How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter

How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter: 9 Tips to Follow

In winter or cold weather, it’s really important to keep yourself worm. Different parts of your body act differently to radiate heats that are generated in your body. Most of the time your hands and feet lose most of the heat and makes you colder.

For hikers and travelers, it’s necessary to take measures to keep your legs worm otherwise hypothermia will become just a matter of time. Here we home to come up with some pro tips to keep your feet warm.

Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter

Here are the nine tips you can follow to get rid of the cold in winter. Some of them are very easy to execute and have an immense effect to give you comfort on outdoor in the cold season.

1.     Good pair of socks:

The most traditional way of keeping yourself warm is to wear proper socks. You can wear this everywhere regardless of shoes. Even when you are at home you should wear a pair of socks. Best quality warm socks are the best isolator of all time. You can also double layer your socks.

On the layer that is on the skin you can additionally wear wool socks, and this will help you a lot with trapping the warmth inside. And it also necessary to choose the right kind of socks for thermal isolation. We would like to suggest that use some of the thick wools for using inside the house and have a pair of thin wool made ones to use with boots.

Good pair of socks

Before any outdoor trip, have a good pair of warm socks to prevent the cold feet.

2.     Room Heater:

On the supermarket, you will find many kinds of small size room heater that you can accommodate in a very small place and they consume a very small amount of electricity. What they mainly do is heats up the air and with a fan inflows to forward action.

Room heater is also a very useful tool that you can use inside your home. If you are outdoor, then heating the tent is a good way to go using the heater.

They are great for keeping your blankets or even small rooms warm. You can set this up towards your feet and you will see that it works great and keeps your feet warm.

3.     Toe warmers:

Toe warmer is a kind of wear that you have put your legs in. It looks like a bag made of wool. Inside, it has a heater. You can power it using a battery bank or power outlet. And with a provided regulator, you can regulate the heat that is being generated inside.

Like when you feel cold in your feet, you can just relax on your couch and turn these babies on.

Toe warmers for warm Feet

These devices are never going to fail your expectation. It’s a very efficient and portable way to keep yourself warm.

4.     Thermal insole:

Sometimes, when you are going out for a walk in the snow or you are going hiking or a long walk. In that kind of situation, you should have thermal insoles with you. These are specially made insoles that have isolating power to prevent cold from getting inside through the heel or the rubber underneath your toe.

They can be made of foams, isolating foams or reflective plates. It’s always great to have a pair in your backpack because you never know if you are going toned these in your trip or not.

5.     Sweat-wicking socks:

You most probably are aware of the fact that moisture takes away the most amount of the heat from your body. So, it’s really important to keep your skins dry. And when you are hiking on big mountains, you often do not have scopes to check your shoes whether it has sweat or moisture trapped in or not.

To tackle this kind of situation, you will find sweat-wicking socks that have pads on several paces and these pads suck all the moisture out of your feet and keep it warm. Moreover, these also help prevent bad smells.

6. Boots:

Boots are the best and the most favorite option among all. But before you jump on the market and buy yourself one you need to have some knowledge about choosing the best pair.

There is a whole section of hiking boots that have the ability to keep your feet warm under very cold weather.

Most of these boots have rugged built quality. They are very comfortable. But keep in mind that if boots are breathable it is going to lose the isolating heat very quickly. So, it’s really necessary to not buy boots that are not breathable.

And also see out there, if you find any high neck boots, it’s a plus. If your boots feet to your feet perfectly it will never fail to keep you warm.

7. Wrap your shoes:

If you are in great quality boots but still not getting enough warmth that you were expecting, then you are going for a next level upgrade.

You have to improvise with some household objects. You can wrap your shoes in disposable shower caps. It may sound funny, but these are going to keep the snow and cold breeze away from your shoes. You can also use some plastic bags and wrap them around.

To seal this system, you can use duct tapes. If these do help you, you can always use a pair of sandwich bags to wear on your socks.

Also, try to use warm cloths around your feet and lower part of your body. It will keep the feet warm. There are some great winter hiking pants, you can try to keep things perfect.

8. Keep distance from snow and water:

On hiking or camping trips, you may never know what’s ahead of you. But to keep yourself warm you must be careful so that you do not get tipped on water or gather snow or ice inside of your boots or shoe whatever you are wearing. In cold weather, water and wet condition can bring down bad things like hypothermia.

So, it’s really very important to keep your eyes on where you are stepping. And when it’s night and you have the campfire, dry your boots with the heat and also warm up your feet. It will help you to survive better.

9. Walk:

You can never run out of options and it’s last and the most beneficial way to keep your feet warm and your body healthy. It’s walking. Walk every morning. If the weather is cold walk faster. The heat generated due to your workout is the best.

walk in the cold and keep feet warm

It is also going to keep your metabolism up and brighten up your cardiac condition. A lot of physical activity is also recommended to keep your feet healthy and warm.

From the doctors to the explorers, everyone recommends physical activities. With a great pair of boots and a walk in the morning should be your best friend. Stay warm, stay healthy.

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