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How to Keep Fish Alive While Fishing

How to Keep Fish Alive While Fishing

If you own a fish boat, then it is important to make an effort to keep your fish alive in tournament conditions. You need to understand how to keep fish alive while fishing specially in the games. Most tournament organizers will actually penalize you for weighing in dead fish by deducting a prescribed amount of […]

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bass fishing equipment tips

Some Bass Fishing Equipment Tips to Consider

There are a number of little special bass fishing tricks and that do not involve lure selection or use, yet add to their tournament success. Actually, to have a better bass fishing experiences, using the perfect tool isn’t enough. You need better guidance, experiences, bass fishing equipment tips  and general senses that come into play […]

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Best Steelhead Rod for Salmon

Best Steelhead Rod in 2019 for Salmon and Steelhead Fishing

If you are in a situation that you cannot reach your desired destination with your regular rod, then you must be taking a closer look at the steelhead rods. Regular baitcasting rods (Unlike the best steelhead rod) are not much longer that might allow you to let you drift your baits. In swamps or lakes […]

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How to Catch Bass in Deep Water

How to Catch Bass in Deep Water: Use Our Tips and Tactics

Before starting the process of bass caught in deep water you need to have proper knowledge of bass, lures or baits, rod, and electronics (if you are using one). In addition to these, you also need to know about the water condition, its depth, clarity and weather condition as well. When you are going fishing […]

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How to Pack for Kayak Camping Trips

How to Pack for Kayak Camping Trips: These Tips You Can Follow

The difference between kayak camping and normal camping is that you stay on the water, and when you are on water here arises some limitations. Kayak camping is more or less the same as other camping. For this type of camping, you also need to pack your backpack according to your camp duration and location. […]

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Ice fishing for CrappieTips and Tactics

Ice fishing for Crappie: Tips and Tactics

The crappie pattern during the winter makes it a great time to catch a lot of fish. Over the years anglers have researched their patterns, and they are successful in finding ways with which you can enjoy a great winter crappie fishing experience. So, how to catch crappie ice fishing easily using the lure and […]

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Striking Playing and Landing Fish

Striking, Playing, and Landing Fish with Right Techniques

When a fish has finally taken your lure, fly, or bait, you need to know just when to strike to set the hook, and how to fight or play it. This is not an exact science—your instinct will always be important. Landing fish follows basic rules that apply to most species. The whole process starts […]

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Best Jerkbait Rod

Best Jerkbait Rod to Find in 2019: How to Choose One (Guide)

Jerkbait is a very modern and quick way of fishing that is a go-to fishing technique and it is a very effective way of catching big fishes. In this technique, anglers use the lure of a real representing fish and using their rod movements they mimic the real movement of a real fish. If you […]

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Lowrance Fish Finders Reviews

Top 5 Lowrance Fish Finders Reviews

You sure don’t have the ability to locate fishes underwater by just looking at the water. Anglers for last few years has been using radio waves to detect and locate fishes underwater. Those machines used to be very big and bulky. But nowadays, there are several companies who are producing and selling these devices to […]

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Shimano Curado I Baitcasting Reel Review

Shimano Curado I Baitcasting Reel Review: Check Our Honest Opinion

Shimano has been top graded cycling, adventure accessories, and fishing tool manufacturer for several years. Shimano Curado I is one of their best fishing accessories on the market. Fishing season is no more fun when you are spending your time with low-quality fishing accessories. Engineers have been developing and researching about this fishing wheel for […]

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