Best Crab Traps & Pots

Best Crab Traps & Pots in 2019: Guide and Reviews

Crabs are one the favorites for the fishermen to haunt. They are delicious and they have a higher value in the market. Professional fishermen and the seasonal fishermen have a vast quality of tools for crab trapping and the bait crab trap is one of them.

Crabs are kind of easy to catch with this amazing tool and the professionals depend on this for a better catch. If you are on the boat with an intention for catching enough number of crabs with you, this product is definitely for you.

To catch your favorite crabs easily, you need to have the best crab traps and pots that offer the best affordability strongly built quality, easy to handle option and lightweight with portability.

There are a lot of bait crab traps variations around the market. You just have to let the trap sink in and after a properly perfect amount of time, you can pull up the trap with enough amount of crabs. How amazing is that? This may be a bit of time-consuming but it is worth the time and of course enjoyable and fun.

Top 7 Best Bait Crab Traps Reviews

There are literally thousands of crab traps around the market but you actually have to choose the one with your requirements.
The traps are different in sizes and shapes. There are different features in the market existing products as well. Here are a few mentions of some of the best bait crab traps in the market.

Rob Smith Trap Maryland Blue Crab Pot Trap

Best blue crab traps

One of the biggest name in the fishing manufacturing market is the Rob Smith Trap. They produced large categorized products for the fishing material need in the market. They come up with this amazing product which is called Rob Smith Trap Maryland Blue Crab Pot Trap.

This is one of the best blue crab traps for its excellent build quality and efficiency. The manufacturer demands that this is commercially one of the highest quality product that you can actually buy. This is one heavy duty, stronger trap.

There is a strong and thick layer of vinyl on every side as well. This extends the longevity of the crab pots.

Another thing you will like is the light weight of this trap. So, you can actually carry that with your destination and set it up to sink in your desired place.

This trap cannot be folded but it can be carried anywhere.

Also, this product is made with a quality material mix that makes it stronger yet less in weight. However, the crab trap easily sinks and it can be situated anywhere you want. Longevity of these traps are out of question, you can be certain of using it for a long time.

You can fix this thing in your area and after enough amount of time, you can see that you’re pleased with enough amount of crabs with you. This product is highly acceptable in the crabbers and the fishermen people. Even the fishing enthusiasts also dig the product.

We have to give it full marks on the built quality. The crab traps we reviewed mostly were in mostly decent quality, but this is a winner in a good distance. We liked the material used to build this one.
Also, despite the sturdy built, we found this crab trap rather light in weight! Surprise! Using this one would have been a lot of fun if we could fold this one. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have the foldable option.
If you are looking for a strong and high-quality trap for catching crabs, this one is highly recommended.

Our Thought


  • Heavy duty stronger product for long use
  • A heavy layer of vinyl coated in every area
  • Stronger quality makes sure for long usage
  • check
    The renowned company so you can be certain of the quality
  • Easier to handle and use


  • Sometimes the crabs can get away from the trap.

Hurricane Two Ring Wire Crab Net (18-Inch)

Best Affordable Crab Trap

Looking for perfect traps which can last a long time in the rough water and comes at a cheaper price? If yes, then you can surely pick Hurricane Two Ring Wire Crab Net for you perfect crab hunting experience’s

This is one of the nesting crap traps that is highly accepted by the professional crabbers and the fishermen.

The manufacturer is the Hurricane; who is responsible for so many fishing accessories. They are one of the most reputed hunting and fishing goods producers. They worked for a long time ago and they came up with this amazing product which is named Hurricane Two Ring Wire Crab Net.

Despite its affordability, the quality of the wire netting will surely surplice you. This is one of the long lasting two ring wire crab traps with netting also.

The aluminum that has been used for this product is totally corrosion resistant. The top ring measures around 18” and the bottom ring measures around 9”.  It helps the netting to be safe from the water abuses.

This product has corrosion resistant aluminum rings which are hard to be harmed. With the water resistance, the sturdy quality will ensure a long-term usage of this product in water.

Also, this amazing product is super portable. So, you can take this with your boat anywhere you want without any problems in carrying it. Portability can enhance the chances of getting more crabs for the crabbers.

This net trap provides you the longevity, portability and also the stronger trap. The total weight for this product is around 12.8 ounces which make is really portable and mobile. This is a mesh construction product which can actually carry around 30 pounds.

​We were really surprised to see its built quality. We had very few hopes about the overall quality considering its price. But we were surprised and happy. The trap is lighter in weight and can hold 20-25 pounds in our research – a little less than what the company claimed. Still, it is not bad.
We also liked the netting with small holes. So it has the ability to catch smaller crabs as well, which is a big bonus.
We loved the affordable price of this crab trap. Although affordability has some prices as well. The trap cannot accommodate many things which are acceptable considering the weight and size. But it can also have some problems if you are planning to use it quite frequently.

Our Thought


  • Wired netting with perfect coated material.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • 18 inches product.


  • There is no hook in this product for hanging.
  • The weight limit is kind of confusing sometimes.

KUFA Vinyl Coated Crab Trap

The KUFA sports came up with this amazing product called KUFA Vinyl Coated Crab Trap. This is also one of the best crap traps in the market. With a lot of efficient accessories, it has Vinyl cote on the outer part of the traps for perfect quality.

This is a vinyl coated crap trap which measures around 24”X24” X24”. It may seem little smaller to many fishermen’s but trust me it does it works decently.

Another thing to like about this Kufa trap is the water resistance. With it, you will like the sinking capacity. It is around ¼ inch X 100’ non-lead sinking line feature is there just to make sure it sinks quite perfectly.

Also, there are separate crab clippers and these are also durable 4 arm harness. Wit it. you will have the bait bag that comes with rubber locker. These items are secured and easy to operate.

This amazing product comes with so many features that using it in catching traps will be less hassling.

You will also like that this trap comes with different sizes and shapes as well. Mostly the products are produced in the renowned production houses of the manufacturer and with keen supervision.

The total weight of the product is around 25 pounds and this is one of the easy-to-make crab traps for the fishermen and the crabbers as well. Mostly the fishermen use this product for the bigger crabs. This can take up to so many crabs in just one trap and this just works fine.

​​This crab trap is my personal favorite and has all the option and quality to be the number one crab trap in 2019. The moderate to higher price tag is the only reason to put it in the third spot. We have tested this many time and, on every occasion, we had to admire its quality of built and material.
The higher weight of this trap makes sure of less portability which isn’t a very big deal for pro fisherman.
Also, the hole seems little bigger to us. So, you can’t catch smaller crabs in it. Which isn’t a big deal either if you are looking to catch quality crabs.
If you are willing to pay a bit for a quality item for regular use and long-term use, then go for the KUFA Vinyl Coated Trap.

Our Thought


  • One of the strongest crab traps ever
  • Vinyl coated crab trap is very durable
  • Comes in an excellent coating that prevents any harms
  • Uses quality materials to build this trap
  • Bait bag comes with the rubber locker.
  • Easy to set up the whole package.


  • Not quite suitable for the smaller crabs.
  • Sometimes the package can be too light.

Danielson 4-Door Octagon Crab Trap

Let’s talk about another giant crab trap from the famous manufacturer Danielson; the Danielson 4-Door Octagon Crab Trap.

You can already know the fact that this crab trap comes with 4 doors. This is amazingly convenient for any kind of crab trap. More crabs can get into the crabs in this way. This is one of those built-in bait cages that works perfectly for any kind of situation.

This crab trap comes in an octagon shape. The top opening hatch is quite large with the stretch tubes and hook closure. This hook closure is easier to handle for getting the crabs from the traps.

Construction of the Danielson 4-Door Octagon Crab Trap is very strong. So, you will have the opportunity for using this item perfectly many times.

This one is also one of the amazing looking traps you will find in the market. It has the vinyl-coated steel wire which makes it tough in water.

The total trap measures 30”X30” X9” which makes it one of the biggest crab traps of the market. If you are planning to catch the bigger chuck then this size is perfect for you.

As we have said earlier, there are four entrance doors, including two escape rings for the smaller crabs. This has a fall-away-rot-cord system to disable the trap as well.

The whole package is 5 pounds. Despite sturdy build quality, this is not too much of a heavy product.

Another thing to like about is it works in the odd places too. You can set it up in the desired place and you can get a large number of crabs in a short period of time.

​​​Most of us in our crab trap review team will pick this one if they are told to have a crab hunting trip. Why? Because it has all the features to make the whole process simple and hassle-free.
We liked the build quality with the vinyl coating. Surely it will handle the rough water and remain in shape for a long time.
We also like the 4-door feature which is really effective in catching the right sized crabs.
However, to some people, the size can be a little bigger. Also, the price is on the higher size, so you need to consider this also before buying this excellent crab trap.

Our Thought


  • Octagon shaped crab trap.
  • Has four doors including two escape rings for the smaller crabs.
  • Built-in bait cage.
  • Large top opening hatch.


  • Sometimes the shape can be tricky.
  • Sometimes it may be even confusing for the crabs as well.

KUFA Casting Crab Trap with 100' rope (CR55)

Best Beginner Crab Trap

If you are still at the beginner level at catching crabs and are looking for a trap that can make your work a whole lot easier than this one is the perfect fit for you.

This Kufa Casting Trap is a crab trap with ropes. KUFA sports is one of the biggest giants among the bait traps manufacturers and they came up with the amazingly slick and lightweight product called KUFA Casting Crab Trap with 100′ rope (CR55).

There are so many lightweight traps in the market but this is one of the lightest ones. The total weight is around 1 lb. You can actually carry the crab trap with you anywhere.

Because of the lighter weight, you can enjoy a lot of benefit along with the easier to handle facility. This amazing trap can be cast by your bare hands or with the use of the fishing rod perhaps.

This product comes with a 100 feet of smooth casting braided rope which can be cast in a perfect range and it can sink for a perfect depth as well. This makes placing the trap in right place very easy even for the people who are on their learning stage in catching traps.

Another thing that needs to mentions is it can be used from the dock. If you’re on your boat and you are looking for a perfect catch this is most probably your perfect pick as a crab trap.

As we have said about the lightweight of the trap, one might think it as smaller one for a big chunk of crabs. But to the surprise of us, it has enough space for the crabs to crawl and you can pull it in no time. The size of the product is around 22X12X2. It makes sure it can handle a lot of crabs in it comfortably.

​​​​This crab trap is the cheapest in our list. We had an expectation of some problems though during using it for catching crabs. We had to tune the trap with tightening the ropes for better performance. This is acceptable. And with some uses, it gets along quite easily which makes it perfect for the beginner. It is also one of the best crab traps for Dungeness.
A perfectly shaped and well-constructed crab trap with 100 ropes is what you want when you are trying to get some crabs from the dock, shore or even from the boat. This amazing trap can go up to 100 feet down from the surface.

Our Thought


  • Lightweight crab trap that can handle a lot of crabs
  • Easy to set up and use for the beginner
  • Comes with a simple design for flexible uses
  • Goes up to 1000 feet down from the surface
  • Weight just 1 lb which is perfect for portability


  • Really lightweight for some crab hunting
  • Cannot be used for bigger hunts

Promar Collapsible Crawfish/Crab Trap

Affordable and Lightest Crab Net

This is another amazing trap from the manufacturer Promar. They are the reason for many of the fishing and hunting goods and accessories. This amazing product is called Promar Collapsible Crawfish/Crab Trap.

This is one of the best crab pots in the market IN TERMS OF PRICE. With all the features are there for more performance, you have to pay less than many other products with crappy performance.

What impressed me most is the portability of this crab pot/trap. This trap can be collapsed to less than 1- inches for the easy stacking, stowing and transport issues. To help it transport more easily you will have manageable weight.

Actually, this is a really easy going and lightweight product. You can carry this crab trap to your destined places and set it up. Using it for you long route destination cannot be any problem with these traps. Also, this can be carried to the boat or anywhere you want.

This crab trap has two entrances for the crabs to enter into it. This also has spaces for the smaller crabs to go out. So, this makes sure of the quality and sizes of the catch. This can be set up in a short time and you don’t have to give much effort to it. This is one of the best-shaped crab trap, to be honest.

It has a quite foldable structure and the net is quite strong. Being very cheap in price and light in weight, this top-class crab net and pot will ensure better performance in terms of catching fishes than many other traps with lot more prices.

Commercial fishermen and recreational fishing enthusiasts highly accepted this product and this product did not disappoint them.

​​​​​Coming with a very affordable price, this trap does it works done. Not quite like the KUFA traps, but if you consider the price you will be happier with the performance. We have had some issues, which are very little and can be ignored really easily.
Sometime the net may feel weak or misses some crabs to enter it properly, but on the most occasion, it will do it perfectly. The crab pot felt really lightweight in our test and the quality wasn’t bad at all.
This product is efficient and effective for its portability and mobility. So, we do recommend this to users.

Our Thought


  • Extremely lightweight crab trap
  • The portable trap that can be traveled easily
  • Has a perfect coating to live better in the water
  • Comes with a stronger net for holding many crabs
  • Two entrances for the crabs


  • Sometimes the net may feel weak.
  • Sometimes the crabs cannot enter the trap.

FJ NEIL 225-CT Snap Trap Crab Trap

Best Snap Crab Trap

At the end of the list, another amazing product must be mentioned from the manufacturer named FJ NEIL. This amazing product is called FJ NEIL 225-CT Snap Trap Crab Trap. This is one of the lightweight yet strong product.

This is also one of the best vinyl coated crab trap ever. Mostly the professional fishermen and the crabbers use this product and they use this for its longevity and perfection. For a bigger stream or even the odd weather, it works extremely fine.

This goes for a deep portion of the water. The design and the coating make sure for this smooth dripping. It helps to get the most out of the water and getting the bigger portion of crabs.

Another thing I can safely praise about this product is it’s easy to use the facility. It is extremely easy to set up and this can be used for from the moving places as well. It means you can use it from the boats as well. Thanks to the lightweight design with the portability of this crab pot. This is an extremely lightweight crab trap and for it’s extremely lightweight it can be used anywhere you want.

With the classic structure and coated finishing, this crab trap can be used for a long run. Even the fishing enthusiast depend on this exact product for the crab trap. The whole product weighs just 1.6 pounds. There are two doors for the crabs and the smaller crabs as well.

​​​​​​It has some criticism of the performance from many of the customers. But also many fishing enthusiasts and also Mark Shein, my all-time fisherman friend recommend this one for crab catching. So, we decided to check it in our review lab and have some outdoor experiments as well to get the perfect first-hand experience.
And to our ultimate surprises, the performance we had was excellent. It is lightweight, but durable enough to endure tough water. With an adjustment to some extents, you can get the best out of it.
It has some ups and downs in terms of pure crab entering, but you can expect that from most of the crab pots and nets in our list. So, this is the last in our list of crab traps but not the least important one.

Our Thought

Check it and let us know, how your traps worked in the comment section.


  • Extremely lightweight product.
  • Adjustment and setting up is really easy to go.
  • Works in even the odd weather.
  • Vinyl coated crab trap.


  • Sometimes the product is too lightweight for some places.
  • Sometimes the crabs cannot get in the trap.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Crab Traps

If you are really into crabs and you want to go for crab hunting; first you have to get a crab trap. You can get a crab trap anytime you want but you also have to know about the trap set. Moreover, you have to know about the place you want to go and the weather too.

You have to know about a few more things before you will get a crab trap for yourself.

Types of Crabs You Are Going To Catch

Before going for catching the crabs, you must look into what kind of crabs you are going to be hunting. There are several kinds of crabs out there. These are different for the climate and the positions and so many more different factors.

There are red frog crabs, birdie crabs, European spider crabs, Japanese spider crab, Atlantic rock crab and so many more kinds of crabs out there.

Different kinds of crabs require different kinds of traps. Some crabs can just run away from the trap if you get the wrong size or the wrong shaped trap.

Choose a Proper Design for Getting Better Result

There are different designs for the crab traps out there. Speaking of designs, mostly there are different kinds of shapes of the traps out there.

Mostly the professionals use three kinds of traps. They are box crab trap, ring net crab trap, and a pyramid crab trap.

The box and pyramid crab traps are used for even the low depth during the hunt. You can use the ring net crab trap even from the boat or the dock.

If it is Foldable/Non-foldable?

If you are going for a long trip for catching crabs, you might need the crab trap to be mobile. A perfectly portable crab trap can be both convenient and time-saving. A foldable crab trap is also lightweight in most of the cases. This can save you from many hassles on the road or the long journey. On the other hand, the fixed shaped crab traps can be really useful for a large number of crabs. You can always take it for granted that you can get a large number of crabs with the perfectly shaped nonfoldable crab trap.

Does it Match Your Budget?

Of course, your budget is one of the major issues for buying the perfect crab trap for you. You should not buy the cheap one for the saving and end up with no crab at all.

Make a well-mannered budget for your crab trap and buy the perfect one for you.

Number of Crabs It Can Accommodate

You have to select how much of crabs you may catch. If there is a large number of crabs and you end up with a lightweight thinner crab trap, you may not even get the desired amount.

In the beginning level of fishing this feature might not be as essential, but for the enthusiasts and professional fisherman, a number of crabs can play an important role.

So, check, how much the trap can accommodate from the feature section and see if this match your desired numbers.

Check Weight of the Crab Traps

You have to check the weight of the crab trap before buying it. An extremely heavy weight product may be a burden for you and on the other hand, you cannot get many crabs with the extra light crab traps.

If you are in the boat, again you cannot have an extremely heavyweight crab trap. So, checking the weight along with the portability is important before buying the best crab pots and nets.

Set Up Procedure

Setting up procedures can be either messy or real simple. Sometimes it takes a long time to set up the whole trip. Sometimes you just have to set up just by leaving it there. It depends on what kind of hunting you are going to have.

You can get your desired crab trap any time soon. From the list you can pick your perfect selection; it might be there already. Get yourself a perfect crab day by the crab hunting with the best crab trap.

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