Best Camping Tarp for Hammock and Tent

Best Camping Tarp for Hammock and Tent

Imagine sleeping underneath a beautiful starry sky, just lying underneath the night sky with the gentle swing of the hammock and just dreaming away into the milky way. Yes, it’s breathtaking that the kind of experience you will treasure for a lifetime with using the best camping tarp.

While you are dreaming into the magical land, the only thing that gonna spoil your dream is the weather. It’s unpredictable at some circumstances. This is where the hammock comes to the rescue. A hammock tarp can be your most valued possession when mother nature decides to throw a curve ball at you.

Hammock tarps the most vital piece of gear that you should never forget. These tarps are designed to protect from rainy conditions. Trust this is the single most important gear that will make the difference an enjoyable night and a wet mess.  I hope this review will help you find the best tarp that meets your necessities.

The Best Camping Tarp in 2019: Reviews to Check

We have made a list of 25 best selling tarps for camping, backpacking, and sightseeing. Between them, we had to short out 15 items for further reviews. Some of them were used by us from before. Also, we took some research and first-hand test to the other tarps to find the best ones in 2019.

Here are the top 5 camping tarps and reviews you can check before your camping this year.

Sanctuary SilTarp – Ultralight and Waterproof Tarp

The Sanctuary SilTarp is available in quite a few sizes starting at 10′ x 8′ and going all the way up to 12′ x 10′. There are various cuts too you can choose from tapered, flat and hex. Attachment points will also differ as for the size changes from 12 to 16. Weight will fluctuate as well starting at just 14oz for the smallest camping tarp.

One perk of purchasing the Sanctuary SilTarp is that whatever size and shape they have come in kits so you don’t have to worry about buying any thin extra. The Sanctuary SilTarp comes with lines, adjusters, stakes and a compression sack.


  • It’s very durable for using it a longer term
  • Comes with lines stakes and sacks to do things easier during the camping
  • The tarp is very compact in design and lighter in weight
  • Comes with 100% waterproof facility for camping in the rain


  • As it’s really light it can be gone with a heavy gust of wind.

Kelty Noah’s Backpacking Tarps

If you are looking for the best bushcraft tarp for wild camping, then this one is the right fit for you. The Kelty Noah’s Tarp comes in two sizes 9′ x 9′ and 12’ x 12′, they are both cat-cut tarps (mostly square but with curved edges for extra tautness) with 12 attachment point. They both weigh around 2lbs (Kelty 9 is less than 2lbs, the 12 is a touch over). They have been rated for 3 seasons, stakes and carry bag is included.

Another thing to like about the tarp is the light and simple design. The tarp is very lightweight and very well designed indeed. Both of these tarps will come with two grommets to make it super-easy to use with an extendable tarp. (Kelty poles are sold separately but they are sold at a reasonable price and are of good quality).


  • The camping tarp is very durable for long-term usage
  • There’s a lot of tie out points
  • Comes in a great design to be lighter in weight
  • The camping tarp is really easy to carry
  • Can be used for multipurpose


  • It’s on the heavy side
  • It’s a bit little bulky

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

This is one of those tarps that easy to carry around (lightweight) plus it’s pocket-friendly. The Free Soldier has a dimension of 10′ x 11′ this is perfect for two persons, flat-cut tarp and has 10 attachment points and weighs 2lbs 3oz.

The 10-attachment point’s offer you load of configurations, it also comes with a decent cord for suspension and stuff-sack. Now a day’s most of the tarps in the market won’t give you wind protection but not with this tarp, there are close ends added just for wind protection. If you are looking for the best cheap backpacking tarp for camping, this one should be in your watch list.


  • You will find it lighter in weight than many other tarps in the market
  • Pretty Affordable for the benefits it provides
  • The quality is decent enough for using on several occasions
  • There are loops in numerous locations for easier setup


  • Can be hard to set up if you are new at this.

Rolling Fox Hammock Camping Tarp Shelter

If you are camping with a hammock for outdoor leisure and don’t want to be bothered by sudden rain, then this Rolling Fox Tarp is a great choice. It is the best hammock tarp for camping in the rain. The Rolling Fox tarp shelter is a very lightweight, compact traveling tarp cut in a diamond shape.

You can also go creative with this tarp as it has multiple ranges of uses. The diamond shape makes the tarp look like a hammock or tent shelter naturally. This tarp is very light indeed it weighs under 1.2 pounds.

So, it is rather easier to carry for the lighter weight. Also, it has a dimension of 11.8 feet by 9.1 foot (360×280 cm). Moreover, the tarp is waterproof with single X stitched tie off points and double stitched edges.


  • Designed with waterproof material
  • Comes with single x stitches, which makes it perfect waterproof tarp
  • Perfect choice for camping, festivals, hammock shelter and boating
  • Ultra-lightweight only 1.2 pounds


  • No poles
  • The material used is suitable for cold weather

ENO ProFly Hammock Rain Tarp

Sometimes carrying a tarp can become a burden, if it has extra weight. Unless you are camping with a wagon, carrying a cabin tent, it is necessary to have a lightweight hammock tarp. It will give you comfort, space, and ease like the one ENO ProFly tarp. It is the best backpacking tarp available in 2019 according to our experts.

The ENO hammock tarp is a 10’6” x 6’4”, hex cut tarp that comes with 6 attachment points. It has a weight of 22oz (1lb 6oz) which is light. But you will be surprised to see that this tarp is tremendously long-lasting. This tarp has been treated with polyurethane, this protection layer that will protect your tarp when it’s raining cats and dogs. There’s an A-Shape streamline that lets water to pour off it very quickly.


  • Made with waterproof material
  • Storage bag included
  • You can go creative with this tarp
  • Will cover a big space with sufficient headroom


  • The material is not as hard-wearing as vinyl or canvas
  • Might need extra nails in order to secure it completely

How to Choose the Best Tarp for Camping and Backpacking?

It is not always easy to set up a tent on a camping trip, sometimes it might quite boring and also tiresome. So no wonder you may consider using the tarps.

Moreover, if you are a morning person or love waking up on the outdoor then tarps are the best options for you.

However, there are so many varieties of tarps in the market that is hard to purchase the right one for you.

Before Buying the Tarp, Consider the Features

So to make your purchase easy, and money worth it, here are few points you may want to consider, and which may help you to find exactly what you wish for, meeting your exact needs.

Buying backpacking tarps today can be quite tricky as it comes in a variety of designs and not to forget made of complicated material, so which tarps are good and which is bad is hard to tell.

That’s why before even buying it or even going to the store you need to find out your actual need of backpacking tarps and understand the circumspection, inclination, and total cost.

Now let us get more into the backpacking tarps one by one.

Starting with,

What is it Made of? Check Material  of the Hammock Camping Tarp

Mostly backpacking materials are made of three most important materials

  • Silnylon
  • Silpoly
  • Cuben fiber


Silnylon fabric is quite expensive, it comes in a lightweight and in heavyweight. It is also a little stronger.

However, cuben fiber fabric is very expensive but super light in weight. In the best camping tarps, the material will be better.


Although the cheapest among the group is silpoly, something that is quite the heaviest it is not.

Cuben fiber

After all, cuben fiber fabric has quite the benefit than the rest of the two, as it comes in waterproof not only but controls heat wave.

If you are planning to go on camping in the summer than you should definitely have this so that while you are relaxing inside the tarps you will enjoy the mild cold breeze instead of a sweaty hot breeze. This tarp fuses the hot wind so that you can relax without worry.

But if you are looking for something at a reasonable price, which will also last longer then you should pick, silnylon or silpoly. As they both are quite durable and also many hikers choice.

Check Out the Tarp Design Before Buying

Tie outs are a very important feature to notice while picking out the tarps. The more perimeter the tie outs will be the more options will be there for functional peg it will be. Many crafty hikers look for this in their tarps because the more tarps with high perimeter ti outs the more shapes they can turn their tarps into.

Catenary tarps are the upgraded version of the backing tarps. This tarp has a more systematizing concept which is also called the catenary curve this helps to remove any quaggy from the top point of the tarp. This means that you cannot personalize your tarp or turn your tarp into different shapes. It will stay as the systemizing position it came in.

Although, it will still look as flawless as ever.

Size of the Camping Tarp is Important to Consider

While looking for tarps you have to decide if you are going solo or with friends or family.

If you decide to go with family or friends then you may want to pick a backpacking tarp which is about 10*10 or 8*10. This size tarps are going to quite expensive but of course very satisfying and comfortable.

You can relax easily, you can store gear as much as you want under your tarp. You do not have to worry about getting it heavy or tearing it apart.

However, if you want some alone time and decide to go solo then you may want to pick a backpacking tarp which is about 7*9. For a solo, this will be the best backpacking tarp. You can load it with ultralight gear and also lightweight.

Check the Cover

However, it will not be as covered as the larger backpacking tarps, it may not prevent you from getting wet in the rain and expose you to the wind

This reason we often suggest you pick 8*9 even if you are going solo and if you are still going with extra of two or three more friends than pick 10*10.  Even after you decide to go with family still pick 10*10, do not go over this if it is not reasonable, because it will be quite difficult to pitch if it is larger than this.

Final verdict   

I think now u know a lot about the importance of staying warm and dry when using a tarp. When combined with the right accessories tarps have a lot of advantages too.

I hope this review on hammock tarps will give you the details about the features that will improve your understanding, and make it easier to find the right tarp that satisfies your needs. This review includes the available tarps currently available in the market.

This review also talks about the variety of different styles, brands, and models of tarps.

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