How to Catch Bass in Deep Water

How to Catch Bass in Deep Water: Use Our Tips and Tactics

Before starting the process of bass caught in deep water you need to have proper knowledge of bass, lures or baits, rod, and electronics (if you are using one). In addition to these, you also need to know about the water condition, its depth, clarity and weather condition as well.

When you are going fishing and you want to catch a particular type of fish; spend some time knowing its ways of moving, about food habit and which baits are suitable for the particular fish. Practice is the only way to make you a pro in catching bass in deep water; failure is a must is catching bass.

If you can accept it and move forward these failures are practice sessions then you enjoy bass fishing and become an expert.

Deep Water Bass Fishing Techniques Using the Gears and Guides

With the help of deep-water bass fishing tactics, anglers can effectively find out their desired bass and catch them in a good amount. Here are some tips and techniques you can follow to catch bass in deep water.

Electronics Gears for Finding Bass in Deep Water

Deep water fishing can be a bit tricky as you cannot see the underwater situation with your own eyes. Anglers previously used to depend on their lures or baits in order to catch bass in deep water, but now there is an option which can make you deep water bass fishing easy.

There are different types of electronics in the market that can help you catch fishes easily. Through fish finders like lowrance, garmin etc, you can see the position of the deep-water fishes.

These fish finders can give you the map of the water body you are fishing in. You will also get to see which points have fish and which do not. With the help of these electronics, you can find a school of fishes but these electronics will not find your bass or any particular type of fish. Therefore after finding a bunch of fishes, you will have to catch the bass at your own will.

What is the Best Bait for Bass in Clear Water? Types

Most anglers know that bass are predators and if you can choose the right type of bait for bass fishing then your fishing life will become easier and you will get to catch a lot of basses.

You need to understand what types of baits works best on how deep to fish for bass. For different level and types of bass, you should use different types of bass baits.

In our last deep lake fishing for bass, we had used one kind of baits, and for other depth, we used different ones.

Different lures are used for different weather and water condition. For catching fish you always need to research about the water body before casting.

Carolina rig for Bass Fishing (deep clear water and salty water)

This Carolina rig is a very common and essential gear for catching bass in deep water.

Carolina rig for Bass Fishing

If you want to catch bass in deep water perfectly, then rig is important. Its specialty is that it does not slip or get lost from the rod or hook which helps to use the same rig several times.

The Carolina rig gives the anglers an opportunity to cover the whole water proficiently; meaning the depth range of this is very high and bass gets easily attracted to this thing. Carolina rig allows you to fish in any season and in any water condition.

The leader makes Carolina rig different from the other baits or anything. It allows you to use heavy weight in any condition. You can tie your desired weight with the leader as the rig does not let the fish feel the weight.

This weight helps you to feel your bait. For using Carolina rig, you should not use a very long rod whether it is jerkbait rod or other ones. Make sure, the preferable height of the rod is 6 to 7 feet. With this height of your rod, you can really throw your Carolina rig in the right place.

Football Jig for Catching Bigger Bass

Football jig is an alternative of Carolina rig. The football jig is specially designed for deep water fishing and thus you can easily catch bass in deep water using this jig. If you are fishing in 12-16 feet deep water then you can start your fishing with an ounce of the model and then increase the weight to 2 ounces with the depth of the water.

While using football jig always cast long to get a good fish, then give it some time to set in the water then slowly pull it back to the point where you started. With this technique, you can catch bigger bass in deep water spending a small amount of time. This technique can also give me more benefits than what you would get if you use Carolina rig.

Crank-bait as Deep-Water Bass Fishing Lure

Crank-bait is a very efficient type of lure when it comes to deep water bass fishing. Crank-baits are designed for deep water bodies.

You can catch big basses easily with this bait. Crank-baits make a mild sound and a vibration which can attract fishes very easily.

As you cannot see the underwater situation with your own eyes unless you are bass fishing in crystal clear water, you need something which can find the fishes for you. If you are using crank-bait then you can easily catch deep water bass with less effort given.

Also, crank-baits come in different lip shapes which make then sink in deeper water. Try to choose the perfect crank-bait for your water body.

Perfect Deep-Water Bass Fishing Tactics with Deep Diving Crank

For generating strikes in offshores where the water condition is aggressive and so is the bass deep diving cranks are the best option as lures.

Deep diving cranks have a fat body with narrower lips which helps them sink easily in any water condition. These baits can dive down to 20 to 25 feet easily tackling obstacles. One tip with which you can easily catch bass is trying to make contact with the bottom for a longer time as this will attract fishes which will help you to catch a lot in number.

Here are some bass fishing techniques for the anglers for catching bass easily in a good amount.

Perfect Deep-Water Bass Fishing Tactics with Deep Diving Crank

There are few expert opinions on throwing the bait in the deep of the water for fishing bass with the diving crank baits. You can see some more articles online for better information.

Drop Shot Techniques for Bass

If you see tougher baits and your water body is clean and has no weed or flower pads or anything else in it then you can choose drop shot blindly. For using this properly use less weight and your bait is free to wobble and move in a tempting manner; remember you cannot use big heavyweight for this.

The ideal baits for drop shot are little critters, worms, and some light weighted baits or lures. Drop shots are preferred for man made water bodies, these bodies tend to be clearer than other water bodies and these bodies have less chance of having obstacles under water.

Flutter Spoon Bass Fishing

flutter spoon is best for catching deep water bass in summer or fall. If you try to use flutter spoon deep water bass fishing in winter then you might find a lot of difficulties with this. Flutter spoon is famous as an ideal strike generator. This spoon is a concave metal piece with a shining body or colored body. They generally reflect sun light or any type of light which help them attract fishes.

To use this spoon properly you need to throw long casts and let it fall straight to the bottom, after a couple of seconds drag it up to some inches and again drop it down.

Repeat the process. If you do not get any fish at 1st cast then bring it back and then again cast it in the same way. You will surely be able to catch bass this time.

Buck Tails Jigs for Catching Bass

These are a type of jig used for deep water bass fishing.

This type of jigs is usually preferred for saltwater body or oceans. Buck tail jig has recently become very famous among the anglers in different parts of the world.

This does not use a lot of action or sound but lets you catch a lot of fish in no time. They use natural feeding style to catch big bass; this quality of buck tails is very unique and available in very few jigs or baits.

Use the buck tail jig as like flutter spoon but with a fast pace, as this jig tends to work better with faster movement.

Swim-baits for Bass in the Deep Water

These baits are not very good in aggressive water bodies and are not very good at striking. Use a fairly big; around 6 inches tailed model bait with a jig head. Drop the bait straight to the bottom, and move it slowly on the sides, then bring it back to yourself.

Swim-baits have their own style of catching bass if you can adopt the style you will be able to catch deep water bass easily.

Bass in the Deep Water

Last Few Words on Deep Water Bass Fishing

Electronics, jig, and fishing lures are not the only gears you need to have knowledge about. You should also buy a suitable rod for fishing, a rod which is not too long in length and also has the bendable capacity.

Also, try to learn when to fish depending on water conditions; for example, evening the best time for winter deep water bass fishing. In summer you might want to start your fishing in the early morning or in the afternoon.


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