjoy your camping. If you are not used to of setting tents or campsites then you can surely choose this one as this place already has premade campsites. Here you will also get some general stores and some different cuisine restaurants around.

Refugio State Beach Spot

Refugio State Beach Spot is a very good beachfront campground in northern California where you get two countries in one place. This beach is stretched into the Santa Barbara County. I want you can drive up to the coast of Santa Barbara.

Refugio State Beach Spot

The Refugio State Beach is a small campground with only 66 campsites. If you want to go for a beach camping where you will find fewer people around then this is the right chose for you.

This campground is especially preferred or famous for summer beach camping as kayak rides are being offered by the beach lifeguards. This smart way of kayak camping, you can surely enjoy your vacation perfectly here. This place is also a good choice for family camping as this place is very safe.

Limekiln State Park

Usually, beach campsites come with an only beach or water-related activities, but this place offers beach view and facilities as well as trekking or walking on trails of mountains. This campground is smaller than Refugio and consists only 12 campsites and a total of 29 campsites. Through choosing this campsite you can privilege yourself with enjoying the moon and sky up from the mountain.

The mountains near Limekiln give a wide range view of sky and beach. If you get the chance to enjoy this scenario I assure you, you will cherish it for the rest of your life. As it is a small campground you need to book the place months before your camping date in order to get a reservation.

Half Moon Bay Camping Spots

Half Moon Bay is great for camping in a large group or solo activities. This beachside comes with a delightful ocean-side view. You can enjoy some scenarios which can hardly be seen in other beach camping sites; for example, you can see whales swim gracefully or sea dolphins surprisingly watching you and many more.

This beach is perfect for fall camping and another season camping. Also, this beach is famous for its cleanliness; therefore, you can take the leverage of enjoying clean water.

Bodega Bay Camping Spots

This is also a pet-friendly beach so you can come with your pet without hesitation. Do not forget to bring marshmallows as you will find pre-made campfires in many places.

There are trees around have perfect hammock camping trips for extra enjoyable leisure. Just bring perfect hammock tent with you for solo pleasure.

This beach campsite is also popular therefore do not forget to book space before leaving.

Doran Regional Park

Doran Regional Park is a great place for women man and children. This beach campground is bigger than other campgrounds in northern California, it contains near about 120 campsites. It is one of the perfect camping spots side the beach in California.

This Doran beach ground is very close to Bodega Bay. This site is the best spot for water activities or sports. This place has so many enjoyable water sports setups which you cannot even imagine.

As it is a big campsite, you can easily book a place for your camping, and you do not need to think about booking or planning for a camp, months before your due date.

Kirk Creek Campground

This Kirk Creek is almost beside the Limekiln State Park. This campground has the best view in Northern California.

Kirk Creek Campground

You will be able to enjoy Pacific Ocean sunsets, the wonderful sky filled with stars and also a view of mountains supporting with each other. You need to bring your drinking water with camping foods with you as there is not drinkable water source around.

Also, you need to book a campsite beforehand as this place has 32 campsites all together. The best part of this beach campground is you will get the opportunity of trekking and hiking with beach view.

Manresa State Beach

The other campsites mentioned above are most suitable for RV campers, but this Manresa State Beach is not RV friendly. This site only allows a tent and hammock camping only. It is a spot for backpacking trips with lightweight backpacks and proper head-wears for sun protection.

This is actually good as this rule makes the place pure and less polluted. You should note that you cannot even park your vehicle in or near the beach; therefore, a cart can help you bring all your belongings and essentials for camping.

This state beach has 60 walk-in campsites. You need to park your car at the park which is a bit far from the campground and will have to take a walk to the beach.

Camping in Gold Bluff Beach Park Spot

This area is a bit far from the locality and proper roads.

Camping in Gold Bluff Beach Park Spot

This place is just beside Redwoods and this makes the beach park very special. Redwoods are also called rainforests; therefore, you can always feel the cool breeze coming from the woods.

This beach park is exactly located in Prairie Creek Redwoods. This is a unique campsite which gives you both feeling of beach and forest which you can hardly find in any other campgrounds in Northern California. Other than summer this is a very busy area for campers.

Sonoma Coast Camping

last but not the least is Sonoma Coast which is a state park in Northern California. You can enjoy a dramatic view filled with landscapes; you can also enjoy hiking and trekking anytime while camping.

The specialty of this beach campsite is giant rocks of the Pacific Ocean. This campground has a fair amount of campsites and some special campsites for couples. The only problem with this ground is you need to pay for using washroom near your campsite, but if you want you can bring your own toilet essentials and make one for your own.

Also, you should keep the best hammock bug net if you want a hassle free camping. Moreover, the water of the Sonoma coast is not suitable for swimming as the water temperature is very low.

Last Few Words

Before starting your beach camp packing; you should always do some research on the area or the state and also contact authorities of the selected campsite to know whether the beach is permitted for camping or not.

Also, ask them about the dos and don’ts of the site and arrange or plan your family camp trip accordingly. Also, remember to not set your campsite on or below tides line drawn by the previous tide to protect yourself from any trouble.

I hope this beach camping in California article will help you to find the right spot and also guide to a better way of spending the time with your children and family.

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