Crystal River C/CTFK1 Fly Fishing Combo Kit

Crystal River C/CTFK1 Fly Fishing Combo Kit Review

Even if you are a regular angler or not if you are planning for fishing and you want to buy a combo package for your fishing purpose then look for no more. Crystal River has come up with a cool kit where every part of fly-fishing rod you’ll need as a beginner.

Fly fishing is enjoyable. While fly fishing you must need rod and reel which are very lightweight and compact in size so that you can catch fish for a longer period. So, we are now sure that for fly fishing you must need a different rod and reel set up for comfort and efficiency.

Crystal River C/CTFK1 Fly Fishing Combo Kit Review

This Crystal River fly fishing combo kit is one of the best fly fishing combo models available because of the comfort, built quality and some useful features. If you are on fishing travel rather quickly and randomly, then the design and portability can be a big bonus.

Check out the Crystal River Fly Fishing Kit Review if you want to know if it fits your need or not.

Built for fly fishing with

Fly fishing is not for the anglers who wait for their prey. The actual fish hunters use the fly-fishing technique and they hunt big fishes. So, you must be in contact with water and look for fishes like salmon, bass, trout, grayling and many more.

With this Crystal River combo, everything is possible for its excellent built quality and durability that a fly reel and rod combo needs. The manufacturer made this combo of the highest quality materials and plastic.

To catch fishes like this you must carry the fishing rod in your hand constantly look for fishes. For that C/CTFK1 Fishing, Rod/Reel Combo is a very lightweight package that you can carry for a long time and not feel any stiffness or tiredness. It offers Eva Grip which gives you excellent grabbing power.

Ultra-lightweight makes fishing comfortable

Ultra-lightweight makes fishing comfortable

It is necessary that fly rod must be lightweight. Crystal River C/CTFK1 Fishing Rod weights only slightly more than 8 ounces. The rod is about 8 feet in length which are perfect for an average human being.

It has EVA-foam grip on the handle so that you never lose grip and never feel tired. The rod is a 3-piece set which can be detached and carried around easily.

So, fly fishing is fun with this crystal river fly reel and rod combo. There are so many anglers that often goes for fly fishing in fresh or salt water. In this technique you must go into the water and using fishing lines smaller than casters and have can get to catch bigger fishes.

The reel is made of plastic to minimize some weight yet not making it weak. The plastic used in the reel and rod is very good. You’ll get through a whole salmon season without even worrying about any problem.

The whole C/CTFK1 Fishing Rod/Reel package

This product is all about a package. You’ll get all and everything you’ll need for fly fishing. It comes with an 8 feet rod disassembled in 3 pieces. This makes sure you can carry this within your backpack. This portability is a big bonus for any backpacking trip.

It also comes with a fly reel, a 9 feet leader, approximately 43 feet of line, a couple of dry flies that may not be from the best quality suppliers and a knot tying instruction pamphlet to get you on your way to the basics of this technique. All you’ll need is to take the whole package out of the box and you’re ready for fly-fishing.

Poles of the Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo is really flexible

The rod is made from durable and flexible materials which give control to your casts. As you’ll be targeting fishes in a small area, so you must be concerned about the accuracy of your casts.

When you get used to the flexible rod your cast will be more efficient and you won’t have to worry about getting your lines tangled in branches.

Comes with quick assembly and easy using facility

Comes with quick assembly and easy using facility

By purchasing this package you’re not only getting a whole win of a product, but you’ll also be able to save more of your valuable time. On the reel, it has right-hand retrieval system for comfort and for a major number of people.

The foam padding on the handle will help you to get a good grip and the rod will never slip out of your hand while you’re fighting with big fishes. The rods can easily be assembled and can be taken to fishing right away. Crystal River also included two flies for time-saving.

Additionally, you’ll also get a quick guide to tying a fly in 5 minutes. So’ you can see you’re also saving time by purchasing this package.

Perfect for a quick fishing trip for the portability and lightweight

For being a lightweight fishing rod, you’re not only getting the portability but also, you’re being able to hunt fishes in various water condition.

Even if the water is salty you don’t have to worry about the rod or the reel, they are made of high-quality plastics. They won’t catch any rust.

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  • The whole package is lightweight
  • Rod can be disassembled in 3 pieces
  • Carrying the whole package is easy
  • This kit has everything you’ll need
  • Materials are flexible for control


  • You must assemble the rod correctly otherwise they may come apart

Final Thought on C/CTFK1

So, if you’re a beginner grab a package of Crystal River Fishing Rod/Reel Combo and you’ll fall in love with this product for sure. You may not have to look further and buy another one. This package will back you up for a long time.

Crystal River C/CTFK1 Fishing Rod/Reel Combo would be the perfect choice for you for many reasons. First, take the quality and the comfort.

Moreover, the Crystal river company has been making fishing accessories for many years and they have a very good reputation among the bests. You’ll be amazed by knowing what are the things that this package is offering.


Editor Review
  • Built
  • Comfort
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexibility


Check out the in-depth honest Crystal River C/CTFK1 Fly Fishing Combo Kit Review to find if it suits you or not.

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