Bowhunting Exercises & Training in Home and Field

8 Important Bowhunting Exercises & Training in Home and Field

Bowhunting is one of the most favorable outdoor sports in America and it is probably the oldest of sports over the world. Though we all know somewhat bowhunting, perfecting it needs proper bowhunting exercises and training in home and field.

With proper bowhunting gears like the best arrows and the perfect arrow rests aren’t the only thing you need to do well in archery. You also need knowledge and proper training. With the regular exercise, one can get the most out of this sport and do well in the big bug games and outdoor hunting.

Practice Home Practice: Bowhunting Training & Exercises at Home

Ranges For backyard shooting, you can choose from several styles of target butts. The most common is three bales of hay. If the bales are tight, you can just stack them on top of each other and they’ll stop arrows fine.

1. A Good Backstop is Great for Bowhunting

Make sure you have a good backstop, such as a solid wood fence or a sheet of plywood, because arrows may go through, especially if they hit cracks between the bales. If the bales are loose, band them together to tighten them up. Cedar bales are even better than hay.

You can make a good backstop by stacking cardboard and banding it together so you’re shooting into the cut edges. Many pro shops make permanent backstops in their shooting ranges this way.

Backstop is Great for Bowhunting

It’s effective and cheap. I also know of clubs that buy baled cardboard from department stores and use these bales as backstops. You can get a lot of shooting out of a cardboard bale.

2. Use Proper Target Matts for Archery Exercise

Commercial target matts are more convenient. I use the Saunders Indian Grass Matt and find it convenient and reliable.

For handy use in your yard or in the field, twenty-five- or thirty-inch models are fine, but for a permanent range where you shoot long distances, the fifty-inch matt is great.

Foam matts are okay, but they don’t last as long; they leave residue on the arrows, and they’re hard to pull arrows from. I think they’re better for temporary use around camp than they are for constant shooting in a backyard range.

3. Use a Wheeled Stand and Target Butts for Compound Archery Training

You can get a wheeled stand to move this target easily. If you have a hard time pulling arrows from these targets, use a Saunders arrow puller, a small rubber pad that gives you a good grip on the shaft. Carbon hunting arrows are especially hard to pull.

Some target butts consist of a burlap shell filled with cotton batting or similar loose fill. These stop arrows very well, and the arrows are easy to remove. They make excellent backyard target butts.

4. Fitness Program for the Strength and Conditioning for Bow Hunting

Also, you should have a proper fitness program for the strength and conditioning for bow hunting. Here are some of the fitness tips you can follow:

  • You need regular Reps exercised for the strength improvements that are needed in bowhunting. Normally you can have 10-15 reps regularly to fit your muscle and body.
  • Don’t take too much weight in exercise. Take a proper weight for it which is comfortable for your strength and limitation.
  • You can have dumbbell exercises for the training to make proper fit for your body. Placing the leg and bending the torso using the upper part of the body and keeping the back straight is the right way of dumbbell exercise.
  • You can use the rowing machine for making your body flexible and the back powerful. This is an endurance training for archery hunters.
  • The bowhunting workout routine is more important than we think. You need proper routine and then follow it regularly to have proper fitness.
  • Fitness Program for the Strength and Conditioning for Bow Hunting


Field Archery Practices and Exercises (Archery Warm-Ups and Training)


With the above regimen, you’ll develop a style that will serve you well on the target range or under the roughest hunting conditions. But to get the most from that style, you have to adapt it to hunting situations.

5. Shooting from Various Positions

You can begin on the target range by shooting from various positions – kneeling, sitting, or bent over as if you were shooting around a tree. You can also climb onto your roof and shoot down into your yard to learn how to shoot from different angles.

Many tournaments are designed with bowhunters in mind. If possible, take part in trail shoots and 3-D animal shoots. Most local clubs put on several such events each year.

At a higher level, tournaments organized by the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) are set up the same way, and the competition reaches a very high level.


At these events, distances are unmarked, and realistic animal targets are placed in natural settings, so conditions closely simulate hunting.

That, combined with the pressure of competition (similar to the pressure of shooting animals at close range), makes these competitions excellent preparation for hunting.

6. Practice Bowhunting in the Field

Finally, practice in the field. Roving and stump shooting are terms that have been around for years, and they’re still valid today. They refer to a style of practice where you simply walk around the woods and shoot at rotten stumps, pine cones, limbs-whatever catches your eye and offers a challenging target.

You soon learn to judge range and shoot from awkward positions, and you learn your limitations, so you know when to shoot and when to hold off for a better angle.

Practice Bowhunting in the Field

7. Endurance Training for Archery (Food Part)

It is also very necessary and people often try to ignore it before going in the intensive sports. We have already talked about the fitness training for archery in the upper part. However, just need to inform some more information on diet and proper food guide.

  • Green tea can be a good food for the archers. With drinking green teas your endurance rating will increase in a better way
  • You can also have the L’theanine compound as a regular part of your daily food. It helps to increase the concentration and other important aspects. These are helpful for bowhunting.
  • Having clean-burning foods like Chicken, lean turkey, vegetables and pitas before the matchday is a good way to have a healthy diet.

8. Blunt-Tipped Practice Arrows

This is my favorite form of practice because it’s almost like hunting.

To carry it a step further, I always carry two blunt-tipped practice arrows in my eight-arrow hunting quiver. During any hunt, I shoot regularly during lulls in the action.

Walking back to camp on a trail, I shoot at stumps and cones along the trail to keep my eye sharp and my muscles loose. These practice arrows are every bit as important as my hunting arrows.

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