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Best Frog Rod in 2019: Enjoy the Perfect Frogging

To many anglers who love fishing in the lake water, they definitely have a special preference for frogging in the lake. It’s a traditional style of fishing where you are going to use an artificial frog to bait fishes like big bass. There are anglers who love this technique.

In this technique, you have to have special rigs to master the technique. Special fast action and the heavy rod are one of the most important accessories among them. Here we will be taking a look at some of the best frog rods in the market that will be turning up your frogging game up a level.

Top 5 Best Frog Rods Reviews

With testing 15 top selling and most famous frog rods, we have made a list of top 5 rods for frog fishing in 2019. Here are the products and their short review to help you find your perfect fitting match.

Ardent Denny Brauer Pro Series Baitcasting Rods

Ardent has made one of the coolest frogging rods available on the market. With the help of Denny Brauer who has experience over 40 years in bass fishing. He has given his preferences on the rod design and the rod has been made like a swiss army knife. Frogging with one of these is as fun as professional it is. It is the best frog rods around 100$ for its comfort and quality.


  • The rod comes with a 7’4” medium length manageable size
  • Premium line guide makes it an ideal choice for frog fishing
  • Great for throwing in short distances
  • Super comfy and snug cork grip


  • Not a versatile rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 735C Casting Rod

Dobyns is one of the best frog casting rods available in 2019. In small-size form factor like around seven feet, you can never find a better alternative like FR 735C Mag. Dobyns Rods has made these incredible premium quality rods for professional anglers who do not compromise any performance lag. In such an affordable price you can’t beat these rods.


  • Best for frog fishing in tournaments or normal
  • Heavy power and fast action
  • Super ergonomic handlebar for grip and control


  • The bar is stiff, so it’s not ideal for lighter baits

Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Casting

Abu Garcia is known for making the best quality fears for anglers and adventurers. On their second edition of Veritas has been making the anglers satisfied and they are a stealer, to be honest. The quality has been improved all over and this time it’s medium to heavy action makes it perfect for frogging in the lakes.


  • Extremely sensitive and powerful rod
  • Comes with high quality material that will last longer
  • Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 is ideal for frogging for the design
  • This rod can accommodate any reel


  • A bit expensive
  • Not a versatile fishing rod

Berkley E-Motion Casting Rod

With a unique blend of 30- and 24-ton graphite Berkley has made one of the coolest frog fishing rods on the market. This piece of gear has not been designed, it has been engineered by the experts to make the most ergonomic rod. Starting from the handle it has been designed to the glides keeping the matter of ergonomics in mind.


  • Ergonomically designed EVA grip makes it simple
  • Comes with H.E.T reel seat which is good in quality
  • Hybrid graphite reinforcement makes it durable enough
  • Using this frog rod is quite comfortable for long times fishing


  • These rods are not cheap

Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1 IM8 Casting Rod

Lew’s speed is one of the super sensitive pieces of equipment that has super-fast action and offers a lot of performances for a price that can make everyone smile. The white finish on the body give it a stealthy look that is irresistible to own, and we are pretty sure that you will like the color configuration that this package has to offer.


  • Rod is sturdy with the IM8 graphite reinforcement
  • The white professional look makes it attractive for outdoor enthusiasts  
  • This frog rod comes with smooth line glider
  • Reel seats snug on the exclusive skeleton  


  • Due to high sensitivity, the strength may become low

What Makes the Best Frog Fishing Rod?

Despite the lesser popularity than some other fishing methods, the companies are producing more rods for frog fishing. But very few of them provides quality according to their prices.

For their divertive advertisement and positive marketing terms, choosing one relying only on themselves can put yourself on the losing side.

So, it is important to understand, what the best rod for frog fishing is made with.  

Heavy to Medium Action: How do You Want It?

The action of the rod is defined by the way the tip of the rod acts. If the rod tip acts to your hand movement very fast, then it has the heavy action. On the other hand, if the movement works slowly, it is defined that that rod has slow action.  

If we take a look at the general-purpose rods which are made for casting in short or long distance, we will see that they range from 8 feet to 9 feet which is not necessary for frogging. Additionally, they have soft tips. Soft tips provide light action.

So, it’s really necessary to have fast and heavy action. So, you have to go for 7 feet long rods which has strong tips to have control over your frog. Heavy to medium action also helps you to pull the fishes out of the water quickly and safely.

The sensitivity of the Frog Rod

Now, when the issue of sensitivity comes in front, we have to talk about the whole rod configuration. The weight, action and total package make the rod sensitive and non-sensitive. The definition of sensitivity is the threshold when you fee that fishes are taking your bait and shawling them.

Sensitivity becomes a priority when it comes to the matter of frog fishing the rod has to be super sensitive. Because you are not going to see whether the fishes are taking your bait or not. Frog fisher dont have the sinker, leaders or anything that might visually represent the hook condition.

The line guide has to be smooth and clean so that vibration flows correctly and accurately. You must check out these matters. The handlebar materials also help with sensitivity. If the rod core is exposed to the hand you can feel the vibration better.

How is the Frog Rods Handle Grip?

Handlebar plays a very important role here because, if you lose your grip on the rod you are never going to end your fishing session with happiness and fishes in your loot. The grip is important. For that companies are making new designs and ways to make the grips more grippy.

Commercially, most of the rods have grips made of cork. Cork is very lightweight and yet strong. They are great for curving into shapes. You will find handles that have narrow mid are and wide lower and top area this kind of grip helps greatly for holding the rod strongly.

You will also find some of the grips that have finger shapes engraved in them. But, before you finalize your decision, you have to make sure of what type of grip you have been using and what type of grip provides you the most comfortable fishing experience.

Frog Fishing Tips 

Frog fishing is a fun and fruitful activity at the same time. There are many anglers who are dedicated only to frog fishing. They often have frogs of different colors for different weather.

Now we are going to learn about some tips and tricks of frog fishing that might help you in the long run.

Know the fishes:

Not all kinds of lake fishes can be caught by frogging. You have to target the right fishes that can be frogged. Basically, the bass is the most popular fish that is attracted to the frogs and they can easily be found in calm and quiet lakes.

Prepare your frog:

You need to choose the right frog on the right weather and water condition. Before you buy frogs monitor what kind of frogs are living in the lake area. Measure the size and color.

You can buy multiple colored frogs for your versatility. You can buy darker frogs for rainy days and lighter colored for sunny days and there are many more.

Choose the right reel:

Reels are important because higher ratio reels are going to make the pulling job easier for you. Gear ratio defines how quickly you can wind up the loosen lines. A high drag ratio reel can make the job easier for you.

Rod is important:

You cannot choose short and light rod for frogging. Flimsy rods are not going to help here. Fast action and heavy rods are far helpful.

The rod has to be able to take the weight and has to be able to give you the strength to fight fishes without breaking. We have mentioned several affordable rod options previously. You can check them out.

Be silent:

In the lake, you must have to be frogging several places to locate the fishes. They tend to not to be living or move in groups. So, you have to silent while moving from spot to spot.

You can use boats to approach silently as walking on the shore will definitely make noises due to bushes around.

Let the frog dance:

Frogging becomes an art when you throw the frog in a spot and pull it towards you, you should be doing in such a way that the artificial frog moves like an original one.

You will need practice for that. You can find tons of online video where experts have shown their ways.

Monitor your target area:

You should take a moment to watch the hover your eyes over the whole lake. Think harder so that you can find the spots that might have fishes resting or waiting for their prey.

You can look closer to the lakeweed and throw your bait there. It’s also necessary to try out several places.

Go for the bushes:

Bushes or the places where tree or leaves have fallen, those places can be jackpots. Most of the fishes rest under shades of trees or bushes. You can throw your frog at the bushes, who knows your day can become blessing anytime.

Pulling the line:

You have to be quick and pull the line as soon as you feel the fishes biting your frog. If you pull faster the hooks will get the fish right and tight. Before all of these, you have to get a sensitive rod.

Even after if you feel difficulties frogging, you might need to check out online videos, forums and local anglers who have better experiences on frogging.

Final Thought

To wrap the whole thing up we now are completely aware of how our frogging game is going to become fruitful and we also have known about good fishing rods. Now, you can stop searching for the best frogging reels and check out five of the mentioned frogging rids.

They are very good quality for the budget. Consider your preferences on what to have and what not to have in them and choose wisely. Your product of choice can last for more than decades even lifetime.

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