Camping Relaxation Tips and Guide

5 Simplest Camping Relaxation Tips and Guide

The phone is ringing, your inbox chimes, and interestingly the air conditioner is whistling. Your office mates are chatting, having fun and laughing one cubicle away. Thinking for a trekking trip with camping relaxation in the greenish wild field might be a daydream, but surprisingly you have a plan of it. You have set a plan of camping in between your busy schedule.

You have four deadlines before the awaited camping leisure weekend, which might make you stay late.  Then you have to go to your place to pick the kids up from soccer practice, and your wife from the gym and then pack the car and finally hit the road. Ah, the weekend getaway.

Camping Relaxation Tips and Guide

A camping trip with perfect relaxation can be more stressful than your thinking if you do not have a proper plan. You might find it surprising, but a proper guidance and some basic tips can reduce the stress for your camping.

It’s not as easy to unplug and enjoy nature as you might think as we enjoyed in the echo lake camp fishing recently. But a few things that you can do to help you unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. Turn your average camping weekend into an escape to the wilderness.

1.  Choose a Destination Close to Home

When selecting a destination for your camping weekend, consider how much time it’ll take to get there and how many days you’ll have once you arrive. If you are spending more time in the car, it might not be an enjoyable or relaxing trip.

Who said you have to drive for so many hours to have a real getaway? The best part about a camping trip is simply being outdoors and that destination may be closer to home than you might think.

2.  Turn off your Phone

It might seem simple or silly, but just turning off your phone can help you relax a little quicker at the campground.

Turn off your Phone in Camping

You don’t need to check your email, answer phone calls, or update your status on the hiking trail. The digital world will be there when you return. There’s no need to post photos and tell the world everything you are doing and seeing while it happens.

If you really want to share your camping and wildlife experience, do it when you return home. It’s easy to think you’ll just check your phone real quick, but next thing you know you’ve been sucked into the world-wide-web and two hours later you’ll realize that the sun is already going down. To truly free your mind, turn off the communication.

3.  Leave the Music at Home

Many of us are used to having music throughout the day—it’s everywhere. Music is in your car, in the elevator, and at the grocery store. We workout to our personal soundtrack and it’s only natural to want to bring speakers and an iPod or MP3 player on your camping escape. But, one of the best parts of experiencing the outdoors is the sound of nature.

If you’re listening to top 40s on the radio you might miss the birds chirping, or the sound of the bubbling creek, not to mention you might disturb your neighbors. Even the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind can help you relax and connect with nature.

4.  Plan to Have No Plans

After a busy week of work, packing the camper and driving to your destination, you’ll likely be tired. The first day is a great time to just relax around camp.

Plan to Have No Plans

If you try to pack in every site or activity in the area, you’ll never have time to relax. Set up your camp chairs, hammock or even a hammock tent and dive into that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Or go for a casual stroll around the campground and visit the ranger center. You might enjoy lounging by the creek or just napping in the sun. Many people are so used to being busy in their daily lives that they can’t stand to have any plans, which is why you should plan to have no plan.

5.  Keep your Meals Simple

Unless cooking is your favorite pastime, and it is for some campers, keep your camping meals simple. Though you can try some simple meals that are great with the built campfire on the site but make sure to keep things simple.  Deluxe Dutch oven camping meals are fantastic, though the effort can be timely. A few key ingredients can make great meals simply, without long preparations or massive clean-ups.

You can prepare meals ahead of time at home or bring gourmet snacks and make a meal out of no-cook appetizers. Some campers even like to eat out depending on their destination. Just be sure to plan meals that suit or cooking style and leave time for relaxing by the campfire.

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Looking at the bluest sky, I forget all my stresses. Going through the green I try to breathe, more than I do in my reality. So, that's why I love camping.

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