Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money in 2019 – Buying Guide

Adventure seems incomplete without kayaking. A long trip often includes a kayak fishing event. Along with the other segments for the adventures kayak paddles are as important as the wheels for the automobiles. The best kayak paddles should fit with your requirements along with fishing reels, and rods.

Sometimes, just for choosing a wrong kayak paddle your whole adventure trip experience can be ruined. However, finding a perfect kayak paddle will not be much of a problem if you go through a few of the main factors and a few follow-ups.

Best Kayak Paddle in 2019 – Honest Reviews

Let’s look into some of the best kayak paddle examples existing on the market.

  • Werner Camano 2 PC Straight Paddle

  • Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

  • Aquabound Manta Ray Carbon Posi-Lok Paddle

  • Advanced Elements Compact Touring Kayak Paddle

  • Bending Branches Angler Classic

  • Werner Kalliste Bent Shaft Carbon 2-Piece Paddle

  • Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Touring Kayak Paddle

How to Choose the Best Kayak Paddle? Learn from this Buying Guide

For going into kayaking, a stable and durable kayak paddle is really important. You don’t want to see yourself with a broken paddle in the middle of the water.

You may find the expensive ones, you may also find the cheaper ones as well but most importantly what you want before buying a kayak paddle is a clear idea of what you actually need. That depends on so many different factors.

Let’s dig into some of the factors that may be very helpful for the buying.


Depending on your boat size you must look for the best fit for your kayak paddle’s length. You don’t want a shorter paddle of course and in the long run, a really large kayak paddle also may make some trouble.

It’s really convenient to settle for the best fit according to your boat size and your comfort level.


A perfect grip will make your kayaking experience really good. Though some of the best kayak paddles in 2019 doesn’t come with a grip.

It will make your kayaking experience really amazing when you have a perfect grip with your kayak paddles. You can have better strokes when you are paddling.


A cheap plastic material won’t last much and your paddles must not have this kind of material in the first place.

You must look for the perfect material. Mostly the good ones come with the close to perfect material and they last a long time and don’t break anyways.

Choose the Best Kayak Paddle


Of course, pricing is a bigger deal for the kayak paddles. You will find paddles around 100 bucks; more or less. The price for the paddles goes up with the size and features.

You can find cheaper but convenient paddles in your budget as well. There are large variations of kayak paddles in there with different price ranges.


The blade size and materials of the paddle are really important for the paddle choosing. Perfect shaped paddle blades always make the adventure more fun. While slicing the water and going forward the blades are a really important thing.

With a perfect material and proper angle, you may not even feel any pressure for your arms.


It is quite annoying to carry a heavy kayak paddle on your trip before you get on the boat. That’s why the best touring kayak paddle comes with a really lightweight model. Mobility and portability always help to go through a long way.

Some of the best kayak paddle in 2019 come with 2 pieces and 4 pieces construction which makes them more convenient to use.


Shafts should be always in the priority list while you buy a kayak paddle. Mostly plastic shafts are rare in number and this won’t work well in the long run. Aluminum, on the other hand, is one of the best material for the shaft as they are durable and not much in price as well.

There are fiberglass shafts which are really good in quality and durable as well. For perfect weather and a fun adventure, you can always go for a paddle with a fiberglass shaft.

There are carbon shafts also. This is one of the lightweight and edgy shafts in the market. You can easily find your pick according to your need. There are several designs as well.

 Feathered or Matched

Blades are mostly divided into two categories. These are feathered and matched. In matched feathered paddle the blades are aligned with each other in the same manner. On the other hand, feathered paddles have feathers that are not in the same panel.

Mostly the paddles are adjustable. It means you can change the blades into matched or feathered. Whatever important in here is how much you can adjust with the angle. The angles make the flow faster with the blades.


You have to look into the construction of the shaft and the blades precisely. Maybe the materials are good but overall the package should be good for the high quality paddles. The structure must maintain the general size and shape for the individuals. Weight and length are also one of the biggest issues here.


Types of Kayak Paddle

Kayak paddles are basically neat build paddles which can move the boat in the desired direction. With the time there are several models and constructions have been done to this. You can look for a kayak paddles in the market and you can find the examples as below:

Flat and Symmetrical

This kind of paddles are really simple and most probably the one which was built as the very fast kayak paddle. The shafts are linear and simple, so do the blades. The shaft section is really simple, a straight shaft with two blades on the ends.

With the flat paddles you can always find the matched blades and in some cases fixed matched blades. These are used for a higher stroke and a faster force.


These paddles are built with the angles and performance issues in the head. These are mostly used for leisurely vacation mood trips. These paddles are mostly feathered but you can always change the adjustments. The shafts are also asymmetric. This can be identified as a recreational kayak paddle.

Two pieces paddle

These paddles are divided into two pieces. This enhances portability. Most of the tour paddles you will check out will be like these.

Four pieces paddle

These paddles are constructed as four pieces. You can divide this kind of paddles into four pieces. This is more mobile than the two pieces paddles. You can actually divide them into pieces and carry with your bag.

Small shaft paddles

For a smaller size boat or the need of an individual, there are small shaft paddles. These can go for a long run and you have to deal with less effort.

Bigger sized shaft paddles

These paddles are made for races and long trips. Mostly the bigger shafts are a bit costly and it is really convenient for the long run.

Dihedral paddles

the shape of the shaft is dihedral for these kinds of paddles. This depends on the need and the choices for the paddlers.

Spoon-shaped paddles

These paddles have the shape of a spoon which is convenient for some of the paddlers.

Curved paddles

These paddles are kind of the same as the spoon paddles. Just in these curved paddles, the whole structure looks like the swimmer’s hands.

Wing-blade paddles: These paddles look like the airplane blades and these require the old school torso twist strokes to move in the water.

Materials of the Kayak Paddle

Blades and Shafts

Blades and shafts are made with several suitable materials. There is some common blades material for blades:


This is one of the best material for the blades. Aluminum doesn’t cost much and for this reason, most of the cheapest paddles are made with this material. The more benefit of aluminum is it is quite heavier than the other materials.

But most of the time it is not much more bearable as it is quite heavy for the trip. One may find comfort in slightly lighter paddles.


This material is also inexpensive as well as lightweight. Fiberglass is way too much strength while being a lightweight material.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is one of the expensive material for the paddles but as for their price range, it is quite convenient in usage. This kind of paddles is lighter than the fiberglass made paddles.


A wood paddle is also lightweight and kind of inexpensive as it’s made of wood. One of the best thing about wood paddle is it can last for a very long time as the carbon fiber paddles. A wooden shaft can go for a very long run and it cannot be harmed in the water as well.


Plastic was used to make this paddle a long time ago. It is inexpensive and lightweight. This is undeniable but the plastic paddles cannot survive for a very long time.

After a few usages, it may go really bad in shape. Nowadays you hardly can find a paddle made of plastic. If you find one, that may be made of some really good quality plastic that can be a competitor for the other materials as well.

Final Thought

Finding a perfect kayak paddle is not much of a hard task. You just have to go through a bit of instruction and the factors should be kept in mind.  However, you can always find your desired good-looking kayak paddles as well.

There are so many amazing kayak paddles out there with your budget and according to your basic needs. You can pick a heavy-duty paddle for a day-long adventurous trip and have an amazing time. You can also pick a curved and attractive paddle for a vacation trip for just a good time.

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