Hiking Boot Repair

Hiking Boot Repair

What if your boot goes through sole separation or gets torn up while hiking? If you know how to repair a hiking boot you may fix it and save your journey. Also, hiking boots are not always cheap, rather those are mostly expensive.

Hiking means walking, therefore people buy expensive boots in order to get some comfort and peace. So if you know have the skill to fix or repair hiking boots you can save a lot of money and you might also use your favorite boot again.

Boot torn up are caused by a couple of different things or situation. It may happen because of your walking style or if it is not a good fit. Also if your boot gets wet sole separation may happen if the glue is not waterproof.

It is not always your or boot’s fault, boots can be torn because of the condition of a hiking trail as well.

Hiking Boot Repair

The proper repair techniques will not only keep your pair of boots working again but it might help you make them last for a longer period of time. The skills and the necessary things for fixing for repairing a torn up boot are mentioned and discussed below:

Things you need

For repairing your hiking boots you need to have some different kind of glues as one type of glue cannot be used for all boot materials. You need to have some leather needles and threads, gloves, a couple of q-tips or cotton buds, the knife of scissors.

For cleaning, you need to have a piece of cloth, spirit alcohol, some tape. You might also want to keep suede leather, some common colored leathers in order to attach those on the torn parts if needed.

Clean the boot

If you see that you have a problem with your boot, then 1st clean the pair properly, clean out all the dirt, soil or any other materials stuck to the shoe. Use a piece of wet cloth or cotton dipped in spirit or alcohol to clean your boots. Once you are done cleaning completely, let it dry for some time.

Remember, if you use glue to mend your separated sole without cleaning it, the glue will not hold properly. As a result, your boot sole will go separated again. Also if you start stitching the leather without cleaning you will lose your grip and will end up with an ugly stitched boot.

Rectify the problem

After cleaning rectify the problematic areas, search for all the problems your hiking boot has. In this way, you will be able to fix all the problems at a time. Even if you cannot fix them all, at least you know in which part your boot has a problem.  

Use adhesive

Adhesive or glues are used to repair sole separation. If you face sole separation, try to pull the sole from the shoe to the possible extreme position. Clean the inside of it and pour out some adhesive in between the two surfaces. Put the glue gently on the corners and wherever it is needed. After this, wait for a minute and rejoin the two surfaces properly and let it dry. If possible wear gloves before starting the repairing process. Keep yourself safe while using glue, alcohol or spirit.

Leave it to dry

After gluing, leave the boot outside to dry. If you are in a camp and leaving in the sunlight is not possible then leave the boot beside the campfire. Many people try to hold the two surfaces together with the help of heavy things.

Many use clamps, rubber bands or heavy object to create a pressure or to hold the surfaces together. These may deform the shape of your boot, therefore leaving it in the sunlight or beside fire can dry the glue as adhesives are temperature sensitive.

Leather patch

Adhesive does not always work with every torn up. If your leather is worn out, then try to stitch it. Stitch the leather edges with shoe sole properly. This process is not easy and may take some time, but you can mend your boot with leather patches then your shoe will be in a good condition for a longer time.

After stitching if you have space put some glue in between the boot and rand, and is the rubber border around the boot. Try to work safely as leather needles are very sensitive and sharp. This will make your shoe flexible.

While purchasing a pair of boot try to choose the right one according to your hiking trail condition. There are different types of hiking boots in the market for different types of trails and weathers. Some are for ice terrains; others are for forests, deserts, Rocky Mountains, hills and many more.

While exploring the wild, make sure to use the pair of boots that can handle anything and everything that the trail throws at it. Also when buying, try to choose a pair of boots which is suitable for almost all trails.

Lastly, buy a pair of boots which is light in weight as it will not add extra weight to your feet. You might also want to buy a pair which is waterproof and has breathable space as it will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Waterproof hiking boots are tending to have longer durability.

Last Few Words

Being able to repair your sole, even temporarily is an important skill if you are a hiker. Besides, there is no harm to learning anything. If you can learn the techniques, someday you might help yourself or others with those. Also, there is a saying the older the boots get the better feel. If you know have the skills you will be able to mend your hiking boot and will be able to get the better feel of your favorite pair of boots.

Lastly, if you do not want to mend your torn up boot by yourself you can always give it to sole or boot repair shops. That way you can also save the money of buying a new expensive pair of a hiking boot.  

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