Best Winter Hiking Pants for Men and Women

Best Winter Hiking Pants for Men and Women

When you are hiking on the coldest areas in winter, it is time for serious covers. Any physical damage during hiking can end your trip immediately. To prevent these kinds of situations, you must have a pair of best hiking pants along with head covers and jackets that you can rely on. It saves you from extreme cold as well as provides comfort if you have chosen the right ones.

Being safe and prepared for the coldest weather is important when you are planning to hike on the untapped areas. It will not only keep you out of dangers but also will let you enjoy the best out of the wild.

On the market of the best men’s and women’s winter hiking pants, you may get confused between lots of choices. Here we will be knowing about some of the greatest pair of hiking pants that you might need in your next hiking trip.

Top 7 Best Winter Hiking Pants Reviews

With reviewing the best hiking pants for men and women, we have picked the top 7 which provides best warmth and comfort to deal with a long time of wear. Here are the 7 best pants for hiking in winter below.

  • None Men’s Warm Windproof Mountain Fleece Hiking Snow Ski Pants
  • Jessie Kidden Men’s Outdoor Fleece-Lined Windproof Pant
  • MONTANE Prism Pants
  • Arctix Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants
  • INBIKE Men’s Winter Fleece Windproof Thermal Pants
  • LancerPac Women’s Outdoor Hiking Pants
  • Comfortable Waterproof Fleece Warm Snow Pants
  • 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants 


How to Choose the Best Winter Hiking Pants

While you are looking for the best winter hiking trousers or pants, you most probably are sure about what features are you going to look for. If you are not then don’t worry, we will be knowing about what things you have to consider while choosing the best pair of pants for you.

Don’t Overlook the Fabrics

You can never overlook the fabric type that actually helps you with your hiking experience the most.

In the market, you will find two typical types of fabrics. They are nylon and polyesters. Nylons are the most lightweight in this fabric category. It’s used in most of the professional parachutes. Nylons can fully protect your legs from cold wind but if the sewing is not good enough, these pants can become non-functional.

On the other hand, polyesters are great in the wind as well as freezing cold. They prevent both wind and water. Some companies combine polyesters with more layers to make the hiking pants more functional and effective. Spandex is one of them.

Comfort is the Key for Hiking

In the department of best trouser for snow hiking, you can never go out of comfort. They will have padded cushioning inside. These cushions not only provide comfort but also isolation. And for comfort, you have to watch for the fabric that has no issues with skins, and they have perfect cutouts and clean sewing.

How to Choose the Best Winter Hiking Pants

For cold weather hiking, protection from the cold is as important as being comfortable on the move. So, check out if your pant combines the two in a good way or not.

How Does it Fit on You?

Well, fitting wears are always a preference for hikers. You can jump, climb, walk and even stay the night outside in great fitting trousers. The best hiking winter clothes will have proper fitting options as well as providing good warmth from the cold.

Well-fitting also depends on the preference of the user. If the user wants his pants to be loose then he should be going for it. Otherwise slim fit works superbly in the wild situation.

Choose Something that Maintains Ergonomics

If you have chosen the right fabric, your choice may end up being bad because of lacking in ergonomics. If you can not move your legs inside accordingly your day might end up being bad.

So, be careful about choosing fabrics that dries very quickly and keeps your inside dry and warm.

Knee and gussets:

If you look closer to the pants you will see some pants have special sewing lines on the knee part. These are given so that the pant shape fits your body curves very well. It is beneficial for comfort and also long lasting of the pant.

You will also see double layered gussets on the thighs that reinforce the sides. These kinds of gussets prevent tearing of your pant in the rough trail and will let you enjoy your hiking without any troubles.

Protection from the Cold and Wind

Protecting from wind and cold weather is the main reason you have to get a separate pair of pants. In the fabric section, if you choose the nylon ones please make sure that it has the sewing right and tight.

Without perfect sealing, the cold freezing wind may end up getting in your pants.

Sometimes you may face water in front of your trek. Be sure to check that your pants are water resistant. They are going to repeal the snow from your pants and keep you dry. If you look closer, you will find the best waterproof winter hiking pant from our list.

Heat Isolation is Important

Isolating heat inside your pants is very important. Nylon and fleeced polyesters do this job very well. Even you can find some pants out there has a coating inside for isolating heat as much as needed.

A best cold weather hiking pant can save your butt from the cold like a champ. If the sewing is well sealed, you are going to get good isolation for sure.

Check Dimension of the Hiking Pant

Everyone has his own way of wearing clothes. Some like it closer to the body, some like it bigger to have more air. Some will like the adjustability of the clothes that can be changed from the time to time according to the needs.

Check Dimension of the Hiking Pant

So, in choosing the hiking pants especially for the winter, there are few things to check out in your preferred pants and see if it perfectly fits with your desire or not.


Some companies use stretchable waistbands so that the waist sits to your body tightly. They also provide adjustable options like straps and belts to adjust them. Often some pants have belt loops built on them so that you can wear belts of your choice.


For storing things, pockets are really necessary. Sometimes, you will need to store your necessary things like power bank, flashlights, pocket knives. For that, some companies have included special pockets around the thigh or knee. They are often zipper locked so that you don’t lose your stuff in the way.


As you have to be walking all day in these pants, the pants better are lighter. Even if you are taking one with you. It’s not going to add a very large amount of extra weight to your backpack.


Winter Cloth Layering Basics

Winter clothing may seem easier to manage and arrange. But trust me if you are not doing it right, you are going to end up catching a cold in bad weather. We will be known about how to layer your winter clothes from skin to exposed weather.

Before we go into the deep section of layers, we have to know that there are four basic layers of clothing that every hiker wear. On the base, there you will be having a next-to-skin base layer. Upon that there is a mid-weight insulating layer.

After that, there is a fleece and puffy layer. And on the outside, you will meet the layer that is a waterproof or windproof layer.

Next-to-skin layer

On the base, you need to have clothing that is going to get in contact with your skin. It has to be a thin and lighter layer of clothing and this layer has to be skin friendly so that you don’t catch any allergy or rashes anyhow. Choose what type of clothes that soaks better moisture.

Because even though you are going for freezing cold, it’s not going to be dry inside. Because of having warm clothing layers and workout during hiking, your body is going to release the least amount of sweat.

Cotton t-shirts with full sleeves work the best. You should.t be wearing any woolen clothes next to your skin.

Mid-weigh insulating layer

This mid layer is an important layer that you may overlook but it’s one of the most important layers that you should be considering. It’s a layer that traps the warm air inside of your body. The insulating layer is often made of wool or fleece. This layer should be kept dry.

If you live a wet or humid climate you should not get any woolen clothing for isolation. Because wools attract humidity. You should be having synthetic alternatives in that situation.

Fleece or puffy

The only cause you to see the skier fat is this layer. This layer can be a jacket with a hood on it. It has to be thick enough to prevent the freezing air from letting in. These clothing are mainly made of thick wool or artificial fluffy fur.

A waterproof/windproof layer

If you are in a situation that you might encounter with freezing cold wind or water, then you must be having a waterproof layer upon all of that. Mainly these are made of nylon and polyesters.

waterproof-windproof layer of winter cloth

It’s an extremely necessary layer for hikers.

Layer your pants

You can have two layers of pants that is one next to skin layer and another is an outer layer that depends on the weather condition. You can wear a weatherproof layer that is going to prevent water and wind from getting in or an isolating layer that is going to lock the heat inside.

You can either wear three layers together depending on weather demand. If it’s extremely cold out there you should be layering like next-to-skin>isolation>weatherproof layer.

We have mentioned the best hiking pants for winter so that you can choose your ones among them.

Footwear and hats

Winter hikers never forget about the boot that is specially made for protecting you in the cold chilling weather condition. Besides making you comfortable and dry, it’s going to save you from lots of bumps and physical damages.

You should be looking for a boot or winter hiking footwear that is made especially for winter hiking. And underneath the shoe, you have to wear cotton socks to prevent smells and fungus that might ruin your trip.

And last but the not least, you should be rocking a hat that is going to save your ears and head from freezing cold wind because all the heat of your body is going to be released by your head.

Survival Boots are Efficient as Outfitters Clothing

You should save it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best trouser for snow hiking most probably has become a piece of cake now. You know all the layers and what to wear upon what. And we also have gone through the stuff that we should be considering calling it the best.

Depending on your demand you should be choosing the right one. We have seen that some of the pants are good for isolating the warmth inside and there are some that are best for protecting you from the wind. For your safety and comfort, you must try more than one that might help you in the long run.

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