How to Winterize Your Tent for Cold Weather Camping

How to Winterize Your Tent for Cold Weather Camping: 10 Tips to Follow

Winter cannot stop camping enthusiasts or campers from camping. If you are passionate about something then you will definitely find a way to perform it. Winter camping is also fun in its individual way. You just need to know the tactics to make yourself comfortable. Try to layer your body with heavy clothes and also cover hands, feet, and head properly, and you can now easily enjoy your winter camping.

There is another essential part to think about which is night time. You also need to know how to make your tent warn in order to get a good sleep. Remember proper sleep at night works as a kick start in the morning.

Winterize a Tent for Camping in the Cold: Tips to Follow

To winterize your tent the rules or the tricks you should know are discussed below:

1. Smallest Tents Work Better in Winter Camping

In different forum and other community areas, I have seen a lot of questions on how to make your tent warmer. It may seem a difficult task, but some small things can change the scenarios a lot.

You may be using your specious or regular tent for your camping, but you might want to bring the smallest tent with you on a winter camping. Small tents have less space. Therefore, it takes less time to become warm, also as it contains less space less amount of air can make space inside it.

If you use winter-proof tents with smaller size, probably they will serve you great for one or two people. But if you are planning with your families. You should find a four season or winter cabin tent for the reason.

2. Sleeping Bag Should Be Comfortable and Warm

always go for camping after researching about the weather. If you are planning for camping in the winter or if your camping place and time do offer winter, it is better to go with preparation.

There are a thousand types of sleeping bags available in the market. The sleeping bags are categorized on the basis of two factors: one is price and the other is temperature. Good quality sleeping bags are mostly high in price but those are value for money.

Always try to look for the proper and comfortable sleeping bag before buying as they are expensive.

One thing that can help you buy the best sleeping bag for you is; if you think the camp weather will be very cold then go for a sleeping bag which can cover your head and has full zipper, if you see that the weather will be fairly cold then you might want to buy a sleeping bag which is less padded and has detachable headgear.

3. Tarps Protect the Body from Surface Cold

To protect yourself from surface temperature you can put a tarp underneath your tent.

Tarps Protect the Body from Surface Cold

Usually, the tarps are bigger than tents. Therefore, the extra space can be used as your outside changing space or even as storage. Tarp works best with the hammock, but it can be a savvier with the tent too.

Tarp can help to protect your tent and you from the moist and temperature of the ground. You can also tuck in the extra part of the tarp; this will also keep the air away from getting inside. You can also set a tarp to cover your tent.

This will help the tent to get in direct contact with snow or wind. As tarp will have all the snows it will be easier for your tent to be warmer.

4. Sleeping Mat for Extreme Cold in Camping

Sleeping mat can also be used for sleeping. You can put your sleeping bag over the sleeping mat. This will help you to prevent from getting direct contact to the ground. It helps heating camping sleeping bags and saves the body from floor coldness.

You can also use your sleeping mat as a floor mat to sit near a campfire in camping. It makes your sitting comfortably too with giving extra padding.

5. Proper Winter Camping Clothes that Works Good Within the Tent

Bring extra thermal clothes if you are going for winter camping. Bring woolen or heavy socks as warm feet can help to increase your body temperature. Use the warmest shocks available if you are planning a winter camping trip.

Also bring beanie cap, gloves, heavy jumpers for winter camping.

For nighttime wear thermal underwear to keep yourself warm.

6. How to Make a Tent Warmer with Propane Heater

Propane heater can make the tent warmer and save your family from the cold in winter camping. To avail this method, you need a propane tank and a propane heater for a tent. When it comes to the propane heater, many say that it releases carbon monoxide which is very harmful and risky and therefore you should not use it inside your tent.

The process is harmful if you do not use it properly, but if you maintain the rules of using propane heater then you can winterize your tent without any risk. Many researchers showed that with proper use of this, you can heat your tent faster than many other heaters.

Here are few tips to for heated tent in the cold with a propane heater.

  • Set the propane heater inside your tent in a corner, close to the tent closure; and then set the propane tank outside your tent but not too far. It will provide you a heated tent that is great and comfortable in the cold.
  • Now take a hosepipe and connect the tank and the heater tightly. You can use longer hose pipes if you want to set your propane tank a little far from the tent.
  • After connecting both the ends of the pipe zip you tent to close it, keep the tent closure a bit open for ventilation.
  • Make the seal firmly tight to prevent any possibility of leakage. Also, remember to set the tank pressure from low to medium power to avoid any risk.
  • To make your surface warn you can also put a woolen blanket on the ground of your tent. Always keep a carbon monoxide detector with the heater.
  • If your heater by any chance releases carbon monoxide as a byproduct of the propane burning this detector will detect that instantly.

7. How to Keep a Tent Warm in Cold Weather Candle Lanterns

Small lanterns are easy to carry on a trip that helps to stay warm in a tent.

Cold Weather Candle Lanterns

You can use any kind of lantern you want, but candle lanterns are easy and safer to use. If your lantern is small and you feel you should use more to make your tent warm; then use two or even three lanterns.

Set all the lanterns in a corner inside your tent. The lanterns will produce heat which will winterize your tent and will help you keep warm. If you find your lanterns unsafe, put them inside an open box and keep them aside.

Light up the candles 2-4 hours before sleeping. As candles are small, therefore this method takes a bit more time to warm up the tent. This is a very safe method to use as a tent heater. If you prefer to sleep in the dark then you should light up the candles 3-4 hours before going to bed and turn those off while sleeping.

If you are thinking this turning off the candles might again make your room cold, do not worry that will not happen, if you keep your tent’s zipper close then your tent will be warm for at least 5 to 6 hours.

8. How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity with Hot Water Bottle/Bag

Looking for how to heat a tent without electricity? Hot water bag or bottle can solve the problem easily and safely. You can use a hot water bottle or bag to heat up your body. This is an easy, effective and inexpensive way of heating.

While sitting beside the campfire or preparing a meal for camping, boil some water to the maximum temperature and pour it inside the water bottle or bag. Make sure your bottle does not get damaged because of the high-water temperature.

To avoid this type of occurrence do not use plastic bottles as those can burst off in seconds. Make sure to use high graded hot water bottles which can tolerate the heat. To make yourself warm with this method, place the bottles or the bag under your sleeping bag’s feet area or even under your quilt.

The water bottles release warmth which helps to increase the temperature of your tent as well as your body. Hot water bottle and hot water bag work the same way; you can use any of them according to your comfort.

9. Keeping the Heat Inside the Tent: Simple Winterize Tips

To keep the heat inside try not to go outside of the tent and keep the zippers closed properly. Keeping your tent zippers open or often going outside of the tent will make your tent lose the warmth.

Therefore, try to avoid going outside of the tent without an emergency. Use washroom right before entering the tent and also try to stop drinking anything 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. Through following the steps you can keep your tent warm for a longer time.

To winterize your tent use spray adhesive to fix a plastic sheet onto your tent. The plastic sheet can protect your tent from wind and snow.

10. If Suddenly Weather Gets Cold: How to Make Tent Warm?

If all of a sudden the weather becomes cold and you do not have any kind of tent heater with you then you can use the rock method.

Collect some rocks and put them in the campfire, let them absorb the heat and then take them to inside your tent carefully. The rocks will release heat which will make your tent warm.

If you are using a backpacking wooden stove, then you can use the leftover or wooden sticks and try to heat water bottles with them and then keep them inside your tent.

Last Few Words

The best way to solve the cold weather problem is to wear cold outfit. Like wearing cold weather camping/hiking pant will protect you from the rain and snow and coldest dampness and keep you warm. You can also wear some jackets for preventing being cold.

How to Make Tent Warm

Keep in in mind that you shouldn’t make a sudden move if the cold gets through your tent. Like you don’t want anything to burn inside your tent to make it warmer.

Also keep in mind, that you should never cook your food inside your tent, many think that the cooking steam or the flame can make the tent warm.

Yes, it can, but cooking releases carbon dioxide which is very harmful, and also the fire can burn your tent any time.

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