Best Archery Arm Guard in 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

Playing or hunting with arrows is fun. But you must make sure you are doing it safely. Thus, you need the protective gear: the best archery arm guard for your bowhunting game.

The archery arm guards have been serving people since the stone age and new technologies are being implemented on this piece of gear.

You’ll definitely need proper training for the perfection of your archery tactics. Either you are a professional or a beginner archery arm guard is a must-have accessory for your protection.
The guard does not only give you protection but also will help you to be better at nailing your shots. There are several things to know about the perfect arm guard. We’ll be knowing about five of the best arm guards on the market.

Top 7 Best Archery Arm Guard Reviews in 2019

In archery, you need a proper guidance along with experience to do better. You also cannot ignore the importance of good gears, like arrows, arrow rests and archery arm guards. Here is the list of the best arm guards for archery with reviews.

Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula 2...
OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated...
Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula 2...
OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated...
1.6 ounce
2.4 ounces
9.5 x 6.8 x 1 inches
9 x 6 x 5 inches
Prime Stats
Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula 2...
Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula 2...
1.6 ounce
9.5 x 6.8 x 1 inches
Prime Stats
OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated...
OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated...
2.4 ounces
9 x 6 x 5 inches
Prime Stats

1. Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula Sleeve Wrap Armguard (Camo)

Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula 2...
  • 7" inches long
  • Two Elastic straps and buckles
  • Protects your forearm

Sportsman outdoor products have been making their products for adventure lover for many years. Tarantula Sleeve Wrap has been in the market for several years. This arm guard is lightweight. So, using this guard will be easier and comfortable.

Also, the outer part of this armor is made of fabrics and the material underneath the fabric is made of tough materials which are rugged and protects the skin from injury caused by the slapping of the bowstring during projectile release.

You can fit Tarantula Sleeve Wrap on a bare arm or even on bulky clothing because the strap on it is made of elastic straps. Tarantula Sleeve Wrap is a one size fit for all. It has three straps and a buckle to give you extreme secure and strong feel to your arm.

The buckles are made of high-quality plastic, so, you won’t have to worry about any skin damage.  Everyone of any can wear this due to easy to pull strap system. You won’t even have to unbuckle the strap to adjust your size even when you feel you need adjustments.

The CEMO mossy oak design gives it a more professional look. Tarantula Sleeve Wrap is never able to give you discomfort because it has an air hole which helps your skin to breath.

I like the design and quality of this arm guard. Also, the protection is impressive. In our day to day uses, the product really satisfied with the overall performance. We also liked the lightweight materials, which let us use it rather comfortably.

It keeps its promise to keep the arm safe and that’s why this is the number one archery arm guard in this list. However, the size is on the larger side, so if you have a shorthand, you should consider it before buying.

Our Thought


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Tough and rugged material
  • CAMO print looks professional
  • check
    One size fit to all size
  • check
    Comfy buckle system


  • The elastic band may pinch you if you have hairy arm

2. OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated Leather Suede Arm Guard - best leather archery arm guard

OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated...
  • Crafted from Suede, arm guard features a two- strap, Velcro design to ensure a comfortable-fit, but snug fit
  • Vented to provide proper air-flow
  • Arm guard is 7 Inch in length

If you are looking for arm guard which is easy to handle and premium in material, then OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated Leather Suede Arm Guard is the one to choose.

The arm guard is crafted from high quality suede. Also, the arm guard is lightweight due to its design strategy. So, you will find it very durable without compromising its lighter weight.

With the perfect, weight I liked the ventilation system of this archery wrist protector. If you look at it closely, you will find 4 long ventilation holes. These holes not only give perfect air flow but also reduces the weight and bulk from the piece of equipment. So, the overall comfort level will be ok with the OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Arm Guard.

The arm guard is 7 inches in length. The classic design is almost like the traditional archery arm guard. Thanks to the manufacturer for the nice light brown color with suede. The design is also simple and easy to use. Strap on the guard is designed to make the guard easy to put on and still staying snug.

The leather makes every delivery good and smoothes the bowstring cannot do the damage to the guard leather-like fabric and other materials. There are three padded channels under the leather which gives more strength to the guard. The perfect touch to give you comfort in my opinion.

Beveled sewing on the guard also gives professional and fancy looks to it. This arm guard is for those who had been through the beginning level. Overall the price to value is great for this arm guard.

I had used this arm guard for any occasion and it is my most favorite archery arm guard for several reasons. So, picking it in this list wasn’t very tough. Our team liked the comfort part. Also, we were impressed with the build quality sector.

However, we thought that using it on a beginner level can be little complicated. So, this is one are you should look at. Overall quality and performance are excellent and with this price, you can surely check this out without any hesitation.

Our Thought


  • Suede leather on this is comfy
  • Airflow is maintained well
  • Two strap lock with Velcro gives a good fit
  • check
    Built quality is rugged and good


  • Not good for beginners
  • Velcro may give you itch

3. SAS 8" Armguard Archery Bow Range - best youth archery arm guard

SAS 8" Armguard Archery Bow Range with...
  • 8" Arm Guard with 3 Straps
  • Vented to Provide Proper Air-flow to Cool Your Arm
  • Durable Arm Guard for Archery
  • Quick Buckles Adjustment System
  • One Size Fits All

Being an excellent all-around arm guard for archery, it has some specialty in the design sector. If you prefer a good-looking arm guard with all quality aspects, then this SAS 8″ Armguard is one of the best product you can find.

Not much arm guards are as good-looking as this one on the market right now. The Black color on this arm guard looks professional and stealthy. Also, the fabrication on the surface is exceptional and gives it a classy tone.

I was really happy to see the perfect design and quality of this SAS 8″ Armguard Archery Bow Range. It is made and sold by Southland Archery Supply and they have earned a good amount of reputation for many years.

The size of the guard is 8”x3”, gives excellent protection, if not full protection as the full-length arm guard archery. It has three strap system which is adjustable. So, now you don’t have to worry about if the guard will fit your arm or not. The guard has three lanes of the pad and it has four air holes to breath.

The guard covers the half portion of your arm, so you do not have any chance to get hurt by the friction of the bowstring. The fabric does not irritate your skin but after a while, you may get discomforts, so it will be recommended to get a full sleeve t-shirt underneath.

The surface of the guard is smooth, so the bow and string travels over it smoothly and does not get slapped.

What we liked the best in this product is easy to use-ness. It comes with very simple design and functionality, anyone can use this one without much of experiments. So, it is the best youth archery arm guard according to our review unit.

While this SAS brand one of the leading in the archery industry, we had seen a lot of hype on this SAS 8" Armguard Archery Guard. So, we tested this with some outdoor experiences and the overall result was really satisfying. No matter in which stage of archery you are in, you can use this one without much of a hassle.

We were really happy with the protection and build quality. Being an eight inches long guard, it can cause some problem for the people with short hands thought. But the overall experiences were good to put it in the third spot.

Our Thought


  • Lightweight materials
  • Three straps provide a good fit
  • Buckles are easy to put on and put off
  • check
    Vents provide proper air-flow


  • Size can be an issue for shorthanded persons
  • Materials are not flexible

4. Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard

Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard,Contain...
  • Material:Cowhide PU
  • Length:30cm;The width:9cm,Under the wide 6cm
  • Adjustable straps-One size fits all
  • Thick durable material,soft and smooth,feel good
  • Quality of light,convenient and easy to carry,armband security

Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard is the ultimate professional archery guard you may want to wear. The guard has a great whole-arm design to protect forearm and bicep. It is one of the top-quality archery forearm guards for the archers who love full covers of wrist and biceps.

The guard body has two padded area and has flexible in between for elbow flex. If you wear it properly, you will barely notice it on your hand during bowhunting. The comfort and ease will make your life a lot easier than many other arm guard sleeves in the market.

We also liked the durability of this best bow arm guard. The guard is made of high-quality cowhide. This arm guard is made for heavy duty and long-lasting usage.

To make it flexible and perfectly set, this arm guard has four strap systems to fit on hand properly. The belts are adjustable and fit any hand perfectly. So, in the humid condition, it will not fall down easily.

Santu Cowhide Archery Arm Guard Has Length of 22cm, the width of 8.5cm, under the wide 6.3cm. The leather is durable and soft. Size is perfect to cover the forearm better. Normally, arm guards archery those do not cover the arm well can get you into trouble in intensive situations.

It feels good and smooth in hand. Three vent holes give excellent airflow, so your skin gets proper breathing. Elbow joint area has dotted vents so that area gets more ventilated and comfortable. The leather is processed and finished so that your bow string can travel a lot smoother.

it is the best archery arm guards in 2019 according to protecting the most. In our testing, the fabric looks very durable despite being lighter. The premium outer part will ensure longevity in rough use.

What we liked most in this bow guard is the ventilation system. So, using it in hot humid condition is rather easier. Some people like custom arm guards for archery for more flexibility. If you like those, you can try this out.

Our Thought


  • Protects from biceps to wrist
  • Processed cowhide gives a premium feeling
  • Durable and lightweight
  • check
    Air holes give proper ventilation


  • Straps do not fit snug with clothing

5. Martin Archery Leather Armguard, Brown - best leather archery arm guard

Martin Archery Leather Armguard, Brown
  • Personally hand crafted
  • Deluxe lace up features
  • Tough beautiful leather
  • Decorative embossing
  • Adjustable strap

I have seen a lot of searches referring “What are the most happened injuries with archery?” believe me most of the answers are related to the lack of archery arm guard. And If you are looking for a gear that has been built by hand for the hand, then Martin Archery Leather Armguard is the one you can consider looking for.

This arm guard is softer than the usual guards. If you are looking for the best archery bracer, then you can consider this as an alternative. It is soft, lightweight and comfortable.

Martin Archery has been handcrafting this arm guard for several years and this product is made as premium as they say. It has a smooth surface on the guard which guides your bowstring like butter.

The soft material that gives smooth operation is not only the single pros of this archery safety guard. The fabric also has deluxe lace up features which give you a lot of grips. So, you won’t see any fall issues with this Martin leather arm guard.

The leather used in this armor is high in quality and tough. The leather looks and feels more premium than most others on the market. The leather used on this guard is decorated by embossing, so it looks more traditional and beautiful. You do not have to wear an arm guard sleeve under the guard with Martin Leather Guard.

If you are a bowhunter most probably you’ll like this accessory to take with you on hunting seasons.

Before you invest in archery accessory give this handcrafted guard a try, you are not going to regret it for the quality you are going to get at the price point.

We liked the excellent handcrafted design of this bow arm guard. However, we found the airflow not that great with Martin archery guard. So, you may face sweating problem in humid condition. The straps are also seemed little weaker than expected.

But when we see other options and quality of this best leather archery arm guard, we were pretty impressed. The protection and comfort get a thumb up from our archery arm guard review team.

Our Thought


  • Handcrafted materials
  • Embossed decorative designs
  • Tough and long-lasting leather
  • check
    Adjustable strap system


  • Airflow is not very good at this arm guard
  • Straps may need to be replaced

6. Mossy Oak 10-Inch 4 Strap Armguard – Best Full Arm Guard

Mossy Oak 10-Inch 4 Strap Armguard
  • 10" Full Arm Guard
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up
  • Sturdy, AdjUSAtable Clasps

If you are looking for a full arm guard instead of just the wrist, then Mossy Oak 10-Inch 4 Strap Armguard is the dressiest option for you.

Mossy Oak has been making hunting accessories for several years and they got quite a good reputation. The length of the arm guard is 10 inches. So, it will provide the fullest protection an armed guard can give.

This 10-inch guard has a full arm guarding design with a lightweight fabric. So is going to give you protection from your upper arm to wrist perfectly without compromising the comfort. Why I am saying that? If you wear a heavyweight arm guard for full support, it will surely cause a problem in bowhunting.

Talking about the Fabric on this guard, it is slippery and it helps the bowstring travel smoothly. There are two pad areas on this armor. One it on the upper arm and another on the wrist part. Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern between two padding parts helps your arm to move spontaneously.

You will love the smooth experience from this guard. However, to make it super light and smooth the manufacturer might have given less durability in their fabric. So, this guard will not last for a long, if you are using it roughly.

However, to make it more flexible, it has some adjustability options. This best full arm guard has an adjustable clasp system which holds the guard to your hand effortlessly. After using this long arm guard, you will feel that the length is really necessary. For the price range, this long sleeve arm guard is a valuable purchase for any archer.

First time using it was a great experience. Almost everyone in our team loved it for the smooth and flexible material that feels like a feature on arms. However, we were little skeptical later on the durability sector. Making it that thin surely has to come with a compromising factor, and this one has a lasting issue.

Although, the quality is better than many others in the market, so we decided to give our users an option to feel its feather-like the design. Also, the design and color look impressive.

If you aren’t rough users and love comfort, then this Mossy Oak 10-Inch 4 Strap Armguard is a perfect choice for you.

Our Thought


  • Longer than average bow guards
  • Great value for the money
  • Comes with a great comfort
  • check
    Price is reasonable considering the size
  • Nice CEMO graphics
  • Hooks on the straps are great


  • Does not perform well in wet weather condition
  • May not fit well in short arms
  • Air flow is not good

7. Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard, Medium – Best Cheapest Archery Arm Guard

Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard,...
  • Specifically designed for smaller shooters
  • Perfect for youth and smaller adults
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit

In our list of best archery armguard available on the market today, this Allen Archery Guard is the cheapest archery arm guard which provides all the good aspects.

Allen Company has been making their bow guard for people of all ages. Mesh Archery Arm Guard is one arm guard that they designed for beginner and armature archers. So it is also one of the best youth archery arm guards.

This arm guard has equipped two straps which are easy to adjust. You can adjust the strap by just using one hand which is a plus point of an armed guard. So, you don’t have to change your concentration in case of adjusting it. This gives extra ease to use this one in the intensive bowhunting sports.

It has mesh on the outer side of the arm guard and a stipe of lace which helps the bowstring or projectile to travel. The whole package is very lightweight, so the beginners won’t have to worry about weight and comfort.

The guard is rounded in the strap area, so it stays fit to hands. The strap does have a lot of room for adjustment. Though, in the comment and review sectors, we have found some argument on using it with big hands might have some issues.

The well-built quality is another thing that makes it a perfect arm guard for a compound bow. You can use it without having any tensions of tears and breaks. At this price point, this is a big bonus.

You will also get more color options to form the manufacturers. You can choose any from three of them. Your kid or teenager boy will love this for sure.

It is one of the top-rated archery arm guards in the market and surely has a great fan base. The cheaper price and better durability were the reason we liked it.

While making this archery arm guard review, we have found some issues. One, it will not properly fit on the bigger hands. The second is it lacks proper air circulation. Not by a much, but if you are super sensitive about the ventilation, you might have some issues.

We ordered this three months back and used this item for 7-8 occasions, and it has not loosened up, so the durability is decent enough. If you are looking for the cheap arm guard with better quality, this one should be in your consideration.

Our Thought


  • Lightweight and flexible that helps in sports
  • Good for teenagers or kids
  • The strap adjustment system is great
  • check
    Very easy to wear and uses in the intensive games
  • Comes at a relatively cheaper price
  • The design looks good despite its price


  • Not for people with big hands
  • Not a much breathable air with the guard

How to Choose the Best Archery Arm Guard

Not every archery arm guard is going to be good for you. Different guards have different purposes to serve. Now we’ll talk more about what things we have to look for in an archery arm guard.

Types of Archery Arm Guard

There are basically two types of archery guards. Full length and the ones which sit on the wrist.

Full length: Full-length arm guards are best for the beginners. Also, professionals can use this type of guards. It gives you protection from your biceps to wrist easily. Sometimes it may give you discomfort along with protection.

Half length: These types of arm guards can be used by any kind of archers. It only protects your wrist from bowstrings. It gives you for flexibility and comfort to your wrist.

Consider the Materials Used in the Arm Guard

You must keep your eyes on what materials the manufacturers are using to make this bow guard. Leathers are the most premium material that can be used.

But you have to keep in mind that mesh or fabric will give you more air flow than leathers. But leathers will definitely help your bowstring to travel smoother.

Choose Your Desired Length for The Bow Guard

arrow guards to come at various sizes. You can get from 7 inches to 10 inches generally. The 7 inches can cover your wrist area and it does not have any comfort issues.

But the longer the arm guards are the more protection you will get. But if you are more of a beginner then you should buy a long arm guard.

Is the Width Comfortable and Perfect?

Is the Arm Guard Safe?

Check the Straps of that Arm Guard Sleeve

There are several types of strap system available in the market. Flexible rubbery straps are good for all arms. But some people may have discomfort using these kinds of straps.

There are one hand adjustable straps which helps you to adjust the straps with one hand and keep your focus on target less on adjustment. There is also a buckle system which you may like.

Is The Item Easy to Use in Bowhunting?

Archery is all about keeping focus and consistency. You have to wear and take the arm guard very quickly as you have to focus on the targets.

There are many types of straps and clip systems to make the process easier and simple. There are often one hand strap adjustment systems to keep the process clean.

Is It Durable Enough to Use a Long Time?

The arm guards have to be durable for longer usability and also for your protection. It has to be able to take the heavy beating of bowstring slaps.
And you have to make sure that it can take the beating of traveling as you may have to go into the woods for hunting.

Check Out The Weight: Is it Comfortable?

Lightweight arm guards are good for all kind of users. For the beginners, lightweight guards are recommended. As you have to keep your hand steady and upright lightweight guards are going to give you more advantage.

Final Thought on Archery Arm Guard

To wrap these things up we are here to a conclusion that good quality bow and arrow s are not the only important things necessary. Archery is fun and professional game as well. Professional bowhunters earns from archery.

You have to consider the fact that you have to have all the safety gears to prevent any kind of injuries while you are on hunt or practice.

From all of the arm guards on the market, you can choose between any of the seven we talked about here. You can choose from very short to longer ones at your own need. You can choose from plastic, Fabrics to leather ones according to your own taste.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional bowhunter you won’t have to worry about your safety. Investing on a good arm guard is never a waste.

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