Best Backpacking Saws for Camping & Survival

Best Backpacking Saws for Camping & Survival in 2019

How many times have you been out into the wild and ended up camping into the woods? If that happened, you most probably had one gadget that helped you to survive the situation and that is backpacking saw. These are small saws that come in backpacks and have the ability to help you out with cutting trees, branches, sizing wood and many more.

It does not mean that any saw from your garage can do this wild job for you. The backpacking saws have to meet some important criteria to be the best among all. And in the market, you will find several kinds of pocket saws. If you don’t own one, then it’s not a big deal. Here we will be knowing about some of the best chainsaws on the market.


Three Main Types of Camping Backpacking Saws

In the market of varieties types of travel-friendly saw options, you will find three main categories of saws. Pocket chainsaws, Bow saws, and folding saws.

All of them have different kinds of specifications and functionality but they share a common ground that is portability.

Pocket Chainsaws:

Pocket chainsaw is made for travelers who go deep into the wild for camping and does not want to take a heck load for saws. This type of saws are the most convenient ones and they serve you a lot of power. Talking about power.

Using the pocket chainsaws, you can cut down big trees in minutes. This type of saws are the most compact ones but these are for the heaviest duty jobs. Big logs, dry woods are just butter to these. But using this you will face difficulties pruning small branches.

Bow saws:

Small sized bow saws are the ones that you might be getting for being an all-rounder. Bow saws are the ones that have more of physical aesthetics and they have nice handles to grip on.

You may often find ones that have the ability to cut through any materials that come in front of the jaws. If you get one that is near to 2 feet long you will be able to do any household job without any hesitation. But carrying these ones can become a hassle if you don’t choose the right.

Folding saws:

For portability and functionality, folding saws are the best choice for travelers. Camper generally needs a small saw for cutting down small branches, you can even use these types of saws cutting plastics, rubber or even woods.

You can take them out in your backpack because they are foldable and there’s no chance to do any damage to your stuff. But if you are up to heavy-duty jobs then you might not like these portable ones.



How to Choose the Best Backpacking Saw

When you are going to encounter the matter of choosing the best backpacking saw for your next trip then you might have to consider some of the specifications. You need to consider the quality and the specification including the jobs that your saw is going to be doing for the next few trips.

Determine, How You are Going to Use it

The first thing is to define the duties that you may be using your saws on. There are several categories of works that backpacking saws do. From heavy duties to all-rounders to mediocre levels, you will find so many choices that you might get tangled in between.

So, be wise here. If you choose a folding saw for the heavy-duty jobs like cutting down big logs it will be a disaster to be said exactly. So, make sure of what are the purposes that you are going to use your saw on.

Check Weight and Balance

As the saws are going to go through repetitive motion it has to be as balanced that you don’t get tired or you get the maximum amount of mechanical advantage. I especially check the balance of camping and survival saw before buying it for my backpacking trips.

Also, the weight should be minimized if you need the saw for small tasks and if you need to do heavy duty jobs heavier saws will serve the most.

Consider Blade Materials

Most blades on the market are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel prevents them from getting rusty and saves the saw from corrosion.

The better the materials, the longer the blade is going to last. You can also find blades that are carbon treated. They last a very long time.

Choose Saw Tooth Depending on Your Need

Check out the sawtooth of the folding portable saw before buying. And also consider why do you need the saw for.

Sawtooth depends on the materials that you can cut through. For cutting down big trees you can use handsaws with ease.

They are great for green woods also. And if you are up to cutting plastics or fabrics, you should be looking for the saws with a little tooth on them. They are good for soft and flimsy substances.

Is the Backpacking Saw Portable Enough?

As the topic says, you are going to be buying a backpacking saw, then you must be watching how portable they are. It’s because you are going to be carrying these around a lot. It has to be lightweight and portable to become the best for carrying in backpacks.

Is the Backpacking Saw Portable Enough

You have to see if these saws are foldable or not, you can disassemble the parts and carry them around or not or if they have any carrying pouch. These advantages are going to save you a lot of hassle.

And you have to make sure that when the package becomes portable it does not have exposed blades that might damage your stuff in a backpack.

How Efficient is the Performance?

Before choosing the saw you need to understand your workload and then decide how you are going to use your saws to have them done. Check, how efficient is the performance of your favorite saw.

When you are buying a saw for serving multiple kinds of tasks, you have to think it that way if having a single one is going to be efficient or you should be having separate ones for separate jobs.

This judgment totally depends on the user.

The Design Matters

Sometimes the design is the thing we tend to overlook while buying a quality backpacking saw matters. Because the details in design can sometimes serve purposes.

Like the foldable design is very good for carrying safely. So, choose the best folding saw that has the other potential for being useful for camping.

Choose the design like engraved, foldable, chain and other designs to choose the perfect saw you’re your need. Like, the engraved designs can sometimes reduce the total weight of the saw unit.

Check the Folding options

When you are getting any small and compact saw you might need to check if it folds to a small carrying friendly size.

Check the Folding options

If it does, then you have to see when it folds, it has any exposed blades or not because sharp blades can damage things that you might be carrying in your backpack.

The versatility of the Backpacking Saw

Versatility becomes an issue because sometimes in the wild, you might be needing separate saws for separate materials. But you are only carrying a single type of pocket saw.

In that case, if the saw you have can cut through most of the materials, it will save you a lot of hassle.

Durability: Is it Long Lasting for Tough Job?

Most probably you are not going to get a cutting saw only for a single trip to the jungle. You will be used to use to a saw that is of good quality.

It normally happens. If the saw, you are used to is durable enough it can serve you for a long time and that will be an efficient choice.

Folding Saw Vs Wire Saw

In the choice of much portable pruning tools, you will see that folding saws and wire saws are popular among all, but they are totally different from each other in terms of specification and operation.

If you are figuring out whether you should get a wire saw or a folding saw, then here we be talking about differences in between them.

Folding saws are just like those folding knives but with longer and sharper blades. On the other hand, you will see that wire saws are the ones which do not look any closer to them it’s a piece of chain with sharp teeth on it.

The wire saws are also known as pocket chainsaws.

Both of these two types of units are portable enough for travelers. To make the chainsaw carryable you have to wind the chain in a spiral shape and put it in a small carrying pouch.

Some wire saws come with a carrying pouch. And on the other hand, you just have to hold the saw blade into the handle to carry the saw around.

In terms of the duty serving the chainsaws are the ones that you might want to take out if you are going to cut down several big and giant logs or you want to cut down big and bulky brunches.

And if you are interested in doing regular and lightweight brunch cutting or plastic or even fabrics you can use the folding saws. If you are into collecting woods for campfire you will need chainsaws to cut down big logs.

Final Thought

While you are on the market to find the best pocket saw of all time keep in mind that, pocket chainsaws are not swiss army knives. One single unit cannot do all the jobs by themselves. Different several units have to perform different kinds of jobs.

You better choose the perfect one that suits your requirement. It will be our recommendation to have one that is not very cheap because of quality matters. But you have to keep your eyes and options open to have the right one that might serve you for a long time.

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