Best Ice Fishing Gloves

Best Ice Fishing Gloves in 2019: Guide for Your Hands Safety

If you are planning for the ice fishing trip, then the weather getting colder may not help you with your usual old pairs of gloves. Once the water gets colder with ices, it’s not enough to have proper footwear and headwards. It is the time probably you should consider a pair of best ice fishing gloves.

IN the sub-zero weather the water and ice handling with bare hands can be dangerous and harmful for you. You may get hurt or even infection. In this case, you’ll need a pair of ice fishing gloves as support. You have to dig in the rock-solid ice and get to the icy cold water and set up your hooks for fishing.

We’ll be knowing about some of the best ice fishing gloves that can keep your hands warm and dry.

Top 10 Best Ice Fishing Gloves Reviews

In the top of the line outdoor endurance sports, Ice fishing is called one of the bests. You’ll need specialized gears, instruments and enough courage to fight the icy cold weather and do your fun job.

We have tested more than 25 most popular and well-rated ice fishing gloves in the market and come up with the bests of the best in them. Here are the reviews you will have to check to consider your perfect pair for ice fishing.

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Best Waterproof Ice Fishing Glove

ICE BAY Fishing Glove made by Glacier Glove has been used by many of the ice anglers. Made with a material called Neoprene. Neoprene is a rubber type material that is produced by polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility. So, you will feel a more comfortable movement for your fingers with this glove.

Many companies use these materials for making ice diving suits and it provides excellent insulation against cold. 2MM Fleece Lined Neoprene has been used in this pair of gloves. Seamless Palm Design makes it more wearable for any hand shape and sizes.

Water can never reach into the gloves because it is Blind Stitched & Glued. Stitches give the strength and the top of line gluing system seals it airtight. Moving your hands in this pair of gloves is easy as heaven. So, the cold weather will not be any problem with these waterproof fishing gloves.

The soft materials give flexibility. You can dig into the ice, set the bait and even handle the fish you catch without directly using your hands.

Sharkskin Textured outer layer makes it more grippy. Grabbing running rope now has become safer and easier because of incredible grip and material strength of the gloves. Grabbing fishes, unhooking it and handling the fish is going to be easier now by using this pair of gloves.

Testing it in our research lab gave the hint that these gloves are made of high quality material that will last in the toughest weather. We were also impressed with the flexibility and comfort.

The grip was also satisfying, thanks to the manufacturer for designing such a smart texture. Also, the waterproofing was good enough to use these gloves in the coldest areas in the United States.

The only thing we should complain about is the lack of breathability of these gloves. Wearing these ones for a long time during fishing can be a little problematic for this reason.

Our Thought


  • Great flexibility for rubber materials
  • Sharkskin Textured layer gives more grip
  • Seamless sealing prevents water from outside
  • check
    100% waterproof gloves for using in the coldest weather


  • Not good for long fishing sessions

Glacier Glove Pro Angler Ice Fishing Gloves

Best Comfortable Fishing Gloves for Cold Water

Anglers around the globe have been satisfied with the products from glacier gloves for many years. Pro angler is one of their versatile gloves that has been produced in a mass amount and people likes this pair of gloves very much.

Ice anglers often need their bare hands to handle fishes and baits. For many years people have been using their fully airtight gloves but they often take these off to handle fishes out of icy cold water. Pro anglers have one feature that helps greatly in this situation.

The special design of this pro angler fishing gloves will ensure the perfect combination of cold protection and flexibility. Slit Finger on Thumb and Pointer Finger will allow you to take your figure out of the gloves and allows you to use it. Velcro behind the slits will be able to hold the separated part behind the fingers. So, you’ll be able to use your hands independently.

The main material of this pair of gloves is 2MM Fleece Lined Neoprene which is a rubbery material that has been used to make scuba diving suits and many more underwater accessories. The gloves isolate warmth in your hands. The materials made this is one of the best fishing gloves for cold water in 2019.

Fingers of this gloves come pre-curved, so it fits perfectly. Sharkskin design on the middle finger will help you grab more wearing the gloves. Seamless palm design allows the lines flow smoothly. The middle finger of every glove comes sharkskin textured so it will help you to get more grip while handling fishes.

We shared some experiences from earlier with this glove. And they were pretty good in terms of comfort. The rubbery materials make it really nice to wear for a long time.

Also, we liked the Velcro behind the slits that separate the fingers so that you can get the best use of your hands. It has a special middle finger design that lets you give strength in holding something.

And about the protection part, we will have to consider in between comfort and wind resistance. The overall experience of this ice gloves are excellent and anyone can give these a try without worrying much.

Our Thought


  • Finger slits make it versatile for use for a long time
  • Techline Neoprene offers excellent cold isolation
  • Pre-curved fingers give a snug fit
  • check
    Very comfortable to use in a long day of fishing
  • The built quality is premium for long usage


  • Slits make it non-waterproof

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves for Cold 

Best All Rounder Hand Gloves

Palmyth Flexible Gloves are the one pair that is called the best all-rounder pair of hand gloves. Not only anglers use these gloves for ice fishing but also photography, Motorcycling and heat isolation jobs can be done with excellence.

The materials used is this pair of gloves are high quality. Flip back thumb, index finger and middle finger caps with metal buttons serve a great purpose. You can free your fingers without even sacrificing any heats from your hands.

Also, you will surely like its flexibility. Sometimes, fishing in colder weather is not fun for lack of flexibility. You have to wear heavy clothing so moving the hands and feet are a real deal. Well, the Palmyth makes sure you do not have to face this problem for the finger parts. The 4 ways stretch fabric will give you flexibility.

You can hook up your baits, handle fishes and you also can use your free fingers to operate any touch sensitive device. Metal buttons will keep the flaps away while you are working with your fingers. Water reflective fabrics will not only keep the inside dry but also the outer layer dry and water free.

Partial synthetic leather on the palm area will help you to keep your hands safe while handling fishing lines. They will also help you to get good grips on the fishing rod. Plush fleece backing will keep your hands warm.

There are some gloves that offer only rubber on the wrist band while in this pair of gloves velcro has been used to keep the gloves snug and tight.

Considering the amount of increasing popularity of this specific glove, we had to check these ice gloves out. We were seriously impressed by its comfort and flexibility. It is made of 4 ways stretching options in the fabric so we could easily move our palms.

The open vent on the top sides of the fingers made this one really comfortable for wearing in long-time fishing. But these holes make this fishing gloves vulnerable in the coldest icy weather. Benign not fully waterproof, you have the danger to freeze your fingers when comes in the contact of water.

But if you are looking to fish in colder water not so much cold then these pairs can be the best option for comfortable fishing.

Our Thought


  • Breathable water repellent and windproof fabric
  • Plush fleece backing keeps the inside warm
  • Comes with flexible 4 ways stretch fabric
  • check
    Three finger caps with metal buttons ensure dexterity


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Heat isolation could be better

WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

Best for Comfort and Flexibility

Looking for the perfect quality and comfortable winter gloves for fishing, with paying a bit more? You can sure try out the WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves. These gloves have been equipped with so many features that may amaze you.

Starting with the built quality, the Cordura nylon shell has been used that are not the regular ones that may tear very easily. On that hipora liner has been put on to make this gloves waterproof. So, in the rough water and salt water, your glove will live as long as you can expect.

Another thing to love of this glove is the winter protection. Working in cold as the icy environment in these pair of gloves will be a perfect situation that you can even imagine.

Also, the touchscreen fingertips will be the game changer for you. You can use any touchscreen device while your hands are in these gloves. Sometimes you may have to operate GPS fish finders, or you may have to text important stuff while fishing.

These pair of gloves are crazy waterproof. You can dip your hands in water and still no water will get inside or make the outside wet.

WindRider Rugged winter gloves have elastic in the wrist and manual tightener for comfort and keeping the snow and cold out. This pair of gloves will help you greatly while snowboarding or skating. Heat isolation works pretty damn good in these gloves.

Even you are going to get small storage for keeping small and important stuff close to your reach. Though it is small you can fit a full-size credit card in it without getting bothered. A zipper keeps the pocket safe. This is one of the best outdoor gloves.

A perfect pair of gloves for fishing in rough water. We have tested it so many times and felt very good about the comfort and quality sector. Most of the other gloves reviewers have also given positive feedback, so you can rely on these gloves in your winter fishing trips.

The only thing to complain about is the price point. But to have the perfect clothing, a few bucks isn’t a big thing, right?

These aren’t might be the best armor for ice but will do the job perfectly in cold water fishing.

Our Thought


  • Perfectly Designed Outdoor Gloves
  • Touchscreen assistive fingertips
  • Waterproof, windproof
  • check
    Extended and extra wide cuffs
  • Extra storage pocket


  • A bit expensive

Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove for Ice Fishing

For Trout and Saltwater Fishing

If you are looking to handle the fishes without any problems, check this glove for sure. Fishes on the hooks are not easy to handle with gloves. To help with that issue Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove has a unique feature that can help every ice fisher. It comes with excellent control and decent protection for your hand that is really efficient for trout fishing.

Also, the popularity of this fishing gloves is because of their price efficiency. These pair of gloves come at a very reasonable price with offering a great control, durability, and user-friendliness.

Durable latex coating has been provided on this pair of gloves. Latex layer gives the grip to hold the slippery fishes in the cold water and cold weather. Although you might not be really excited about the waterproofing, it does it works in most condition.

The latex layer does not only give the grip you want but also protects your hand from getting cold. You can also handle cold ice and water without any hesitation.

Also, you will find these pair of gloves are washable. The manufacturer used material that water will not be able to damage the gloves.

You can also use them in saltwater because of not having any metal parts as metal parts are tented to get rust due to the salt. The protection of saltwater fishing does a great job with this glove. If you are a seasoned angler, you’ll love this product.

You can even handle fishes without getting any stinky hand. The rubber material will also help you to have good flex and fittings. This pair of gloves is simple in design and easy to use but it serves most of the basic needs that a pair of gloves should have served.

In our test for choosing the best ice fishing gloves, we had put the comfort and flexibility in the top priority position. Protection is necessary but without flexibility and control fishing is quite impossible. In terms of control, we will give this glove a full mark.

For the comfortable and flexible material, it used, handling the reel, rod and fishes are very easy. Even, you can catch fishes without harming them.

If you are looking for full protection for waterproof ice fishing, this one might not be an ideal one. In terms of comfort, control and flexible this is an ideal fishing glove to rely on.

Our Thought


  • Latex layer helps to get a good grip
  • Works on all kind of water
  • Comes with soft material that is really flexible
  • check
    Comfortable to handle fish and reels
  • Using a long time isn’t an issue with this glove
  • Elastic gives a snug fit


  • Does not isolate heat very much
  • Somewhat lack heat isolation for better warmth

Berkley Fishing Gloves

For all Kinds of Fishing

If you are looking for flexible gloves that are strong and very protective, then Look no further than the Berkley Fishing Gloves. These gloves that are strong yet flexible to use and durable that will last longer than average fishing gloves.

Textured grips of this gloves provide the most wanted benefit that an ice fisher will ever need. This gloves not only helps the ice fishers but also any kind of anglers.

If you are a saltwater or baitcasting angler, you may also like this pair of gloves because it will greatly help you with fish handling. The rubbery textured coating will help you to take the fish out of the hook and store them quickly.

Fishes often have slimy hazards that may give a bad smell to your hand and also your regular gloves, but this pair of gloves will prevent the bad smells. Moreover, these gloves are both machines and hand washable. So, no hassle after using it and cleaning it.

Also, it is perfect for handling fins and other pointy sections of fishes and let you handle them safely. Thanks to the rubber coating and gripProtects of this excellent ice fishing gloves, that is so thick that it can protect you from fish spikes.

The price point is also a plus point of these gloves. Berkley Fishing Gloves are a heck of workhorse in fishing gloves section.

However, the heat isolations aren’t that great in this glove. So, if you are planning for fishing in the cold areas in minus temperature, you might have to look a bit more on this.

Actually, these pair of gloves is going for an item of my friend Paul. I also have some experiences with these gloves and I was more pleased than being skeptical. The gloves are flexible, comfortable and reliable for handling fishes.

But it might not perform well in the coldest areas. So, before taking it in your ice fishing trip, you might have to check it a bit.

It does not have those futuristic features, but it is a professional pair of gloves that serve what they are made for. This is the bang for your bucks.

Our Thought


  • Grippy textured rubbery coating
  • Protects from fish spikes and slimy hazards
  • Washing and using these gloves are simple
  • check
    Very comfortable gloves with the rubber texture
  • Flexible yet strong material


  • Does not perform well in heat isolating sector
  • After getting wet, wearing these gloves is bit tough

POSA Palmyth 2 Cut Fingers Fishing Gloves

Perfect for Handling Fishes

Looking for versatile gloves for comfortable fishing in a cold environment? Check out the POSA Palmyth 2 Cut Fishing Gloves for the perfect fishing experiences in this winter.

These are one of the finest and modern pairs of fishing gloves. It has unique design and materials that have not been used by many gloves’ producers.

2 cut fingers design is one of its best features. Thumb and index fingers have slits that will enable you to take your fingers out and use them in the right place and right way. You can operate your phone and other touch sensitive devices like GPS and many more during fishing.

The main material used in this PU on the front and the back fabric of gloves are made of neoprene. Neoprene is a waterproof material that has been used in many waterproof scuba accessories. Wearing it will surely give proper flexibility that is really helpful in handling fishing gears.

On the palm of this pair of gloves, they have used artificial leather. Artificial leather will help you to get a good grip and it also has the excellent stretch capability. Fishing line will never slip out of your hands.

Another part that is impressive with this glove is the built quality. The whole built quality of these gloves is very premium. The material used in these gloves is soft and stretchy.

Moreover, the toughness will not hamper the movement of fingers and hands a lot. You can move your hands-free in this pair of gloves. The skid-proof coating on the outer layer will help you to get a better grip on fished and lines.

It is might not be the best gloves to keep hands warm and dry, but in most of the cold occasion, it will get its job done. We loved its comfort, grip, and flexibility. A combination which is perfect for handling large and medium fishes.

You will also be able to avoid the slimy slippery hazards of fishes by using these pair of gloves. Finally, built-in elastic band and Velcro on the wrist strap will be able to give you a good fit.

Our Thought


  • Soft and stretchy material lets you hold fishes properly
  • The design makes hands gestures very easy and comfortable
  • 2 finger slit design makes it ideal for flexible movement
  • check
    Comes with multipurpose usability for its unique design
  • Scratch proof material makes it durable


  • Heat isolation is poor in these gloves
  • Not fully waterproof

Memphis Glove N9690FCL Ninja Ice FC Nylon Back Double Layer Gloves

Best Cheap Ice Fishing Glove

If you do not want to compromise the quality and features a lot in a budget ice fishing gloves than the Memphis Ninja glove offers the greatest assortment of dexterity. It is a perfect choice in cheap price.

Ninja dipped has unique double-layered feature. These pair of gloves will keep your hands warm and gives you protection from cold and dangerous substances that may come in contact to your hand during fishing.

You will also like that your hands will never get wet due to HPT coating (Hydroplane Technology). Double-layered glove with HPT coating Repels liquids and thus you never have to worry about getting your clothes wet.

And protection from the fishes is not bad at all. In these gloves, you can handle any kind of spiky or stinky fishes without any hesitation.

Moreover, the cold protection part is quite impressive considering the price. The outer layer of this pair of gloves saves the hands from water and other hazards that may harm of stink your hands. The inner layer filled with acrylic terry liner will isolate heats and will be able to keep your hands warm even in under zero temperature.

Memphis Gloves will not only work good in ice fishing but also you can use them in cold storages to handle cold food or supplies or construction sites where you have to handle spiky stuff, or it can be used while handling poisonous materials.

On the palm, it has polyvinyl chloride foam sponge that will save your palms from running fishing lines. 7-Gauge acrylic terry liner on the inside and a 15-gauge nylon liner have been introducing in Ninja Ice gloves. These gloves can easily be qualified as a professional and heavy-duty accessory.

We didn’t have much expectation from theses, to be honest. But we were impressed by its overall features and quality. The gloves stay dry in the cold weather keeping you warm. Also, the quality with the 15 gage liner makes it durable enough to survive in rough fishing condition.

However, while we tried to wear it with water on our skin, it became really difficult. So, make sure to dry your hand before wearing these best budget ice fishing gloves. Also, another flaw to mention is washing these gloves can be a little tricky. But that you can consider for the price it's offering.

Our Thought


  • Double-layered glove with HPT coating
  • Double Layer (7-Gauge acrylic terry liner on the inside and a 15-gauge nylon liner)
  • Isolates heat and keep inside the worm
  • check
    polyvinyl chloride foam sponge palm offers comfort


  • Washing and drying can be a hassle
  • Wearing with the wet hand can be a problem

Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-XL Waterproof Winter Plus Glove

Best Waterproof Gloves

With the combination of Nylon 45% / Polyurethane 20% / Polyester 15% / PVC 10% / Neoprene 7%/ Cotton 2% Youngstown Glove can be called as a top liner heavy duty glove. If you are looking for perfect waterproof fishing gloves, this one is ideal.

They can not only be used in ice fishing but also in daily heavy household works and in construction works they serve as rockers.

For saving your hands from icy cold water and isolating the warmth 40g 3M Thinsulate, soft micro-fleece liner has been implemented in these pair of gloves. According to them, They will keep you warm even in cold weather and water.

The most interesting feature that Youngstown Gloves offer is the form-fit outer layer. This layer features non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and saddle for excellent grip and durability. Reinforcement on the palm will give you excellent grip while handling fished in cold weather condition.

The soft micro-fleece liner and a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane is so waterproof that even if you dip the gloves in water it will never allow water inside of the gloves. Terry brow wipe on the thumb will be able to help you with the fishing line handling.

These gloves are made for working at a very low temperature. The company stated that you can work under 45 to 0 F and can deal with snow and ice and keep your hands dry at the same time. However, we have some differences in experience, we will discuss in the below section. But you can try your own pair to know the best.

We had seen some reviews calling it as the perfect ice fishing gloves. However, in our test, we had some different opinions. First, below 15-10-degree weather, the hand turned cold and we could barely move it. So, it is a wonderful waterproof fishing glove, but in the coldest weather, it might not give proper support.

With that being said, we are really satisfied with every section of these Youngstown Gloves. Coming with the perfect design the material makes sure a perfect protection from water, fishes and cold in the coldest weather situations.

With this price point, it is a great glove for the anglers.

Our Thought


  • The waterproof, breathable outer layer
  • Well fitting cushioned inside keeps hands warm
  • Gives protection on heavy duty jobs
  • check
    Velcro wristband offers a snug fit


  • Extra cushioning may hamper workflow
  • A bit pricy

Frabill FXE Performance Task Glove

Best Breathable Gloves

Frabill FXE Performance is a heavy-duty pair of gloves which can protect you from cold water to icy cold weather or even in situations like when you have to work with spiky substances.

The ultra-stretch shell of these gloves with SnoShell membrane insert technology will ensure your comfort and safety while handling fishes in the icy cold situation. Despite the toughness, you will decently handle the fishes or other items with this glove.

One of the major features, why you should love these gloves, is the protection quality. The material used in this glove is all Waterproof and windproof. Extra cushioning in the gloves will also isolate the heat inside your hand in bad weather.

Moreover, the reinforced chamade palm will keep your hand shape right and will protect you while handling running fishing lines. silicone diamond plate grip gives more grip and allows you to handle fishes efficiently.

Another thing to mention is the awesome design with the FXE ergonomic. This design makes sure you can move all your fingers in any direction at very ease and yet they kept the thick layer of cushions in it to keep inside warm.

These pair of gloves not only helps you in cold and icy weather but also helps you in any kind of heavy-duty industrial works. The thick outer layer will be giving you protection from any kind of spiky materials.

Nose wipe area on the thumb is an extra feature that will allow you to wipe your nose while keeping the gloves on your hands. wrist cuffs are adjustable. These gloves will stay on your hand well fitted and will stay on snuggly.

In our ice fishing glove review test, we were completely happy with the quality of what the manufacturer has provided. It is a perfect combination of water, wind and ice proof gloves. Protection you will require in the coldest weather.

However, we have seen some complaints on wearing these gloves with the wet hand is just very hard. We also faced the same problem. With the material quality, we don’t have much complains about the design sector.

Overall quality and performance were good enough to enlist in our top ten ice fishing gloves in 2019 list.

Our Thought


  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable materials
  • FXE ergonomic design gives flexibility
  • Nose wipe area as the additional feature
  • check
    Velcro wrist cuff for better flexibilities during fishing


  • Drying these gloves can be lengthy

How to Choose the Ice Fishing Gloves?

Every ice fisher should own a pair of professional fishing gloves to protect his hands from cold and hazards from the fishes. People often find difficulties handling fishes in the bare hand. Now we will be taking a look at how we can choose the best ice fishing gloves according to our needs and what things we need to look for and take in our consideration.


Choosing the best materials is not the main thing choosing the perfect material is the thing that you need to take in your consideration. Sometimes you have to trade off comfort for the durability and functionality and vice versa.

You may have to check that if the material used in the gloves are waterproof or not. If it’s waterproof that it’s a plus point. You may also find some materials like latex coating for waterproofing and quick cleansing.

But you have to check inside material while choosing a latex pair of gloves because if the inside materials are not heated isolating than you may find difficulties in keeping your hands warm.

Heat Isolation

Isolating heat inside of the gloves will be one of the main duties for the ice fishing gloves. You may have to handle fishes a lot or even sometimes you may have to take hands out for a while. If the heat inside cannot be isolated the gloves can be considered useless.

You just need to look for the gloves with a good inner layer that may have wools or cushion inside that will provide comfort, nice fitting along with good heat isolation.


Dealing with water in the snow is dangerous. Your ice fishing gloves have to be waterproof to keep your hands dry. That’s why you’ll have to consider the outer layer of the gloves waterproof.

There are many types of materials that make the gloves waterproof they are latex, rubber or high-tech fabrics.

The gloves also should have to be windproof otherwise the purpose of the heat isolation will be meaningless. Wrist cuff should be tight enough for the winds and cold outside.

Here you may have to see that if the wrist band is equipped with Velcro then this can be a good choice for you. The elastic will also be good.


Ice fishing means you have to do everything by your own hand. You will not be able to do all the things with no hand contacts or movements. For this, you must check if the gloves are flexible enough or not.

Here you will find many choices. You will find pre-shaped gloves that will let your hands move with less effort. You will also find some gloves that have folded and reinforced joints. Gloves with flexible materials tend to be more movement friendly.


Gloves are meant to be worn for the whole fishing session. If it feels uncomfortable to the hand what’s the purpose of it. Also, there are different kinds of people who like different kinds of fitting.

Some people like to wear gloves loose some likes tight fitting. You really have to think about the fitting the gloves offer to the hands.


The durability of your ice fishing gloves will depend on the materials used to make the gloves. Durable and good quality materials last longer than the average ones. Some of the materials do not act well in contact with water. Latex materials sometimes last longer than the fabric or latest tech fabrics. But it all depends on the user and the way of using and the care you took.

Additional Features

Additional features like extra storage pocket will give you a small storage space for small tools. There are many gloves which come with two or three finger slits. You’ll be able to use your bare fingers in the gloves.

There are also gloves with touchscreen assistive fingertips in some of the gloves. You’ll also find gloves with longer sleeves which helps with heat isolation more.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best pair of ice fishing gloves is not a very easy task not very hard either. You just have to choose the one with material that suits your choice and the ones that may not give you hard time with fittings and comforts.

The lifetime of the gloves will definitively depend on the way of using them and the way you’ll take care of them.

Different gloves will act differently in a different environment. You may need a pair of gloves that will help you with more than ice fishing like construction job, wood cutting and many more. There is ten pairs of gloves we mention here hopefully you’ll find the best one for you from these.

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