Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

Top 10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting in 2019: Reviews and Guide

Shooting with the right equipment is as important as having the perfect training and experience. Yes, to shoot the target perfectly, not always the perfect ability or knowledge can do the most without the best carbon arrows.
Why the perfect arrows?
Cause, your bow can unleash its full power with a good hunting arrow. The arrow must be of the right length, straight and stiff. A carbon arrow delivers the highest levels of accuracy and they are more reliable.
There are a lot of different company arrows are on the market. A new and inexperienced archer can get confused by the overwhelming choices of arrows. And to help those archers, today I will be discussing best 10 arrows available.

Top 10 Best Carbon Arrows Reviews

As hunting is one of the most favorite hobbies of mine for a long long time, I was really excited to make this review. However, I had also some support from my teammates, who are into this game. We have taken the most popular and high rated carbon arrow from the market and make a list of the best of 2019. Check out this review.

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbolt...
  • BONE-CRUSHING PENETRATION - Heavy grain weight creates maximum kinetic energy and greater knock-down power
  • ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION - Ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy. The composite material is extremely durable at impact for exceptional reliability and repeat performance.
  • REAL STRAIGHTNESS - Precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004", for repeat maximum consistency
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Fletched with 4" vanes, 20" size, 442 grains, 0.348" Diameter, 6 per pack, plus 6 universal flat nocks
  • CONFIDENCE IS KEY - Designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration, the PileDriver Crossbolt instills supreme confidence when tracking even the largest of prey.

Many archers look for penetration power in a carbon arrow. The Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt is all about penetration power. These, in fact, the best carbon express arrows you can find now in the market.

PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt is the heaviest among all the Carbon Express line up. This arrow is 20 inches long and delivers 442 grains. Combining both weight and length it delivers and creates maximum kinetic energy and a tremendous knockdown power.

With the kinetic energy and knock down power this PileDriver arrow can penetrate and take down large preys or games. It will satisfy the needs of those hunters who are looking for ultimate penetration.

Though PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt arrow weighs quite heavy still it shoots straight and, gains extreme kinetic power and penetrate deeper into the target.

These PileDriver arrows are designed to be accurate. The advanced construction process ensured the spine consistency and accuracy. The advanced construction made this arrow very reliable and durable at the impact and for repeat uses.

Built-in weight forward technology delivers excellent downrange accuracy with a broadhead.

The front shaft made with BuffTuff that is the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish.

The PileDriver arrows are laser checked to a straightness of ± 0.0004-inch maximum measurement and the weight sorting tolerance is ±1.0 grains.

The bolts of the arrow come with standard 4 inches vanes, inserted green moon nocks and six universal flat nocks.

Our Thought

This carbon express arrows are my personal favorite for many reasons. I liked the construction and design of the arrow. The accurate hitting ability and quiet operation make it the best carbon hunting arrow in 2019.

Our team also like the performance in shooting larger preys with this arrow, which is a big bonus.


  • Built-in weight forward technology for great downrange accuracy
  • Great straightness
  • Great construction
  • check
    Capable of penetrating large preys
  • check
    Reasonable price


  • Heavy in weight

ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch 7.8 mm Shaft Removable Arrows

ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch 7.8mm...
  • Diameter:7.8mm.For draw weight under 40 pounds bows
  • 12 Pack of 30 inches arrows with strong, lightweight carbon shafts; improved wall thickness for added durability
  • Matched with replacement field points; optimal accuracy and target penetration,and nocks
  • Colored plastic fletching & nock rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel tip perfect for target practice & outdoor shooting
  • Nocks are not fixed by glue,they can be adjusted for your bow.

This is one of best arrows among this list. ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon arrows come with a 7.8mm diameter and this is ideal for the bows with a draw weight of 30 to 40 pounds. Each pack contains 12 pieces of 30-inch arrows.

The arrows have a lightweight and strong carbon shafts with improved wall thickness for added durability.

These arrows are matched with the replacement field points to have target penetration and optimal accuracy. The nock, colored fletching, and permanent nickel plated rounded stainless-steel tips are very much suitable for outdoor shooting and target practice.

The adjustable nocks give you the ability to fix the nocks according to the bow you are using. These arrows are 28 grams each.

These arrows feature screw tip and the notches are not perfectly set in on purpose. They did it to allow you to make any changes if you like.

These arrows are extremely lightweight and can fly straight easily through the air. You can hit bullseye easily from 20 feet away.

These arrows are more flexible than other 400 spine arrows. These are great for the bows other than a recurve at 55 or above.

Our Thought

One of the best outdoor carbon arrow in our list and second in our test is ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch 7.8 mm Shaft Removable Arrow. This arrow is strong, accurate and lightweight. It’s like having the perfect set of hunting arrows in your game. With the perfect arrow rest, this one can be excellent in bowhunting games.

We loved the strong shafts and wall thickness, which makes it really strong, ready for tough and intensive bowhunting games. If you looking for the best with spending a bit of money, these are the ones to consider.


  • Improved wall thickness for added durability
  • lightweight and strong carbon shafts
  • comes with replaceable field points
  • check
    Adjustable nocks
  • check
    Can fly straight through the air
  • Durable


  • Fletching can appear a little bent
  • Not suitable for a recurve at 55 or above

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field Points (5 pack)

Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow...
  • Length: 20'' Crossbow Arrows | 5 Pack of Arrows with Field Tips
  • Half-moon nocks | 13. 78 grains per inch, matched with 100-grain point; optimal accuracy and target penetration; also includes 24F field point and moon nocks
  • Five-pack of 20-inch crossbows arrows. 1-ounce arrows with strong, lightweight carbon shafts; improved wall thickness for added durability
  • Compatible with Ghost 350, Penetrator, Wildcat C-5, Jackal, Whitetail hunter II, Raptor FX3 crossbows and other models that take a 20" Arrow.
  • 5 year manufacturers

Barnett is basically known for its crossbows. But they do not just manufacture crossbows, they also manufacture crossbow arrows. These Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow arrows are one of the most popular crossbow arrows on the market.

The Burnett Outdoor Carbon Crossbow arrows come in 5 pieces in each pack. Each arrow is 20 inches long and weighs 8.1 ounces. These arrows also come with a strong lightweight carbon shaft.

The fletchings are very durable and they aren’t easily detached after been through many shots. The shafts won’t break or splinter even after several months of usage.

These arrows deliver 13.78 grains per inch. They are very accurate and have a great record of target penetration, and best matched with 100 grains.

The bolts of the arrows feature polymer rocks. The improved wall thickness provided these arrows with added durability. These arrows are made of carbon fiber that makes them stronger than woods or aluminum made arrows.

In our test, we found that these arrows aren’t that great for hunting from a good distance for the capabilities. But in medium ranges, they perform well.

These arrows are measured to have a straightness of ±0.0003 and, without the field points and broadheads, they weigh at 311.6 grains.

These Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow arrows are extremely compatible with few crossbows such as Penetrator, the Ghost 350, Wildcat C-5, the jackal crossbow and of course the Barnett Crossbows.

The arrows should fly straight and true with these crossbows. These arrows come with 24F field points and half-moon nocks.

Our Thought

In our test and experiments with different bows, we found that these are the best carbon arrows for hunting. If you are looking for powerful grains with an accurate finish in your hunting games, then this Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow can be a great performer.

However, from a long distance, the accuracy can be faulty. We recommend this carbon arrows to the expert and the hunters who have some skills and experience.


  • These arrows are very accurate and durable
  • High-quality carbon material constructed
  • Great target penetration ability
  • check
    The durable arrow rest to use in sport hunting


  • The long-range performance can be questionable

Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows

Huntingdoor 30" Archery Carbon Target...
  • Huntingdoor 30" durable smooth carbon shaft ,good straightness.If you want use them for your recurve bow or longbow,you need adjust the orientation of the Nocks.
  • Fletched with 3" TPU vanes ,inserts glued with screw-on 100 grain field points ,ready to shoot .
  • Weight: 36g OD:7.9mm ID:6.2mm(0.246) Spine:550-600
  • Good performance and high speed ,don't shot at concrete wall or any hard substance.
  • Recommend for 35-60 pounds bows ,12Pcs one Pack

Well, you will have no issues with These Huntingdon 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows in medium range shooting. This lightweight carbon arrow is our favorite one and the third in our list.

It comes with 12 pieces of the arrow in each pack. Each arrow is 31 inches long and weighs 36 grams. These arrows are made with lightweight and strong carbon shafts. The arrow has an improved wall thickness that makes this more durable.

100 grains replaceable tips with standard thread come with the Huntingdoor carbon 31-inch arrows. These carbon arrows contain high-quality screw tip on and off that features a black carbon shaft, plastic vanes, and very hard steel target point. The fletching color is 2 red and 1 white, and the nock is green colored.

These arrows provide low hand shock with great speed. These arrows always provide great quality performance. The screw tips of the arrows are very easy to screw in and screw out.

These Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows are really very durable. These arrows don’t break after many shots. In our list of best hunting arrows 2019, this one was one of the top ten arrows in terms of durability.

These Huntingdoor Carbon Arrows are ideal for the compound bows those have a draw weight of 40 to 50 pounds. These are one of the best target practicing arrows that features field points. Though these Huntingdoor carbon arrows are specially nocked for a compound bow, you can just turn the nocks to make it fit for a longbow or recurve bow.

Our Thought

This Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows firm favorite among the sports hunters for its lighter weight and perfect speed. These are really easy and comfortable to handle in the intense sport.

We are recommending this company if you are looking for the best carbon fiber arrows in terms of durability, strength, and lightweight.


  • Comes with 12 pieces arrows in each pack
  • Improved wall thickness
  • Strong and lightweight carbon shaft
  • check
    Extremely durable
  • Provides low hand shock with great speed


  • The field points come with the arrows have a tendency to fall out.

Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Carbon Arrows - Best Carbon Express Hunting Arrows

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched...
  • LAUNCHPAD PRECISION NOCK - Launchpad Precision Nocks come standard on all Maxima RED arrows and shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment and more consistent accuracy shot after shot.
  • DYNAMIC SPINE CONTROL - Patented hi-tech carbon material construction that manages Dynamic Spine in a new way to make broadheads fly better. Maxima RED uses different carbon materials to control arrow flex to the RED ZONE.
  • REAL STRAIGHTNESS - Laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch; Straightness of +/- 0.0025-inches is a maximum measurement, not an average
  • ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: 350-Size, 9.07-GPI, 0.342 spine, 0.300-inch Diameter, 31.5" length, and a weight tolerance of ± 1.0 grain
  • MATCHED SET - 6-pack of red and black finished blazer vanes are sorted and matched by weight and spine for best-in-class consistency

Whether you love compound or recurve bowhunting, the Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Carbon Arrows will nock comfortably and shoot straight in intensive gaming condition.

One of the best arrows for target shooting from Carbon Express is Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Carbon Arrows. It is also one of the most reputed carbon arrows manufacturers in producing high-quality carbon arrows.

These Maxima Red Fletched arrows are specially designed and constructed to provide accuracy and great broadhead performance. The arrows are constructed with patented hi-tech carbon materials. It manages the dynamic spine in an innovative way that makes the arrows to take a smooth flight.

The Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched carbon arrows use a new different type of carbon materials that control the arrows to flex to the RED ZONE. RED ZONE is actually the arrow shaft designed to contain Dynamic Spine. It also makes a broadhead shoot more consistently.

These arrow’s shaft straightness is laser checked to remarkable 1/10000 of an inch. The maximum measurement of straightness of these arrows is ±0.0025-inch.

Two kinds of Maxima Red Carbon arrows are available. One is the Maxima Red 250 and the other one is the Maxima Red 350. 8.11 grains per inch, straightness ±.0025, and the spine are 0.417” for the Maxima Red 250. On the other hand for Maxima Red 350, 9.07 grains per inch, ±0.0025 straightness and the spine are 0.342”.

Our Thought

We just put it in the 4rth position for its higher price. The high-quality arrows will hit the target with utmost accuracy. We liked the perfect shape and size of the arrows.

After a few usages of this arrow, my friend Alex, who is also in the review team fell in love with it.

If you are looking for the ultimate quality and do not afraid to spend some money then this best-rated carbon arrows that cover every aspect perfectly.


  • Accurate and precise
  • New, improve and different type of carbon materials used in construction
  • Improved wall thickness
  • check
    Laser checked straightness
  • Top notched construction


  • High price

Misayar 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows...
  • Diameter: 7.8mm. 30 inch arrows come with standard 3" vanes, inserted nocks
  • Matched with 100 grain Broadhead, excellent accuracy and target penetration.
  • 30-inch Carbon Arrow with strong, lightweight carbon shafts, improved wall thickness for added durability
  • Includes target points, Removable Tips to attach broadhead. Nocked, fletched, ready to shoot.
  • High quality carbon standard arrows for recurve, Compound bow or long bows, fit for practice hunting or targeting

If you are looking for the best 30-inch arrows for a compound bow for the beginners, then these Misayar Carbon Arrows can be a great addition. Misayar has a fantastic reputation for the delivery of good quality goods.

Misayar 30 Inch carbon Arrows are no different from their reputation. The length of the arrows is 30 inches each. They may be a bit shorter than most of the high-quality arrows but enough for maximum archers.

These Misayar 30 Inch Carbon Arrows comes with 12 pieces of the arrow in each pack.

These Misayar 30 Inch arrows come with standard 3-inch vanes and it is at least one inch longer than the other high-quality arrows. It helps to provide more significant rotation while flying for improved accuracy.

The diameter of these arrows is 7.8 mm. These Misayar arrows are a bit thicker than other arrows and it helps with the impact and it also prevents the deviation caused by the wind.

These arrows are constructed with lightweight carbon fiber and other featherweight durable materials that make these arrows more accurate and provides more power.

The color of the vanes is yellow with one red nock vane. They may slightly be bent while transporting and to remove it just put them into hot water and they will recover.

These arrows provide target points and removable tips to attach broadheads. They also are nocked and fletched. You can just pull them out of the box and shoot right away.

Our Thought

Well, doing research for the reviews of carbon arrows, we came to know about this one from different forums. Looking at their popularity, we were excited to review it with our expert unit. And everything cam surprisingly very affirmative.

The lightweight and yet very strong arrows surely impressed us. We also liked the wall thickness that helps in the tough completion. Also, it is one of the cheapest carbon arrows in the market.

However, some of the consumers were saying that the spine and shaft flexing were not consistent enough. We didn’t find any problems like these in our unit. So, you need to check this out also before buying these excellent arrows.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable for use in the game
  • Extremely durable despite its lighter weight
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • check
    Comes with 12 pieces in each box
  • Prevents deviation during the flight caused by wind


  • They may bend a little while transporting

GPP Archery Carbon 30-Inch Targeting/Hunting Arrows

GPP Carbon 30-Inch Arrows with Field...
  • 12Pack of 30 inches arrows with strong, lightweight carbon shafts; improved wall thickness for added durability
  • matched with replacement field points; optimal accuracy and target penetration,and nocks
  • Colored plastic fletching & nock rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel tip perfect for target practice & outdoor shooting
  • Diameter:7.8mm.For draw weight 40-60 pounds bows
  • Nocks are not fixed by glue. They can be adjusted for your bow.

The GPP Archery Carbon 30-Inch Targeting/Hunting Arrows are in the 6th position of the carbon arrows review list. Each pack comes with 12 pieces of 30 inches arrows. These arrows have lightweight and strong carbon shafts. The improved wall thickness ensures the added durability. These arrows come with replaceable field points.

The fletching is made of colored plastic. I also like the round shaped nock and the nickel-plated layer makes it more attractive and tough. So, the fletching, nock and stainless-steel tip makes the target practice and outdoor hunting more fruitful.

The arrows with 7.8 mm diameter are best suited for the bows those have a draw weight of 40-60 pounds.

The nocks are permanent but not fixed by glue so that you can adjust later as per your comfort. The screw tip on/off arrows features a black carbon shaft with 100 grains target point that is constructed with hard steel and plastic vanes.

However, some of the fletchings were so compressed that these arrows didn’t return to normal shape. We had some complains also about the arrow fins not being straight enough. You can remove the fletching and replace them with four 2 inches vanes to solve this issue.

Sometimes, the vanes can come off and you need to reattach them securely. That can be a little problematic, but it normally will not happen.

Being very comfortable in using hunting game, the arrows are also very sturdy enough to use with power. To add to the benefit, the tips of these arrows are very solid and sharp for hunting or target practice. The fletching stays put in the place even after using many times. To me, it is one of the best hunting arrows in 2019, in terms of comfort and quality.

Our Though

In our testing, the features look very impressive. We liked the comfortable arrows which are vital in using a long intensive shooting game. With this arrow the target was hit accurately enough and also, we liked the sturdy wall thickness of this arrow.

Despite some complaints of the vanes and compressed fletching, we liked this one. Overall, these arrows are very useful while target practicing or hunting. They provide optimal accuracy and great target penetration ability.


  • Improved wall thickness for added durability
  • Durable enough to put pressure and shoot
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • check
    Each pack contains 12 pieces of 30 inches arrows
  • Optimal accuracy and great target penetration ability
  • Fletching doesn’t strip off even after heavy use
  • Value for money


  • Nocks can be loosened in the shaft
  • Sometimes the vanes can come off

Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express Mayhem 20-Inch Fletched...
  • MULTI-LAYER CONSTRUCTION - Has an optimal size diameter and is tuned for today's high-powered crossbows to deliver exceptional down-range accuracy and penetration with a broadhead
  • REAL STRAIGHTNESS - Sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004", creating maximum consistency shot after shot
  • K-360 WEAVE TECHNOLOGY- Back shaft section made with a patented process that integrates a carbon weave into the outer layer of the bolt for added strength and spine consistency
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Fletched with 3" Dragon vanes, 20" size, 420 grains, 0.348" diameter, 6 per pack

Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt arrows are standard priced arrows and give you absolute value for your hard-earned money.

The Carbon Express made an integration on their trademarked Dual Spine weight forward technology into this Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Arrows. It ensures a better hunting experience than ever before.

Carbon Express used two different type of carbon material to construct an arrow with two spines in this Dual Spine weight forward technology.  This technology is used to avail better energy transferability. It also makes the arrow recovery faster.

The Multi-Layer construction made this arrow superior. This arrow has an optimal size diameter and it is tuned for the high-powered crossbows. It delivers an exceptional downrange accuracy and penetration with a broadhead.

These Carbon Express Mayhem Arrows has an excellent straightness of ±0.004-inch. It delivers maximum consistency even after a lot of use.

The back-shaft section of the arrows is made with a patented technology named K-360 WEAVE TECHNOLOGY. This technological process integrates a carbon weave into the outer layer of the bolt and, it provides added strength and spine consistency.

These bolts are fletched with 3” dragon vanes, 420 grains, and 0.348” diameter. The Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt comes in 6 pieces 20 inches bolts with each pack.

Our Thought

Being the most reputed in carbon arrow industry we were interested to know, how the Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt performs in our experiences. We liked the downrange accuracy of these best target arrows for a compound bow.

Also, the build quality of the multi-layered construction is really impressive. However, sometimes the FOC balance was not liked by our review unit. Also, there aren’t any nocks with the arrow pack.

Despite some minor downsides, the overall arrows are very good in terms of its standard price.


  • Comes with a standard Price
  • Used Dual Spined Technology for better arrow strength
  • Use K-360 Weave Technology makes the arrow sturdy
  • check
    Excellent and quiet during the flight
  • Excellent construction for using during the intense game
  • Extremely Durable arrow for the price point
  • Great Straightness of ±0.004”
  • High energy transference ability


  • No free inserts or nocks
  • Can be little heavier for the beginner hunter

Excalibur Diablo 18-inch Carbon Arrows

Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows...
  • Designed specifically for your Compact Recurve Technology crossbow
  • Can be fitted with both fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Feature 2 inch vanes
  • A heavier front insert increases front-of-center weight for unparalleled accuracy
  • Feature a flatback insert which means no need for nocks which gives you much more reliable contact with the string

Excalibur Diablo is becoming one of the best arrow brands for its decent carbon arrows. The Excalibur Diablo 18 inches Carbon Arrows are for those who are searching for a set of great arrows that can fly accurately and durable. It also has joint ventured with Easton for developing the new Diablo carbon arrows.

The Excalibur Diablo arrows come in 18 inches long shaft. It also features 2 inches vanes for more accelerated speed. These arrows feature a bulky front insert increases the front of center weight for unparalleled accuracy.

Manufacturer has designed these arrows for the Matrix series crossbows. With the 150 grains, Boltcutter broadheads these arrows perform like a bullet. These arrows are extremely sturdy, accurate and can take a plenty of abuse. It is a good fit with Compact Recurve Technology crossbows.

These arrows can be fitted with both fixed and mechanical broadheads. If you are a bowhunting enthusiast, then the accuracy with the broadhead quality can come really handy in bowhunting sports and wildlife experience.

Excalibur Diablo arrows feature a flatback insert. It means there is no need for nocks. It provides you with much more reliable and persistent contact with the string.

These arrows are great in term of accuracy. You will undoubtedly hit the target if you are an expert at shooting arrows. The heavier front insert makes these arrows more accurate than others.

Our Thought

The arrow performs accurately in our test, but the unit came with a bad arrow in it. So, we have read some users reviews about their arrow unit, and we saw some people also was complaining about it. So, the company needs to improve in this sector.

Also, the price point can be a little higher for some users. With saying all the downside, I thought this is one of the top hunting arrows that come with modern technologies.

Using it will be a piece of charm for most users. For a long game, the comfort can make it really easy.


  • Specifically made for the Compact Recurve Technology Crossbows
  • You can fit these arrows with both fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • features a flatback insert that eliminates the need for nocks
  • check
    Heavier front insert for unparalleled accuracy
  • Features 2” Vanes


  • May seem a bit expensive

How to Choose the Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

There are a few criteria that must be looked when you are selecting a carbon arrow. These criteria make a good carbon arrow. We shed the light on them below.


The term “Spine” actually refers to the arrow’s stiffness. Carbon arrows are stiffer than the aluminum arrows. It is very important to have the right amount of balance in term of stiffness in a carbon arrow.

Because, if the Spine is too much then it won’t be able to fly as it should. It definitely will not fly straight. If the Spine is too little the result would be the same just may be the opposite direction. So, the right balance of stiffness is very much needed to fly straight and accurate for an arrow.

There are a few techniques to check the stiffness of an arrow. You may try to bend an arrow. If the arrow is stiff, you will find it hard to bend.

On contrary, if the arrows stiffness is too little, it will bend easily. Arrows lack accuracy if they are not sufficiently stiff as I’ve said before. For the worst case scenario, insufficient stiff-arrows can have the power into by the crossbow strings. So, stiffness should be balanced, not too much or not too little.


Weight is a very important factor to consider while buying carbon arrows. The weight of an arrow also refers to grains. It depends on your purpose of using an arrow for.

If your purpose is target practicing, then you should select lighter arrows. The reason for buying lighter arrows is that the lighter arrows are more likely to travel straight through the air. So, it would be easier to shoot in tight groups.

On the other hand, if your purpose is hunting, then you should select heavier arrows. Because for hunting the arrows should be able to penetrate the target. For that arrows will need more penetration power.

Lighter arrows cannot deliver such penetration power to penetrate a live target that a heavier arrow can.

Experts say that whatever the purpose is, either hunting or target practice, the weight in between 200 to 500 grains is better for both purposes.


Straightness of an arrow basically refers to the straightness tolerance of an arrow. The smaller the straightness measurement is the better. Straighter arrows are more expensive than the other arrows.

Moreover, the straightness is measured in inches. Usually, straightness ranges from 0.001 inches to 0.006 inches.

The manufacturers measure their arrow’s straightness right after the production. Some of them categorize the arrows on the basis of straightness.

Straightness of 0.001 to 0.003 are premium arrows, 0.003 to 0.004 are mid-ranges of arrows and 0.005 to 0.006 are standard arrows.

The frequency of the arrow during the flight is very important. Straight arrows usually deliver consistent frequency that results in very good shooting impact. If the arrows bent, the frequency changes and that flaws the impact.


Price is an important factor. There are a variety of carbon arrows available in the market priced differently. They can cost between $40 to $100.

Minimum $40 and a maximum $100. So, first make up your mind about the amount you want to spend on a set of the arrow. Then search for the arrow within your budget and we described what is to look for in carbon arrows.

Is Carbon the Best Type of Shaft?

We have to know about the other types of shafts first to give this verdict.


Maybe wood shafted arrows are the first ones that humans shot with. For thousands of years, human used wood shafted arrows. But, if you are not a modern caveman or traditional longbow hunter you wouldn’t use wood shafted arrows.

Because they are heavier and slower. They also are hard to produce within the optimal tolerance that a hunting or targeting compound bows demand


Aluminum shafted arrows were very popular for a long time. These arrows are lightweight, strong and inexpensive. They can be produced within the exact tolerance that compound bows demand.

Though they are lightweight but not lighter than carbon shafted arrows. No matter what Aluminum arrows will always be heavier than carbon shafted arrows with an equal spine.


The carbon arrows are a newcomer to the hunting scene. They can in the market in the 1990’s and gradually they’ve gained popularity ever since and maybe 90% of today’s bowhunters use carbon shafted arrows.

The carbon shafted arrows are much lighter and deliver tighter tolerances than the aluminum arrows. It results in higher speed, accuracy, and higher penetration ability.

You decide carbon is the best type of shaft or not. if you want my opinion, I would always say that carbon is the best type of shaft.

Final Verdict

This is the era of globalization. We are practically living in the most competitive market. So, when we want to purchase anything, we have a wide array of alternatives in our hands. We become confused.

I tried to help you eliminate those confusions when you are going to buy a carbon arrow with this article. All arrows on the market cannot fulfill your needs. So, I hope you will find yourself helpful if you read the whole article.

You will know how to choose, which are the best and which carbon arrows are the best in the market right now. I hope the above article helps you to select the carbon arrow you need.

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