Elk Hunting Day Pack List

Elk Hunting Day Pack List

Time is the main factor in Elk hunting. You cannot decide how much time you need for Elk hunting. Elks sometimes can be caught within a couple of hours but there are cases where Elks are not even seen for days and hunters had to wait in the same spot to get his prey. Therefore, some complexities arise while choosing essentials for elk hunting day pack list.

As the duration of hunting is not fixed, so you need to talk a list of gears with which you can use for one-day hunting and even for weeks. Now let us see the essentials an Elk hunter should put in a day pack list.

While making your day pack list you will have to divide it into three categories: hunting gears, camping gears, and emergency gears.

Elk Hunting Day Pack List: Hunting Gears

As you are going for Elk hunting the most important part of the list is hunting gears. If you are new in this sector then do good research and then go hunting. If you miss taking any gear, you might face problems and also your hunting trip can go in vain.

The most essential hunting gears you need to write in your list are Bow and arrows, broad-heads, sling, string wax, knives, and flagging tape.

Carrying and Using Rifle

Using rifle for Elk hunting is very common. For this, you need to carry a proper rifle and bullets. With a rifle you can kill 2 or Elks if they are walking a standing in a group.

The problem with rifle hunting is many countries and many forests do not permit rifle hunting, therefore go through the rules and regulations of the selected spot if you are planning to go for rifle Elk hunting.

Bow Hunting Equipment for Elks

Hunting using a bow and quality hunting arrow is known as bow-hunting. If you are planning to hunt more than one Elk within a close distance then bow-hunting is the best.

Bow Hunting Equipment for Elks

This way Elks standing a bit far from your prey will not get alert and you will be able to kill the next one easily. Another benefit of bow-hunting is this hunting type is allowed in all countries and forests.

String Wax if Your String Dried

This is very necessary for bow-hunters. While using bow and arrow you might feel that your bow string has become dry or it needs to be greased. If you have string wax you can immediately use it and concentrate on your Elk hunting.

Hunting with dry bow-string can make your bow break and also can cause an accident. Therefore wax your bow-string before heading to your hunting trip and also keep wax with you for safety.

Perfect Broadheads for Elk Hunting

There are different types of broad-heads in the market, such as mechanical broad-heads, fixed broad-heads, wider broad-heads, etc. In different types and Sizes of elks hunting, you need a different type of broadheads.

Broadheads for Elk Hunting

Before buying broad-heads go for a window shopping and go through all the types, try to take suggestions from experts and then choose your desired one. As an Elk hunter you need to know that the skin of Elk is very thick, they have sturdy and solid bones.

Therefore, if your broad-head is not the perfect one and if you do not know the usage then your target can be destroyed.

All you need is a specific arrow and a broad-head which has good compatibility with the arrow, for maximum penetration your arrow and broad-head need to be stiff, strong and heavy.

Knives for Hunter

The knife is one of the must-have gear for elk hunting. There are several types of knives for hunters. There are some points which you need to keep in mind while buying a knife.

Knives come with different shapes of blades; some are called skinner, some called drop point, some are known as serrations, another one is a gut hook.

Another feature of the knife is some knives are fixed and some are foldable.

If you think you will be chopping your prey and then bring it home then you need a type of knife, if you think you just want to finish the skinning game then you need another type of knife.

Also, some like to carry fixed knives whereas some want foldable knives for safety purpose. Try to go through all the features, and then plan what you need.

Camping and Trail Walking Gears for Elk Hunting

 whether you are staying or you are going on a day hunting trip you always need to carry some essential camping gears.

The most essential camping gears which you need to put on your Elk hunting day pack list are: water bottle

  • rain jacket
  • pack cover
  • notebook and pen
  • headlamp
  • map and compass,
  • Food for Day
  • trekking pole
  • toiletries.

For safety purposes, you can bring a pair of hunting shocks, cloth and underwear with the mentioned ones.

Map and Compass (Must Have Elk Hunting Day Gear)

 Map and compass are very necessary and an important gear for Elk hunting. As you will be in a forest you will not get signboards or signs which will lead you to your spot.

Map and Compass for Elk Hunting

If you need to find a direction your compass and map can help you instantly. For saving some time, you can draw some points on your map beforehand and follow those while searching for the spot.

Trekking Pole for Walking in Woods

Trekking pole with right height is also very necessary. As you will be walking in the woods you do not know when you will step on a soft or rough surface. Your pole can detect it if you use it to find your way. A trekking pole can also help you while walking down or up hills. With the help of this, you can also move unwanted things from your way.

Food Pack for Elk Hunting

Food is very necessary as you will be walking and working all day long. If you are hungry your brain and body will not work properly and as a result, you will not be able to find your target or you will not be able to perform professionally.

For a day pack, you can bring cooked foods from home. As fire or flame scares animals, it is better to cook your food or dry foods from home.

Food Pack for Elk Hunting
Source: Gohunt.com

Also try to bring some dry foods as snacks, as you might be sitting in the same spot and waiting for Elks to show up, snacks can keep you alert and awake.

You, Will, Need a Water Bottle

I am sure you do not want to make the Elks alert about your presence; therefore you will not get enough time to find drinkable water resource in the forest.

You should always carry enough water which can serve you for a day, for safety purpose you can bring 4-5 litters extra.

Rain Jacket and Pack Cover

Rain in forests does not give a signal, therefore keeping a raincoat or jacket is very useful. Keep your rain jacket in a close distance so that you can wear it whenever you need it.

As you are packing for a day hunting trip, so you will not be bringing tents or things which can cover your essentials. If you carry a pack cover you can secure your gears from rain and from wind and dust as well.

Try to cover your essentials most of the time, this way your gears will have a durable life.

Notebook and Pen for Going Right Direction

Try to make notes while hunting; this can help you in the long run. Write all your mistakes or the tips or tricks you have gathered while hunting or from others.

The next time before heading to your hunting trip go through your notebook, this can help you avoid your mistakes and also can make you remember the tricks you have learned from the previous trip.

Toiletries and Washing Items

as you will be out in the woods for the whole day, make sure you carry your essential toiletries like wastage bag, toilet rolls or wet wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, etc.

Elk Hunting Day Pack List for Emergencies

there are some emergency gears which you must carry like a torch, extra battery, safety whistle, duct tape, emergency blanket, first aid kit, etc.

Elk Hunting Day Pack List for Emergencies

Torch and Extra Battery

The torch is a must whether you go for any kind of hunting or you go for trekking or camping. There are some places where sunlight does not enter properly and you might need to use a torch for your safety.

Also, you never know you might get let and sky can become dark, also keep extra batteries so that you can use it if needed.

First-aid Kit for Hunting

This is also a must gear, as accidents do not come with a warning. Try to keep your first-aid kits inside a waterproof bag.

So, these are one of the most important items in the elk hunting day pack list for the beginner and professional hunters.

Keep a Safety Whistle to Call Allies

You should keep a safety whistle in the case if you are attacked or you see a chance of being attacked by animals you can use the whistle to give others a signal.

Duct Tape for Minor Fixing  

Keep a roll of duct tape so that you can fix anything temporarily or you can use it in sealing purpose. 

Some people may think I am writing too much, but trust me items like duct tape can come really handy because walking in the wood means some minor injuries. That is why you need to keep the first aid and duct tape.

I assume these points and sub-points will give you an idea of what you need to put in your list. It is not necessary to take all the essentials I have mentioned above, try to choose the ones you need and list them accordingly. Be confident and be brave and try to enjoy the Elk hunting trip.

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