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Best Arrow Rest of 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The experienced hunters know that you just need a good shot with the arrow for hitting the target. And the best arrow rest should make the difference to uncover the best out of your bow.

So, when you are planning to buy accessories for your bow, then you should keep importance to the accuracy. To improve the accuracy, sometimes scope isn’t enough, you will also need a perfect arrow rest for hunting properly.

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How to Choose the Best Arrow Rest?

You get your quiver and your bow and arrows but you are looking for an arrow rest for yourself? How can you be sure what is the best arrow rest for your practice or hunting? Which steps should you follow or which fundamentals you dig deep?

Customizing the crossbow can be difficult if you don’t know the fundamentals and you are not sure about your requirements. First, you have to go through your needs and then you should check on your priorities. Let’s talk about the facts that you should keep in mind before buying your arrow rest.


Obviously, it comes first in the list. You cannot spend a lot of money on your arrow rest without any outstanding features. Mostly arrow rests are not much of cost but there is arrow rests that have really good features which you might need and see for yourself. It always depends on the requirements of yours.

Arrow alignments

You don’t want an arrow rest which will interfere with your arrow while shooting, do you? Interactions with an arrow is a vital issue for the rests. Most of the rests are designed not to interfere with the arrow itself but there are several rests that do interfere with the arrows for different purposes.

It always doesn’t have to be for an unpleasant experience but sometimes it can be a total shut down for the whole set up.


The rests should be user-friendly for obvious reasons. Why would someone buy a rest if he/she doesn’t feel comfortable with the shooting? The rests should have features that have to be pleasant for the shooting experience.

How to Choose the Best Arrow Rest?


A really sleek body cannot handle all the pressure that a really strong bow will deliver. On the other hand one really hard shell cannot be installed because it may damage the whole body or ruin the pointing.


The nature and material of the biscuit are really important for the bow. It can improve or damage your experience. It can do both if you aren’t paying attention to your stuff.

Best Arrow Rest Reviews

So you are into archery and you are looking for an arrow rest to buy? But you are getting confused with what steps should you follow or what exactly you have to buy or what would be the pricing? A good arrow rest can help you with your every move with it.

Depending on the bow, if you get the perfect arrow rest, rest of your work is quite done. Accuracy and the experience are mostly dependent on the arrow rest and the whole package can be ruined if your arrow rest doesn’t match with the package or your style.
Let’s talk about the best arrow rests that are superior to the available in the market.

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH
  • Limb Driven
  • Full containment
  • Easy set up
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Full fletching clearance

Speaking of an innovative and futuristic arrow rest, the Vapor Trail limb driver pro v rest, RH comes first in the list. This product comes with the first limb driven rest with a full capture option. This limb driver Pro v rest can stay up to seventy percent. So, your arrow rest will last longer than other arrow rests.

It also has adjustable tension system. With an adjustable spring tension and the free-floating launcher arm, the product ensures the perfect shot needed.

I like a couple of options for this rest. Like the vapor trail, shelf pad stabilized itself before being pulled away with the limb drove technology and the adjustable spring. This increases the performance to a whole new level.

There is more to this amazing product such as the fine-tuning for the performance boost. Moreover, the free floating launcher arm and the adjustable spring tension causes a smooth tuning while the archer aims and it locks in a perfect position.

Speaking of positioning the archers always find it really amazing that it does the fine-tuning and the position lock.

The product weighs only 6.4 ounces with the whole packages and the lightweight tell you about the smoothness it can deliver while shooting. It has fully fletching clearance and it’s really easy to set up the rest.

Our Thought

The reason we put this arrow rest in the top of the list is its user-friendly design and the futuristic features. While testing this arrow rest for the review, we were also very satisfied with its lightweight and compact design.

Our review team has also recommended this arrow rest for its excellent performance in hunting games. If you are looking for a stable and workable arrow rest for the rest of your hunting games, you can take this without any hesitation. 


  • It is a limb driven rest which allows a less complicated effort
  • Easy to use arrow rest to use in game hunting
  • Really easy to set up the whole package
  • check
    You can get this product in your budget of course
  • check
    Timing and vane contact is also easy


  • Installation can be tricky in some cases.
  • Sometimes distance can be an issue.

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest - Best Fall Away Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products UHXBK-L Left Hand HDX Arrow Rest, Black
  • Stainless Steel
  • limited life-time warranty
  • Color - Black
  • Model Number- UHXBK-L
  • Part # 47332

Another amazing rest is quality archery products HDX arrow rest. This rest comes in a stainless steel which ensures its longevity and hardness. The quality and sturdy frame of the arrow rest will keep the users in peace for longer times.

It doesn’t only end here.

The manufacturer supplies it with a limited lifetime warranty which is convenient and self-assuring as well. Mostly the product comes in the color black and with a harder shell. This ultra-rest is one of the top models that the manufacturer produces. This has enough features which cover most of the necessities of the archers.

The design is really good and attractive as well. This product has unique features like advanced vibration technology, lockdown technology, velocity drop technology. Because of the special fall away feature, with other advanced technology with quality, this one considered as one of the best falls away arrow rests in 2018.

Here is this design called mounting block design that is way much compatible than the previous versions. The bars with the sleek curves offers versatility. For the archers, it is a really good choice whenever it’s a line pointing or locking the point.

The advanced vibration system helps the peak vibration amplitude to a minimum range and the durable molded rubber here creates a quiet comfortable field. The adjustment of the rest is quite easy and convenient.

One can easily adjust the timing, locking or the positioning. You can adjust the timing cord even after it is clamped to the buss cable. To add with the comfort, there is a perfect instruction manual with the items. So, setting and using this arrow rest is really easy. Moreover, the full draw indicator shows when you are ready for a full draw with a proper launcher.

Our Thought

I loved the compact size and lightweight design of this HDX Arrow Rest. Also, the features like advanced vibration technology, velocity drop, and sleek curves design were made to provide comfort to the users.

With the test we had, the results were really satisfying. We also had a deep research to find out what other users are thinking about this product. And most of them are really happy with it.


  • The product comes up with a stainless steel body.
  • The sleek and attractive design which is also helpful for shooting.
  • Advanced technologies integrated with it.
  • check
    Advanced vibration system.


  • Sometimes positioning can be problematic.
  • Sometimes installation can be an issue.

Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest


Ripcord "Code Red" Fall Away Arrow Rest, Right (Black)
  • Containment arm is included to provide 360-degree arrow containment. Installation is quick and easy. Internal dampeners insure a quiet shot upon release.
  • Launcher can be manually locked into position. Will instantly disengage at full draw for complete arrow clearance. Made in USA.
  • Model Number: RCRB-R.

Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest is one of the best product on the market nowadays. The product comes in an aluminum body and fully coated. The reason it’s my personal favorite drop away rest is its innovative features, which gave a great comfort to the users and better performance in accuracy.

The product is basically produced in the USA but available mostly everywhere. The full contamination is one of the basic things that ensure the product quality. The product has to drop dead break that eliminates most of the bounce back from the bow and other inconveniences.

The durable and soft rubber ensures a smooth molding and launching. The arrow travel is always a big issue for the archers. But with this product, the offset cord doesn’t get into or interfere with the arrow travel. So, doesn’t matter if your hunting gets longer than expectation, the comfort will keep your concentration intact throughout the game.

Sometimes, durable rest isn’t enough if it doesn’t have proper internal protection. Luckily, we have an internal dampening system with this ripcord code red arrow rest. The system helps to avoid the future damages to the arrow rest and keep your hunting hassle-free. Moreover, the mounting arm is adjustable so the ripcord will mount on virtually any riser with the included mountain screw.

The windage adjustment ensures the wider range of the bow. The offset cord helps a smoother experience of shooting and the clamp is included with every rest to make the process of the attachment of cord to cable easier and smoother.  There are several silencing materials that can help the shooting more silence and discrete.

Our Thought

It is certainly the best Ripcord Arrow Rest for me and the first choice for any hunting games. Our review team also loved this one after a few tests who haven’t used it before. We also researched this product online to find out what others are saying, and most of them were found satisfied.

It comes with some unique features like exceptional adjustment, internal dampening system and comfortable coating to be one of the best drops away rest. Using this quality product will surely enhance shooting ability.


  • Aluminum body material and coating
  • Comes with windage adjustment for a wider range of shooting
  • The internal dampening system minimizes the damage of the rest
  • check
    Fast fall away time for increased accuracy
  • check
    Unique offset cord design that makes shooting easy
  • check
    Adjustable mounting arm


  • Sometimes adjustment is an issue
  • Packaging can be damaged sometimes
  • exclamation-triangle
    Installation can be an issue time to time

Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit


Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit – Right Hand
  • Accurate and consistent sight with advanced tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments
  • Increased accuracy with convenient laser-engraved reference marks
  • Prevent binding over time from dust and dirt with nylon bushings
  • Increased strength with aluminum-encased biscuit
  • Silent arrow loading with custom rubber boots

Speaking of another amazing and good looking product Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit must be in the list. This product is amazingly attractive and comes in a black color that will blow your mind. It will make sure to look like a premium product on your bow.

One of the concerns in choosing the rest should be the performance in accurate shooting. Well, this company has made sure it can deliver a perfect bowhunting experience. It comes with accurate and consistent sight with advanced tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments.

What can be more convenient for a quality archery product than a laser engraved reference mark? Nothing, right? This product has a laser engraved reference technology which increases the accuracy of the shooting.

A nylon bushing prevents the binding over time from the dust and helps to prevent any kind of inconvenience. The product has an aluminum encased biscuit that increases the strength of the product and the solid shell. That is why it is the best whisker biscuit arrow rest according to our review team.

There are custom rubber boots that make the arrow loading quieter and of less effort. The product is sold to all levels of hunters and archers. The adjustments are easy to make for windage and elevation.

One of the bigger advantages of using whisker biscuit arrow rest of Trophy Ridge is its full arrow containment feature. The bristles ensure that the arrow will not fall down – almost never on any occasion. So, your hunting will be easy and hassle-free.

For this exact reason, archers find this product more convenient than most of the products on the market. The design is 150% more in strength compared to the previous products of the manufacturer. It also comes in right-handed bows. Total weight of the product is 1 pound.

Our Thought

Whisker Biscuit arrow rest is one of the better models that is made with performance in mind. It doesn’t create a lot of dazzles with the features but has some which are required. We loved this arrow rest for the surprising performance in accurate bowhunting.

While making the review, the examination suggests some downsides of this product as well. It did look to reduce the arrow speed – which is really minor and isn’t a big fact actually. Also, overusing same arrows will have some dents on the vent with this rest. To me, it is nothing to be worried at all.

However, the overall quality and the performance of this arrow rest makes it one of the most favorite choices for our review team


  • Solid and sophisticated body with attractive looks
  • Easy to install and use the product is also quite simple
  • Provide quiet and silent arrow loading experience
  • check
    A laser engraved mark technology is a bigger plus point for the archers
  • check
    It has an aluminum encased biscuit that ensured good strength
  • check
    The nylon bushing prevents the binding over


  • Sometimes the laser mark can be an issue
  • Sometimes slow down the speed of the arrow
  • exclamation-triangle
    Have some issues with the damage arrow vanes
  • exclamation-triangle
    Elevation markings can be an issue

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Small, Brown
  • World's most-popular rest sought-out by bow hunters of all skill-levels
  • Reversible small brown mount design for use with left- and right-hand bows
  • Easy corrections with advanced windage and elevation adjustments
  • Increased strength with the composite-encased biscuit
  • Silent arrow loading with custom rubber boots

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest is world’s most popular rest sought out by the bow hunters of all skill levels. It is another arrow rest you should give a chance. Not because of the popularity, but its creative design for the ultimate accuracy and comfort.

Speaking of design, this product comes in 7 beautiful colors. so, you can choose any of them that suits with your bow. The manufacturer has made it in a way that is quite simple to use in big game hunting. There is reversible mounting design for use with both hand bows and the mounting is quite easy for the users.

The corrections or the adjustments are quite easy for the users as the advanced windage and elevation adjustment procedure is there. The product comes with composite-encased biscuit which increased the strength of the product.

With the custom rubber boots, the arrow loading time can be more quiet and discrete. The product comes up with a lifetime quality use guarantee. The composite-encased biscuit ensures the reliability and the bow-hunters trusts the product for two decades. The product is easy to install and easy to use as well. The whole package weighs about 2.4 ounces. The brand is really promising when it comes to the point of rests.

Time adjustment is a really convenient issue for this product as this product has the adjustment feature. The left to right toggle is really convenient. Both the left-handed and the right-handed hunters can use it with the proper adjustment. For a true center shot, you just have to adjust it to really zero in the center. You can say it is the best investment for the bow hunting. If you are looking for the best velocity in hunting then, buy this one.

Our Thought

To me, spending a bit in an arrow rest is fine, if it comes with quality, comfort, and accuracy. And after using it for a while I can guarantee that you will love this product for quality bowhunting. Our experts have tested this many times and also kept eyes on the internet for other users thought. And both of them are fabulous.

Also, you will enjoy the unique features like comfort and silent loading with the rubber boots. Adjustment features and toggling are also great with this arrow rest. Although some of the users have found some difficulties in installing this product, you can do it easily with the instruction manual.


  • Trustworthy brand value for the last two decades
  • Silent arrow loading makes using this product comfortable
  • Get along with the hunter very well if given some time
  • check
    Right to left and left to right toggle is really convenient for multiple users
  • check
    Custom rubber boots help for the perfect shot and in less effort
  • check
    Really easy installation and easy to go


  • Sometimes installation can be an issue
  • Biscuits can have scratches over the body sometimes

Tabiger Arrow Rest: Best for Compound Bow Hunting

Tabiger Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting. Left and Right Hand are Available - Black
  • Hold your arrow safely and securely.
  • Windage and elevation adjustment
  • Designed for use with left and right hand bows
  • Biscuit is stronger. Without inhibiting or damaging your fletching
  • Composite-encased biscuit

This amazing product comes with an amazing black color and amazingly attractive shape. The arrow holding safety is ensured with this product. If you are into good looking products for hunting, then this one will surely catch your eyes.

The arrow holding can be tricky sometimes and of course, security is a bigger issue always. In the first look, I thought the design is bit strange, but after using it few times, it becomes very simple. The rest could hold the arrows properly and let me enjoy my hunting.

This product comes in both for the left hand and right-hand bows. You can find this amazing product obviously in your budget and this product is out of question worthy. Adjustment issue can be tricky and problematic if the adjustment features aren’t good or aren’t even there.

This product comes with windage and elevation adjustment props and this is really convenient for the hunters. With the option for both left-hand side using facility, this adjustment works with all the charms. Sometimes, adjustment can be little tricky, so you need to give it sometimes.

That means you can toggle and use it as multi-user product. The biscuit is compositely engraved. I liked it for the sturdiness and durability. If you are a concern for the longevity of the for this product, then stop thinking. The biscuit is designed really stronger which ensures the users for the strength and the hard quality. This doesn’t interfere with the stretching or the fletching.

The damage rate is almost close to zero with this biscuit. This product can be a really good choice for both hunters and archers. Skill levels can be also compromised with this amazing product as this product can be used for different level of skilled hunters and archers.

Our Thought

Tabiger Arrow Rest is one of the top fixed Whisker Biscuit style rests and also considered to be the best arrow rest for compound bows. In our experiment of different style of bow hunting, we were really impressed to see how safely it holds the arrow. Also, both left and right handed bowhunters can use this one –so no hassle.

To me, it is great for using a long time simple bowhunting games. Also, if you are looking for a cheaper arrow rest which delivers good performance, you can seriously consider this one.


  • Safe and secured for the arrow stretching and holding
  • Comes with excellent design to suit any hunting game
  • The built quality is awesome for long-term usage
  • check
    Composite engraved biscuits that ensure the strength of the product
  • check
    Right hand to left hand and left hand to right-hand toggle
  • check
    Really easy installation and easy to go


  • Adjustments can be an issue sometimes
  • There may be scratches on the biscuits sometimes

DerBlue Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest – Cheapest Arrow Rest for Compound Bow

DerBlue Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting,Durable. (Black)
  • 1. Biscuit is stronger. Without inhibiting or damaging your fletching;Designed for Use with Left and Right Hand Bows
  • 2. Easy corrections with advanced windage and elevation adjustments
  • 3. Silent arrow loading with custom rubber boots
  • 4. Hold your arrow safely and securely
  • 5. Colors are available

Let’s finish this list with an amazing product for your bow.

But looking at the configuration and features you cannot give less interest to it. It also comes with stable performance in keeping the arrows intact and keep the balance proper while shooting from the bow. I love the light weight and simplicity of this rest. It does its job without making any noises.

DerBlue Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest is one of the amazing product from the manufacturer DerBlue. It is as much promising as the user’s states about it. With a grayish black outline color and a fine finishing, this product comes with an outstanding smart look. Although some of the bowhunters may complain about the finish, you need to think about its cheaper price. Overall, it does a decent job in sense of outlook.

The biscuit of the product is stronger and it doesn’t conflict with the movement. It doesn’t damage the stretching or the fletching. The product is designed for both left-handed bows and right-handed bows. Corrections and adjustments are quite easy for this.

There are advanced windage and elevation adjustments. For this amazing features, the archers feel smoothness with their bows. Locking and positioning are also convenient for this amazing rest. The custom rubber boots ensure the silent loading of the arrow in the bow and smooth stretching. This product also ensures the security and the safety of the arrow as well.

The whole package comes in just 90 grams which lets you know how much of a convenient product it is. However, the mounting can be done in both ways. It means the product can be mounted for right-handed bows usage and for left-handed bows usage as well. It lets you use it in multi-user ways.

Our Thought

The outlook wasn’t really cool to me, but other members were happy while making the full arrow rest review. Installing the rest is quite simple and using it is also easy. I liked its lighter weight and balance support during shooting.

The overall built quality is good enough for the decent amount of usage. I would love it more if it included different sizes of biscuits, but I am quite happy with what I am getting – Especially in this price range.


  • Really light weighted product with a guaranteed smoothness.
  • Mounting can be done for both right-handed bows and left-handed
  • Comes with 5 amazing colors except for the black.
  • check
    Several adjustment features.


  • Sometimes the mounting can be an issue
  • Sometimes the lightweight can be an issue when the bow is harder and stronger than usual.

Types of arrow rests

Drop away arrow rest

A drop-down rest actually works to drop down ways which are kind of self-explanatory. This provides a sturdy rest that has several prongs which can be adjusted in zero which means on the target.
The moment the bowstring has released the rest is dropped and space is given. However, it seems like the light weighted of all the rests. The arrows can fly freely with this rest.

Contaminated arrow rest

When the arrow is completely surrounded by the frame of the arrow rest and it works quite silently, it is always the contaminated arrow rest. The arrow always fit in the rest for this case and works quite conveniently. For the hunters, it is really convenient when they have any specific targets and points. Contaminated rests are particularly designed for the locking systems and they can go through the point without touching any parts of the bow. This rest must be cleaned regularly or it can be stuck and make terrible accidents.

A Shoot through rest

This kind of rests is designed to have several prongs that get apart from the center and make space for the arrow. This specifically designed rest allow the arrows to pass through space while providing a sight movement. These arrow rests are really easy to install and easy to go.

Arrow Rest

Pressure rest

This kind of rests is designed to be used in an old school way. That means by the fingers and pointing the target manually. There is no locking or pointing features and there are no other spaces other than the arrow pulling space itself.

Whisker biscuit arrow rest

This kind of rest is designed for the best-skilled practices. The biscuits of the rest are really strong and cannot be damaged in any possible ways.

Total capture arrow rest

There are rings of strands that will hold the arrows in place in this arrow rests. This arrow rest is one of the safest arrow rests. These are fit for compound bows. If you have a recurve bow, then it is not for you.

Butterfly arrow rest

These arrow rests are specifically made for the re-curve bows. These are quite easily adjustable and repositioned. These rests are quite smaller and cheaper than the most of the rests.

Frequently Asked Questions on Arrow Rest:

How is the silent arrow rest important?

Answer: Mostly hunting issues. You cannot hurt anything if your bow is noisy. A silent arrow rest always helps with the pointing and targeting.

Are the rests expensive much?

Answer: Not really. Most of the rests are really low on price and a few rests which have specified features that’ll cost you a few extra bucks.

Are arrow rests are durable enough?

Answer: Most of the case, yes. There are some products which require a bit of maintenance and regular cleaning. Otherwise, it can be damaged easily and it may occur any kind of inconvenience.

Does every archer have to use an arrow rest?

Answer: No actually. There are different kinds of bows out there and some of them work really smooth without an arrow rest.

Are these arrow rest are safe with the shooting?

Answer: Yes of course. Actually, they are made for a better and smoother experience for your shooting.

Will these arrow rest improve my skillsets?

Answer: No, they will just help you for a steady shooting or a smoother experience.

Do I need a quiver?

Answer: Yes and no. Are you hunting? Then yes. Are you practicing on your yard from where you can put all the arrows safely? Then no.

Will they get in the way?

Answer: No they won’t get in the way. But some of the rests are really fragile in some ways. So, you have to keep a good care of them.

Last Few Words

Buying a bow and arrow won’t assure you a smoother hunting experience. You need to carry a rest if you want a safe and smooth hunting experience. However, it doesn’t always about the bows and arrows. Sometimes what you really need to dig up is your arrow rest.

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