Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod Review

Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod with Crosswater Reel 4PC Review

Fly fishing has been a very popular technique among all the anglers. Getting in contact with the water getting close to the preys has been a fun part of fishing. And nowadays many anglers are moving forward to fly fishing for the big treats.

Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod with Crosswater Reel 4PC
  • All water, medium-fast action rod
  • Wooden reel seats on rods weights through 6 weight models
  • Durable anodized aluminum reel seat on rods 7 weight and above
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Durable cordura rod tube with built in rod dividers

Redington has been producing fishing rods, reels and many more materials for their customers and they have a good reputation as well. Path II Outfit Fishing Rod with Cross water Reel set is one of their finest products in the market.

Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod Review

In the set, they have included all the necessary things that you’ll ever need for fly fishing or even regular style fishing. This whole set comes in the cover that will suit your modern lifestyle.

The whole build of the fishing rod is heavy duty and sturdy and fishing experience with Path II Outfit Fly Fishing Combo will surely be a memorable experience to you

A versatile piece of equipment:

Path II Outfit Fishing Rod combo is an anywhere to fish combo package which will satisfy you in every fishing tour. The rod action is medium to fast, so you’ll be able to use it in any depth of water. So, it will allow you to catch fishes in both freshwater streams or salty steady water.

The materials used in this rod will never get any rest due to saltwater or bad weather condition. This is a champ fishing rod and reel combo for of all water use.

Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod Review

Easy to assemble:

Redington Path II comes all in one package. The rod comes in 4 pieces. After unboxing you’ll be able to assemble them and make it usable right away. This rod does not get flimsy even after heavy and long-time use. Also, this rod combo is made for long time use and traveling anglers.

You can grab this in your backpack and go out fishing at any time of the year. The flywheel is easy to attach with the handle and the line management system in this wheel is super easy and super basic.

Great for all kind of user:

This piece of equipment is very good for the user of all kind. Fly fishing is fun either you are professional or not. Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod bundle is more than enough for beginners.

All you’ll have to do is unbox and take it out for fishing. And in several tries, you’ll be happy that how much advantage the flexible rod gives. It helps for accurate casting and control to anglers.

Weight and ergonomics:

Redington has researched the weight distribution and materials and implemented their top-notch engineering techniques in this rod combo. They have a wide range of weight and length options available for any kind of user. They have 4 weight option to 9 weight option.

Their length options are 8’6” and 9’0”. We will recommend 9’ which is a very good size for a normal height man. The material used in the rod is flexible, so you don’t have to worry about your line to get stuck in tree branches or anywhere.

Moderately fast action and controlled casting are important here. Redington had this issue in consideration and made it flexible for better grip and control. Here you’ll be getting to know more about this rod combo.

 Durable material and design:

Redington has a good reputation for their top-quality products. They have implemented a tremendous amount of effort and engineering for their customers. This Fishing Rod has been built using graphite for its medium fast action rod.

The graphite used in the rod is rough and tough to take a beating for a long time. Graphite used in this has been processed under high temperature which gives the rod more tensile strength.

Whenever you get your hands on a big fish you won’t have to worry about the rod to get cracked the flexible graphite has got your back. For the manufacturing process, this rod is made for bending and flexing.

Though the weight is below average rods in the market they are not as weak as they look like.

Fly Reel:

The reel on this piece of the machine has made this a tough allrounder. The manufacturer used a combination of graphite and wood for making this combo. The graphite gives it the strength and wood give grip to the fishing lines. The wood will give you the classic feel of fly fishing.

The line has an accurate amount of casting power and smoothness. All the materials used in this bundle can easily handle saltwater and can take the beating of any weather condition.

The rod:

The rod has the perfect balance of strength and flex. You will surely never feel the same using other rods after using this one. The flexibility results in accurate casting and much strength to fight with big fishes. Trout, grayling, and salmon are the common fishes that you can catch.

In the salty water, you even can fight with small sharks using this rod. On the rod, there is a wood grip for better grip. Smooth finished wood is tender to your hands. This will allow you to fish for a longer period. The dragging power on the wheel is incredible.

It uses a strong disc drag system for incomparable dragging power. The reel has the capacity to wrap 100 yards of 4/5/6 fishing line.

Bang for the buck:

This flywheel system is a heck of a steal for budget anglers. At a price range of $150 to $190, you can hardly get any other option. This graphite and wood construction is also a stylish and classic looking combo that will make the other anglers jealous. Also, you’ll get a great looking and compact bag for storing the whole rod setup.

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  • Good for all water
  • Four-piece package
  • Cordura rod tube is tough
  • Bag for storing the rod
  • Lightweight material
  • Lifetime warranty on rod


  • Warranty does not cover the reel

Our Thought

As we can see Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod is offering the best package for the fly-fishing addicts out there. So, before you invest your money on the other fishing accessories consider a trial on this combo. You’ll surely be amazed. It is made for delivering the top-notch and thrilling experience for the anglers.

Editor Review
  • Built
  • Comfort
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexibility


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