Best Warmest Socks for Hunting

Best Warmest Socks for Hunting in Cold Weather: Buying Guide

When winter comes, I as most of the hunters are excited to go in the jungle and have a perfect time tracking down animals. Hunting sports and jungle hunting becomes the only thing over our minds in the winter.

Most of us focus on the insulating jackets, gloves, snow pants and boots but many of us forget the most essential clothing to face the cold. We forget about a pair of thick and durable socks for hunting.

You can have waterproof boots but even it can’t keep you warm without a good pair of best socks for hunting. Experienced hunting campaigners know that a pair of warm and comfortable socks during winter is a necessity, not an afterthought. This article is about warm socks.

Top 7 Best Socks for Hunting in the Cold Weather in 2019

We have reviewed 20 warmest socks for hunting and made this list of the top 7 socks for 2019. Check out the reviews to choose your perfect fit.

71% Premium Large Crew Wool Socks

Best Wool Socks

If you want a sock that is cost-effective, this 71% Premium Merino Wool Crew Sock is for you. This people product comes with 4 pair bundle and a very affordable price.

Merino wool is one of the best in the world in term of keeping them warm. The Merino wool used in the sock imported from Australia. This sock used 71% of Merino Wool, 21% of Nylon, 7% polyester and 1% of spandex. Merino wool and nylon is specially blended, so the sock remains itch-free and anti-odor.

It is one of the warmest socks you can find for hunting. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing such a perfect combination of clothes for making it.

The sock used a large percentage of merino wool. It allows the socks to keep the feet fuzzy and warm.

Also, I was happy to see that the wool provides the sock a very good ventilation ability. It allows the sock to wick away the sweat from the feet.

This 71% Premium Large Crew Wool Socks doesn’t include any extra paddings and cushion. Though it is thick enough to keep the feet warm, comfortable and fuzzy you will miss the padding. But the overall experience will surely please you for the comfort of the fabric of Large Crew Wool Socks.

This 71% Premium Large Crew Wool Socks doesn’t last long. It may last 3 seasons hardly. The durability of this sock is not the strongest feature. But, with the tight budget, this downfall can easily overlook.

It is the number 1 best-heated socks for hunting in our list. From our testing using it on different occasion can be very comfortable and protective from the cold. We liked the ventilation system from the wool used in it. Using it for a long time gave us no hassle.

For the comfort, we ranked it as the best wool socks and also the best overall socks for hunting in the cold.

The fabric used in making these socks are well enough, but not that well to last for years. So, this is one thing to consider before buying these 71% Premium Large Crew Wool Socks. For the price, this shock can be a great choice for the cold weather.

Our Thought


  • Very comfortable inside of the boot.
  • Very warm for use in cold weather
  • Supportive and snug fitting
  • check
    Comes with perfect ventilation from the wools
  • Very thick and stay on the place during the use


  • It doesn’t last long and very low rating in term of durability

Carhartt Men’s Comfort Stretch Steel Toe Socks

Best warmest socks

Warm, comfortable and easy going. The Carhartt Men’s Comfort Stretch Steel Toe Socks are made with 68% Merino Wool, 23% Nylon, 8% other fiber, and 1% Spandex. These socks are really simple to wear for a long time and enjoy the cold weather in perfect comfort.

This Carhartt Comfort Stretch Steel Toe sock lives up to its brand name. It provides the legendary Carhartt quality. I used these socks in my last hunting seasons in rain, dust and foggy weather and these leaves my feet without any worries.

This sock is made in the USA and, that assures you about the quality and style. You will also like the fact that these socks are really durable. Serve you for a long time.

Another amazing this is the thermal system. The system keeps your feet warm even in worst winter. This is actually the best winter sock, according to many reviewers.

It comes with fast dry technology. So, you can machine wash these socks for simplified care and maintenance.

Also, these Carhartt socks include a ventilation system for better flexibility. It wicks the sweat away from the skin and doesn’t let your feet smell even if you wore the sock for a longer period. It fights odor and provides you the maximum comfort while you are hunting.

The Merino Wool and abrasion resistant cord-last fibers provide you with an ultra-comfortable and long-lasting working sock. These attributes also extend the life of the socks.

Another good thing about these socks is the stretch materials used in the sock. It prevents this sock from falling down, pinching or binding. It prevents the sock to bunch up even when you wore a boot.

This is my most favorite warmest sock for hunting. Not only it gives proper comfort and warmth which is the most important feature of this sock, but also it can endure rough uses.
We liked the material and technology used in it. Although it doesn’t stretch as much as some of the users may want, to the hunters, this is a good thing.
In our test, the ventilation system worked perfectly, so using this in hunting or outdoor sports can be really effective. We suggest this socks for everyone.

Our Thought


  • Very comfortable inside of the boot.
  • Very warm for use in cold weather
  • Supportive and snug fitting
  • check
    Comes with perfect ventilation from the wools
  • Very thick and stay on the place during the use


  • It doesn’t last long and very low rating in term of durability

Smartwool Men’s Hunt Extra Heavy over the Calf Socks

Best Sock for Cold Feet

With great popularity growing, the Smartwool Men’s Hunt Extra Heavy over the Calf Socks has caught the attention of many elk and other hunters who are preparing to go out in the wild in the coldest weather.

This sock is specially made for use in extremely cold and wet days. This heated hunting sock provides you with the maximum comfort and support.

This Smartwool Extra Heavy over the Calf socks used 73% Merino Wool, 26% Nylon and 1% Elastane. The material keeps the heat intact in the cold and wet environment. The thing about Merino Wool is it is best to keep the feet warm and fuzzy. The specially blend of Merino Wool and Nylon makes the sock itch free.

Another thing I liked about this cock is its ventilation system. The high-quality air ventilation system wicks the sweats away from the feet in the wet weather. It helps the feet to stay odor free. Even after you take off the boot, your feet don’t smell.

Merino Wool, Nylon and Elastane is perfectly blended and which features the Smartwool fit system. The Smartwool feet system allows the sock to stay put around the ankles and arch braces. It provides a tight fit and keeps your cold feet warm.

The sock also features a technical fitting system that makes the sock to flex without bunching. It makes it super flexible and comfortable despite the protection it provides.

There is only a thing that can be this products downside. The elastic portion around the calf loses the elasticity after using a couple of years. Though even after losing the elasticity the sock will not fall down. It will stay in the place.

We haven’t had any previous experience of wearing these socks. Because of the popularity over some forums, we checked it and in our initial research, we thought to buy one and have some experience. The sock is one of the best socks for cold feet, which isn’t only perfect for hunting but also in camping and hiking in the cold.
We liked the superb warmth and high-quality ventilation system, which also makes it a perfect sock for sweaty feet.
We were pretty happy with the product quality but seem some of the complaint of the elastic getting its grip lost after a few months of use. So, this is one thing to look before buying these pair of Smartwool Men’s Hunt Extra Heavy over the Calf Socks.

Our Thought


  • It used Merino Wool which is comes in quality
  • Comfortable and warm shocks despite of the cheaper price
  • A high-quality air ventilation system that wicks away sweat from the feet
  • check
    Smart Wool Fit System to keep the sock to stay put


  • The elastic portion of the sock loses its elasticity after a couple of years

Soxnet Eco-Friendly Heavy Weight Recycled Cotton Thermal Boot Socks

Coming to the third spot in the best sock for winter in 2019, we had to choose an eco-friendly sock. People search for eco-friendly products nowadays and this is not a bad point of view as well. If you are looking for the best eco-friendly hunting sock which comes with comfort and quality, then the Soxnet Eco-Friendly Heavy Weight Recycled Cotton Thermal Boot Socks is for you.

These socks are made of recycled cotton that helps to reduce waste and strain on the environment. The socks are very comfortable and warm for hunting.

This sock used 57% Polyester, 41% Recycled cotton, and 2% Spandex. 41% recycled cotton reduces waste and promotes sustainability in the environment.

Coming to the user experience part, I was really impressed with the overall experience. The blend of cotton and polyester makes the sock feel soft and comfortable. You can wear this for a long time and won’t feel any discomfort for the fabric and design.

There is another thing that might be responsible for comfort. These Soxnet socks are fully cushioned around the leg and foot area of the socks. This reduces foot pain while walking, running or standing.

This thermal sock is advised to wear under the boot. You can wear this sock easily and it prevents your sock from falling down or bunching up in the boots.

These socks will not cost a much. You won’t get any other high-quality hunting socks at the price that Soxnet Eco-Friendly Heavy Weight Recycled Cotton Thermal Boot Socks offers you.

​An eco-friendly sock that doesn’t cost much and provides decent quality did get our attention. We have seen a lot of reviews on the internet and popularity among a lot of people, mostly environment concern people.
Our overall expectation wasn’t very high, to be honest. But experimenting this was really exciting. It is comfortable and warm – perfect to use in the cold winter. These are not bulky but keeps up with the rough uses.

Our Thought


  • Polyester and cotton blend makes the sock soft and comfortable.
  • Exo friendly socks which use recycled wools
  • Moisture-wicking fibers help the feet stay dry
  • check
    Full cushion makes this sock warm and comfortable
  • Comes with a very cheap and affordable price


  • The sock smell a bit oil and plastic

Wigwam Men’s Merino Wool Comfort Hiker Midweight

Most Comfortable Socks for Cold Weather

Looking for the most comfortable hunting socks for outdoor trips?  The Wigwam Men’s Merino Wool socks are your perfect choice for this.

These socks are made with 67% of Merino wool, 21% Stretch Nylon, 7% Elastic (rubber) and 5% Acrylic. The mix up has ended in such a fabric that makes it very comfortable to wear for a long time. Also, the Stretch Nylon and Elastic makes the sock extra comfortable.

A large percentage of Merino wool makes this sock warmer enough to avoid the cold. These materials also help the sock to stay in the place. Even when you are wearing boots, you don’t have to be tensed about the sock being misplaced.

With being used for comfort, the stretched Nylon and Elastic has some other benefits too. It keeps the sock from bunching up in the boots and falling down without being too tight.

Another exciting thing about the wool is it uses an elasticized arch and a ventilation channel. These allow the sock to wick away the sweat from the feet. That’s the reason you won’t feel any discomfort if the temperature and moisture increase a bit.

This Wigwam Comfort Hiker is a go-to sock for many reasons. This sock is entirely cushioned with the ultra-soft merino wool.  You will love the cushioned inside of this sock for two different reasons. One is it provides extra comfort inside and the other thing is it will keep the foot warm in the coldest weather.

With all the quality and fabric, it will give you the ultimate protection for winter hunting. It protects the user from cold while on a hunting trip or a cool evening at outdoor hunting.

​​After using it for two or three outdoor trips for testing purpose, my Friend Alex, who is also in our review team has fallen in love with these socks. Especially the comfort is mind-blowing.
Some of the people though will find these socks a little tighter around the top band, we had also felt the same. The only reason is this for putting it not in the top of our hunting sock review in 2019 list.
Some of the people complained that after washing it looked old. But we had no issues with our pairs. We loved its fabric quality, thumbs up for that.
If you are looking for the comfortable sock for cold weather hunting, don’t waste your time and give these some chance.

Our Thought


  • It makes you feel warm in cold nights
  • Very comfortable
  • It's durable
  • check
    It provides elasticized arch and ventilation


  • It may feel tight around the leg

MIRMARU Men's 5 Pairs Multi-Performance Outdoor Sports

Comfortable and Sturdy for Rough Hunting

These MIRMARU Crew Socks are best for camping, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, traveling, trekking, backpacking and most importantly hunting. Hunters found this sock very much comfortable for hunting. It keeps the feet warm even in the worst of winter.

These MIRMARU Crew Socks are made of 55% Combed Cotton, 40% Polyester, 2% Spandex and rest are other materials. These materials are blended for strength and durability.  This sock is best for rough outdoor hiking and hunting.

I liked its smart design along with the fabric choice. The special design will keep the feet dry and warm even if you are hunting in the wildest place of the earth.

The socks are made and reinforced with pile cushioning in the underfoot area. It provides extra comfort on the lower side of your feet. Moreover, it prevents the painful blisters and protects the foot from shear.

The Unique med-compressed elasticity feature makes them strong and, supports and protects the ankle, hills, and arch. This compressed top makes sure that it holds the sock safely on the calf.

The thing is you will not only love the comfort of these socks, but the strength of it can also get a lot of beating. Combed Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex are specially blended comfortably and gives the sock a great wick ability.

The sock wicks the sweat away so that your feet remain dry and also anti-odor. It prevents your feet from catching smell.

The opening of the leg is little disappointing in terms of wearing and comfortable uses. I hope the manufacturer improves it in their next generation socks.

Coming with a moderate price, the comfort and the quality is really impressive. First time getting these pair of hands gave us the impression that these can actually be used in the toughest outdoor trips. The material looks tough and yet comfortable in hand.

Using it for a few trips makes sure we can recommend this on in our top best-heated socks sock in 2019 list.

we didn’t like the small opening design of this sock and that’s why it is in this spot in the review. But one can easily ignore this little flaw and enjoy excellent comfort and quality of this MIRMARU Outdoor Sports socks.

Our Thought


  • Specially designed for winter hunting
  • Great blend of Comber Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex
  • Provides extra padding or cushioning at sole
  • check
    Protects the feet from blistering
  • Features med-compressed elasticity
  • Affordable price


  • This sock has small leg openings

Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Boot Tactical Socks

Best Warm Socks for Boots

Under Armour is a very familiar name in the sock industry. This Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Boot Tactical sock is very comfortable and warm. It makes hunting a pleasant experience for a hunting campaigner.

This sock comes with great material, comfortable fabric, moisture-wicking ventilation system and simple design.

This warm sock for winter is made of 95% Polyester, 5% Nylon and 2% Spandex. These materials are nice and perfectly blended for both comfort and quality. It provides you with the minimal irritation in the wet and cold outdoor trips. You can wear these socks for many hours without any hassle.

Foot fatigue is another thing we are worried about our cold weather trips with socks. Well not with the Under-Armour socks. This sock provides embedded arch support so that you can avoid foot fatigue.

Moreover, this Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Boot Tactical Socks also features extra cushioning on half of the footbed. It provides you maximum comfort without bulk.

The Armour Dry material wicks the sweat and accelerates evaporation. It keeps the feet dry and doesn’t let the feet catch painful blisters.

This Under Armour sock comes with Block Technology. It helps to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This technology prevents the sock and your feet to catch bad smell. So, after long hiking, you will not feel any bad smell with these perfect cold feet socks.

The excellent blend materials provide a great fit with the feet. It doesn’t fall down or bunch within the boots. The design makes it perfect for wearing inside your boot for elk hunting or high mountain hiking trips.

Well, this sock isn’t the best heated socks you can find in this sock reviews section. But if you are looking for comfort and less hassle, then we recommend it to you.
We already had some experiences with the Under Armour Men’s in our trekking to Texas Hills and these socks are really comfortable and easy going.
The socks aren’t different from the normal boot socks but just comes with better padding and cushions for cold weather.
Well, but if you are planning to use it in the coldest weather, then you should check twice.

Our Thought


  • Maximum comfort and minimal irritation
  • Excellent blend of the materials used
  • Uses Armour dry technology
  • check
    Uses Armour Block technology
  • Stays in the place


  • Not as warm as the Wool socks

Choosing the Best Warmest Sock for Hunting: Our Buying Guide

Many people still think that one pair of socks can be used to wear for a different occasion. Different socks have different purposes. You can’t wear a party sock for hunting purpose. It won’t be a fit. There always some criteria you need to know to choose the warmest socks for hunting.

Check the Fabric and its Quality

You need to check the fabric of the socks is made before anything else. Fabric makes the difference between being comfortable and uncomfortable when wearing the socks. Merino Wool and Synthetic fabric usually serve you the best.

These materials keep the sock warm better than anything else. Merino Wool should be the best choice when it comes to hunting. Hunting is a sport that usually takes place in winter. Normally these type of fabric wicks away the moistures created by the feet. These fabrics also dry faster.

Cotton is the other type of fabric that you also can try. It can absorb water and retain it very easily.

Thermal Quality: Does It Match Your Requirement?

It depends mostly on the fabric. You need to make sure that the thermal quality matches your requirements.

It mostly depends on which purpose you are going to use the sock for. If you want to use for hunting, it must be able to keep your feet warm. The sock must be able to keep your both feet warm at least for 10 hours straight.

Check Durability: Not Only for Longevity but Also for Safety

As human beings, we all want our things to last longer. We usually forget about small things like socks and we don’t give that much importance to socks.

We just buy some random sock and overlook during the winter while preparing for hunting the big game.

It is not an appropriate thing to do. You should select your sock on the basis of durability. If a sock provides warmth for just one year or after a year a warm hunting sock has holes that means you invested in a wrong sock.

Hunting socks must be durable. With a less durable socks, anything can happen while going through rough terrain. Any time you can fall down due to tearing of your socks, so be careful.

Don’t Overlook Moisture Management and Anti-Odor

Hunting is a sport or job where you have walk a lot. Long distance walking will make you sweat even if you are walking in the snow. Sweating is very irritating. Because it will make you sock wet and it will make your feet smell.

Good warm socks provide moisture management and anti-odor technology. These socks provide a great ventilation system that wicks away the sweat and these are anti-odor. These socks don’t let your feet smell.

Check the Comfort and Ventilation

All human being wants comfort. So, why not when you are choosing socks? You must choose a sock which is comfortable for using a long time. It may provide padding or cushion for providing extra comfort.

It must prevent fatigue from catching your feet after a long walk. If a pair of sock isn’t comfortable enough, you can’t be able to stay on a hunting campaign for long.

Also, see if the socks have a proper ventilation system. A sock that doesn’t have ventilation or if it doesn’t let the air through the sock, then your feet will be wet in a moment.

That doesn’t only make you less comfortable but also risk you feet’s safety.

Check If it Meets Your Desired Price

You must determine your budget. Good thing doesn’t come cheap. So, you should choose the best sock within your budget. To get the best things, you must have to spend a bit higher price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying the perfect pair of warm hunting socks, you may have some question in your mind. We have researched over the internet and find out some of the common questions on socks. Here are the question and expert’s answers for you.

Q: Why do I need hunting socks specifically?

A: In business, there is a term called probe or research. Research is everywhere. Nowadays, the researcher is always researching to find the products those are best suited for different situations. Why not for the socks?

Different socks for different events. When it is about hunting, your feet possibility get soggy and wet, and it can ruin your trip. The specialized hunting socks will protect you from this kind of situation.

They provide ventilation system, anti-odor technology, cushioning and many more features to make your hunting a better experience. Hunting socks use the right material and the right amount when making those. Your socks for partying cannot do the job of hunting socks.


Q: What I need to consider when or before buying a pair of hunting sock?

A: First of you have to consider the materials used to make the sock. The materials are very important. Because the materials will be the determinant of warmth and comfort. The best material is Merino wool.

Then you should consider the condition of hunting. If you are hunting at a place where grasses are tall then you need taller socks than usual.

Q: Which features should be in a pair of hunting sock?

A: You should plan and put a lot of thought before buying hunting socks. You have to consider all the things attached to the hunting socks.

The sock must provide warmth and comfort. It doesn’t mean that the sock has to be bulky. Merino wool and synthetic materials aren’t heavy but provide the warmth and comfort you need.

The ventilation system or moisture management should be good. The sock has to be able to keep your feet dry. It should be able to wick away the moisture from the feet.

Q: Why is Merino Wool always recommended?

A: Merino Wool is a very warm material. It keeps your feet warm. Besides it also supports the sock to wick away the sweat and other moisture from your feet.

It provides an anti-odor system that ensures that your feet stay fresh for a longer period of using.

Q: How can I keep my sock in the best condition?

A: Read the packaging instruction. Usually, the care instruction is given on the packaging. Follow the instructions.

Q: How to wash the socks?

A: You should always wash your socks using the hands. You should use light detergent and dry them in sunlight.

Also, you should wash the socks inside out. You will get rid of the bacteria that cause odor.

Q: How should I store the winter hunting socks in summer?

A: Don’t ball your sock for storing. It compromises the shape. You should lay the socks flat one on the top of another. Before storing them make sure that they are clean.

You can keep the socks in an airtight container. It is the best idea for storing the socks.


Final Verdict

So, which one is the best warm sock for hunting?

Honestly, it depends on what type of hunting condition you are going to face. Is it the worst form of winter or it is a dry season?

It also depends on the budget. You obviously can always find the best one within your budget by applying the buying guide given above.

I hope you can choose the best pair of hunting sock and this article helps you to find it.

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