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Best Jerkbait Rod to Find in 2019: How to Choose One (Guide)

Jerkbait is a very modern and quick way of fishing that is a go-to fishing technique and it is a very effective way of catching big fishes. In this technique, anglers use the lure of a real representing fish and using their rod movements they mimic the real movement of a real fish. If you are going to ensure perfect angling, then you surely need the best jerkbait rod to do so.

This kind of movement triggers clear water fishes. You will have to be very picky when you are going to choose a jerkbait rod for your fishing journey.

A good combination of rod reels and baits can result in stunning performance and satisfaction. Here we will be helping you by recommending you some of the best jerk bait rods in the market.

Top 7 Best Jerkbait Rod and Reviews

Finding the perfect jerkbait rod can be a difficult task if you are on the beginning session in this fishing.

Our fishing experts have gathered information on the top jerkbait rod and most popular ones. After making a comparison between them and making a perfect analysis, we have made a list of 7 top rods. Here are their reviews.

1. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods


  • Thin and lightweight shaft
  • Slow action for quick movement
  • Layered fiberglass rod construction
  • Comfortable and efficient handlebar


  • Not good for heavy bass


2. Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods


  • Ultra-lightweight and short rod options
  • High quality 30-ton carbon fiber blank
  • Ergonomic design


  • Can not handle heavy fishes


3. UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod


  • The modern and minimal design strategy
  • Two-piece construction and portable size
  • Reinforced graphite with fiberglass


  • Do not have longer rod options


4. St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods


  • Premium in overall built quality
  • Tangle-free line guides with black frame
  • Lots of action choice


  • A bit pricy


5. KastKing Speed Demon Bass Series


  • Comfortable 3A Cork handle
  • The handlebar is made in combination with EVA rubber and 3A cork
  • 11 options to choose from


  • The hook keeper is in a bit risky position


6. Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods TCS


  • Made for fishing tournaments
  • Designed by award-winning champion Scott Martin
  • Super tough shaft and customized reel seat


  • Handlebar finger cut outs can become annoying to regular users


7. Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rods


  • Medium action and perfect for jerkbaits and many others
  • Can take 8-17 lb. of weight easily
  • Designed for heavy duty job


  • The reel seat is a bit short in length



Criteria for Choosing the Best Jerkbait Rod

Before you make your final decision of buying Jerkbait rod do not approach before you know some of the criteria that you should be aware of and these are unavoidable matters that you should always keep in mind.

Maybe the most expensive one is not the best one for you or the cheapest one is not the worst one for you. You will know after we know what to consider.


Jerkbait fishing behavior is like a game where you constantly make the lure move. The bait does not move or attract fishes until you make it dance. That’s why action is very important here.

The action of rod defines how flimsy or flexible it is. If the flex is low and the rod is stiff the action is heavy. If the rod is flimsy and it swings with quick hand movement the action is light.

You need to try several rods by yourself to determine. Because most of the time the heavy ones are useful but they bear a good amount of weight and it becomes tiring. And sometimes the light action ones cannot move your bait to attract. A medium action and short rod are choices for most of the anglers.


The issue of length comes afterward the action issue. The length can really define how far can you cast your bait. Long rods can cover a long range and it has the ability to nail the accuracy on a long distance. The short ones also come useful when it comes to the matter of tiredness and control.

Short ones are lightweight and they are easier to control. The length is also a matter of choice. On our recommended products you will see that most of the rod’s length ranges from 5 feet to 8 feet.


Most of the anglers use Jerkbaits in the target of bass. Most of the freshwater bass’ weight ranges from 1.5 kgs to 3 kgs. It will be crucial that you choose rods that have the ability to pull more than 3 kgs because you never know if any adult 5.5 kg bass catches your line that may end up with a broken rod.

Modern rods are made of carbon fiber materials that are very flexible and strong at the same time.

Type and style:

The rod you choose also depends on what type of casting do you apply and what style do you follow. In type section, you can follow ant type of casting types like spinning and baitcasting.

As anglers have evolved and made ideal that baitcasting is efficient that’s why it’s recommended that you buy a baitcasting style rod.

And the style refers to in which position or location your lure maneuvers. The floating style is a good one where your bait floats and you make the dance move. And in the sinking style the lure dances under the water. This requires longer rods. So, choose according to your choice and preference.


When you constantly make the movement of your arm and make the lure dance it is really necessary to have a good grip so that the fishing session does not become tiring. Sometimes on the handlebar manufacturers use wooden pieces and have finger cutouts to get better at gripping.

Shaft materials:

Nowadays most of the companies are making carbon fiber rods. Some of them have zigzag patterns to gain more strength. You may find metal ones also but we will recommend that you avoid metal ones.


As we have recommended that getting a rod with more than 10kgs capacity is always good we will follow that point and thus we will have a versatile piece of gear that satisfies you all the years even all the seasons.

Reel rest:

Reel rest is that part of the rod where you have to place and attach your reel of choice. As reel choice is yours so you have to make sure that you are choosing the right rod and your reel matches the rest. Most of the rods we recommended have versatile reel rests.

Line guide:

Line guide is a very important component of a jerkbait rod that many people overlooks. As your fishing line will be running over and over through the line guide the material may get damaged or the line might get tangled in the line guide is not smooth enough. Make sure it’s clean and minimal that glides like butter.


Brand value is obviously a matter of concern. There are some brands who are going to offer you warranties. Getting covered by warranty is a safety that anglers should have thought through.


Last but not least choice matters. If you can not get used to how your fishing rod looks like it will not worth the money. So, choose one that you might rock your fishing season with.


When to Use a Jerkbait Rod

Jerkbaits are the type of lure that is made for fishing in stable and fresh water. You can not use jerkbait technique in the flowing water and wait for a good result.

When to Use a Jerkbait Rod

Now we will be talking about what condition or season we should be practicing and professionally using jerkbait technique.

That time of the year:

Two of the seasons of the year is going to be the best times for jerkbait fishing. In spring and fall season most of the anglers engage themselves in jerkbait fishing practice.


Experts say that spring is the most appropriate season for jerkbait fishing. If you have ever been to ant jerkbait competitions you will see that it has been held on the spring season. It is only possible because of the temperature and the green water weeds.

The water temperature remains around 60 degrees or less than 60 when basses come out of the bushes and they search for small fishes on the open water.

And it’s also a very good time for anglers because as an angler you don’t have to worry much about your cold supplies when you are going on a fishing trip.


Fall comes right after the rainy season. The big monster fishes get ready to have their best meals of the year in this time of the year.

In the fall season, nature reacts as same as the spring season that’s why anglers love this fall season as their jerkbait paradise.

Water condition:

Most of the time the jerbait technique works best on the clear water. Because bass goes for live hunting in the clear water. It’s always recommended that you should avoid flowing water for jerkbait.

Clean and stable water will also be good for anglers because you will be able to concentrate on making the accurate dance movement on your lure and will also be able to see what’s underwater.

Pre-spawn areas:

Most of the monster basses emerge themselves in the winter time to the closest distance of the visible range. Anglers have marked those areas and they are banks, humps or creek mouths. If you get the areas in the right time and perfect time you may have a chance to make the best out of this technique.

It is also recommended that if you are not getting a good result out of the current technique that you are using then try your luck and wish for the best.


What Reel Should be Used for Jerkbait rod?

The jerkbait technique is a very simple technique that nails at the perfection and you may need to focus on choosing different small parts of your fishing rod and accessories. Like the reel, it winds up your fishing line and it has some factors that you will need to consider.

Like what’s the drag ratio of the reel, what’s the reel seat type, how much weight the reel can handle and so on.

Among all the angler’s community and professional anglers, it is always considered that you don’t have to cheap out when it comes to the fact of choosing the best reel for your best fishing session. But it does not have to be expensive either.

What Reel Should be Used for Jerkbait rod

When it comes to the question of what type of reel you want to choose then you have two of the options open to you. If you want this reel as a professional jerkbait user, then we will recommend that you choose baitcasting reel.

The bait casting reels are good for long term usage and they are very good at handling the heavy weight as you will have to be fighting with big basses.

If you are going to buy a reel for your hobby then it’s good to have a spinning reel. Because spinning reels are great when you are a beginner. It’s easy to control, have a good amount of drag ratio has a decent capacity of pulling capacity.

In general, the bait casting reels are bit pricy and if you are matured enough then it’s always good to have one of these. It’s good because it has a breaking system on your thumb control which is a handy tool for better control over both bait and the fish.


What Lures Should be Used for Jerkbait?

For fishing using jerkbait technique, the bait that is used is artificial fishes that mimic the real fishes and that attracts the big fishes to the hook.

It’s important to look for good ones because these baits work as a dinner bell for fishes that invite them to the dinner party. The bell has to be precise and functional to make the most out of your fishing trip.

Before you choose the bait for your next session you will need to decide and determine in which layer of the lake the fishes are waiting for prey.

According to the fish position, you will find three kinds of lures on the market. There are the ones that float on the top water. According to the experts, these are the best one that you should be getting.

There are the other ones that sink deep in the water. They are not very good choices because they do not act well when you are making the move to attract the big fishes.

The lures have to be accurate to imitate real life fishes. the texture and the body finishes have to be as realistic as it can be. The oily finishes on the outer layer will be good for jerkbaiting.

The smooth layer will help the bait glide smoothly on the water. Watch the eyes make sure they are accurately colored and the eyeballs are glossy. The holographic design will also be great as jerkbait.

Finally, when you make the purchase check out it has good capability to attach a hook on the body. Some may have permanently attached hooks and on some, you will find detachable hooks that will also be a plus point.


Tips for Jerkbait Fishing

Not everyone will need fishing tips because the techniques are always mastered by practicing for a long time. While you go through your practice session you may need to take some matters in your consideration.

Make your rhythm:

Jerkbaits are like artificial fishes that invite the big fishes to the hook. If you can mimic the technique accurately your chance to gain through this process will be high. Small fishes swim in the water at a constant and organic swimming technique.

Best rhythm comes from good baits. Most of the baits on the markets make good movement on good tickling. Like, do not move your rod horizontally more often.

Make it move as that you are pulling the bait down to the shore. Make the swipes from 3 o clock to 5 o clock position for the best result. Sometimes anglers make their own movement technique and decide what work best for them.


Choose the lines wisely:

There are no specific types or specific materials for jerkbait fishing lines. The best line depends on the weather condition, the way you have made your technique work and also the bait weight that you are using. But it is recommended that use a hybrid or heavy and soft line that sinks under water.

The fluorocarbon lines are recommended in that case. But in the cold, these lines become stiff and hard and that becomes very hard to manage. For the cold weather condition, you can use copolymer lines to avoid these kinds of problems. Before you decide any line please make sure that you have tried different ones.

Focus on the rod, not the reel:

Always try your tricks on the fishing rod. The reel is also important as a rod. But remember you are using a bait that should be invited to the dinner and it has to be dancing in organic moves.

As mentioned in the last point you have to move the rod toward the shore and you have to wrap the lines at the same time.


Keep your eyes open when fishing. Look for more covered areas and look for small movements where you may find many bass hiding. After spending several amounts of time check out the places that have more possibility of getting fishes.

And don’t forget that in the market you can find sonar-based fish finding devices. Using these devices, you can detect where the fishes are hiding and where the weeds and bushes are where you should try.

Find the appropriate condition:

Find out the places that have trees or branches over. The fishes take shelter on the shades away from the sun. You will also find many types of floating weeds that create shade where the basses may take rest under there.

Take help from communities:

Via social media or socializing yourself to the angler’s community around you can learn the characteristics of the fishes of the lakes that are situated around you. And if you are a beginner an expert’s supervision is always a plus point.


Frequently Asked Questions on Jerkbait Rod

Here are some FAQs on jerkbait rod and their answer we have found over the internet.

What weather condition works best?

The weather condition matters because the fishes have a routine maintaining which they usually go for the prey and they usually take rest by their habits.

Usually, stable water in the fall season works very well. And you are also going to be able to cadence better in stable water. The sunny sky works the best.

And you also have to consider using baits according to the sky condition. It is better to use light colored ones in the clear sky situation and darker ones in cloudy situations.

How it is better than the other techniques?

In frigid water bait casting and even frog fishing does not work very well whereas jerkbait works very well compared to other techniques.

You have to know about making the rhythm and the rhythm works as a dinner bell for the fishes that are waiting for food.

And also, after a series of trial and errors you know whether there are fishes on your spot or not and its quicker than the other techniques. You do not have to wait for fishes to response for a long time.

What should be improved for better catches?

For more and better catches you actually have no hacks that will be necessary. But you can do is to pick up a good and versatile rod that has average action and you can endure vertical casting action. make sure that your lines are sinking underwater.

Rod is one thing that you are going to invest the most amount of money so chooses wisely. We have mentioned several good options for jerkbait rods. Better check them out. And remember to practice on your rhythm and invest in accessories.


Final Thought

The jerkbait technique is not necessarily for the experts or only for several professional anglers. Anyone from beginners to professionals can master this. If winter in your area is not that cold enough to freeze the lakes then you should be able to get a good result from Jerkbaits.

So, before choosing the best jerkbait rod for perfect angling experience, you should check out this factor.

And do some researches before investing your money on tools like rods and reels. Make sure they are light, compact and suits your style and technique of fishing.

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