How to Tie a Hammock Perfectly

How to Tie a Hammock in the Easiest and Proper Way

The hammock is a very popular gear among campers. Many campers like to use hammocks instead of tents, a hammock is much easier to set up. Also, you do not need to worry about the ground condition before setting up a hammock. To tie your hammock properly you need to know the knots and some tips and tricks.

You also need to choose a place where there are two trees having a good amount of space in between to hang the hammock comfortably. Also, you need to choose trees which are strong enough to carry your and hammocks weight, try to avoid dead widows as they can harm you any time.

How to Tie your Hammock Using these Tips

To tie your hammock properly you need a good quality hammock, ropes to tie or hammock straps and karabiner or clips, slings, under quilt and tarp. These are the basic things you need to set up a hammock, but you can also add hammock essentials with it according to your choice.

Choose Desired Height

Before tying a hammock you need to choose your desired height. The ideal sit height for hanging a hammock is 18 inches from the ground; it is a good height as this is the average height of a chair. Therefore you can easily sit or relax on your hammock with this height.

To tie your hammock properly 1st you need to learn some different knot techniques, the reason why you need to learn different techniques is that different knots work in different ways. Some knots are for quick use, some are hard to untie, and some gives dependable ends with good suspension.

Clove Hitch

A proper clove hitch will have no binding, no jamming, and everything will be parallel to each other. This knot is used for hammock tying, boating/sailing, home, and garden use. This is a quick knot style.

To start this technique, hold one end of the rope and pass it around the tree. Now do the same thing again. You will get two circles made around the tree. Now pull the rope end through or under the 2nd circle and pull it tight and your clove hitch is formed. Apply the same technique on the other end of the rope to tie the hammock properly.

Bowline Knot for Hammock

It is a loop knot. This knot is also used for hammock tying, boating/sailing, home, and gardens. This knot is mainly to form a fixed loop at the end of a line. This is a non-adjustable knot. 1st pass the rope around the tree to make a loop.

hammock loop

Now take the loose end and pass it through the bottom through the loop and around the working end, and then back through the top of the loop. Do the same on the other end to tie the hammock with the trees.

Figure 8 Loop for Hammock Rope

Next is figure 8 loop knot. You can also use this for tying hammock. This one is also non-adjustable. Bowling knot and figure 8 loop work the same.

Hold the rope and make a loop around the tree, then make another circle around the loop and pass the rope end through the 1st loop to make a figure 8 loop. Remember, the loop should look like number 8.

Round Turn+ Two .5 Hitches

To make this knot, start by making two rounds around the tree. Hold the loose end underneath and then pull it over the working end and then through the loop which forms a knot. It makes a half hitch.

If you want a 2nd half hitch, then again hold the loose end underneath and then pull it over the working end and then through the loop and pull it tight. This knot is a very strong one if formed in a proper way. Do not forget to repeat the same thing on the other end of the rope to tie the hammock.

Taut Line Hitch

This is an adjustable hitch. This adjusts the tension on a line. To make taut line hitch knot make a circle with the rope around the tree, form a loop and pass the loose end two times from inside of the loop.

Make another loop by going in the same direction and pass the loose end through the new loop.

If you see a top loop is formed on the loops you made and the direction of the top loop and the trailing is the opposite then you have done it right. To adjust the knot you just need to grab the knot and slide it around accordingly.

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