Primos Double Bull Tri Stool Review

If you’re shopping for a hunting chair or stool, then look no further. Primos Double Bull Tri Stool is the one you should get to know about. It’s a very useful tool to take out with you if are planning to go for hunting, Trip or even fishing. Wait for your prey at a relaxing position.

Take the blind spot using the cameo prints and design of the hunting chair. This chair also takes a lot of beating. It’s tough, built well and flexible material lasts longer than how it looks.

Whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even casual, primos double bull chair will fit the mold for all types of people. The chair weights are less than all your average stool you’ll find on the internet.

Primos Double Bull Tri Stool Review

With lighter in weight and comfy sitting triangular seat the Primos Tri Stool is one of the best ground blind hunting chairs you can find in the market. Here are the reviews of its features below.

High-Quality Materials for Durability

The fabric used in this chair is durable and comfortable at the same time. The steel construction of this tool is very durable. It lasts for a very long time. The steel construction of this tool can be folded and can be stored in a very small space and can also be carried to places with ease. On the deer season, you have to think about this one.

The construction material is made of steel and the fabric on this chair makes it a durable chair. On the bottom of steel legs, it has flat surfaced steels which will help the chair to hold a sturdy shape and it will also help you to use it under any condition and at any place.

Primos Double Bull Tri Stool

Comfort with the Triangular Seat is Perfect

One of the major things every hunter will consider is comfort. In bow hunting or any other kinds of hunting, you will need to sit for a long time, watching the target. So, comfort matters for not disturbing the concentration and allowing the hunter perfect environment physically.

Though primos double bull chair has a seat that does not look like the regular ones, this triangular seat will give you a kind of comfort that you’ll get from a very few hunting chairs out there. The backrest has two flexible stripes which will help anyone to sit comfortably on it.

Easy Carrying of the Primos Double Bull Tri Stool

Weighing less than average chairs, Primos Double Tri Stool is very easy to carry from one place to another. The chair weighs only 6.5 pounds which is very light for an average grown man. You can carry this weight with a single hand rather easily.

Well, not only that…

With this chair, you’ll also get a carrying strap which will enhance the transportation feature of Primos Double Bull Tri Stool. While carrying you’ll not feel any moving parts because Primos is also giving you a locking hook.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Taking out there into the woods and getting yourself in a comfortable position is the duty primos double bull chair does the best. Because of having a triangular shaped seat, your sitting position gets a little different, a bit snugger.

Three legs along with the triangular seat make it a sturdy chair for people weighing under 300 lbs. Thanks to the manufacturer Primos for such design. Also, flared backrest support won’t make you feel any pain after a long sitting session.

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  • Weights under 6.5 pounds which is lighter than most of the stools out there.
  • Steel construction does heavy duty job easily.
  • The triangular seat gives a comfy sitting session.
  • Flat base lets you use the chair in any weather condition


  • Can’t handle more than 300 lbs.

Final Verdict

Either you are going on a deer hunt or fishing or even a beach tour, Primos hunting chair will help you at every outdoor adventure. You may have never thought that waiting for prey could be this relaxing. Time for a bar-b-q or pool party at your backyard?

Get your hammock and Primos Bull Tri Stool ready. If you’re looking forward to a duck season and get the most out of it, you’ll not regret buying Primos Double Bull Tri Stool. Grab your guns, hats and Primos Double Bull Tri Stool and roll out.


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  • Built
  • Comfort
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexibility


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