Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest Review

Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest Review: Things You Need to Consider

Every hunter knows, having a proper arrow rest on your hunting game is important. The accuracy and user-friendly drop away arrow rest will improve hunting performance. And if you are looking for a reliable drop away arrow rest that has adjustability, flexibility and easy to use features, then the Ripcord Drop Away arrow rest can be a great choice.

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While making the review of several arrow rest, we choose this one first. First of all, it is my personal favorite. And most of the reviews I found over the internet gave me a proper reason to make a full research on this.

Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest Review


Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest ReviewRipcord Drop-Away Arrow Rest is made of high-quality components and with some very essential features like adjustability, containment capability and proper flexibilities to works with different arrows.

The change of hunting equipment has a great impact on performance along with experience and skill. And arrow rest has also made hunting more accurate and easier.

Comfortable design with solid built quality

In hunting, a long day of watching and shooting needs better comfort in the equipment. Surely you need quality that will last longer in the rough weather, in the rain and wet condition. But also, you need to take care of the hunter, and that is by providing better comfort and ease out of the hunting tools they are using.

This Ripcord Arrow Rest is made with metal with rubber coating. The rubber coats make the loading silent and let you maneuver it while it is locked. The capture base is designed to fully contain arrows. So, the arrows will not fall out from the rest and make your hunting smoother.

The “Firefall design”, is what makes it stand out from the most. When you fire, the launcher will fall automatically, but if you unintentionally or intentionally let yourself down, the arrow will be on its place.

Micro Adjustment Feature Makes Accuracy Better

The change of hunting equipment has a great impact on performance along with experience and skill. And arrow rest has also made hunting more accurate and easier. Thanks to the micro adjustment features of this arrow rest that enable you to fine-tune the arrow at a maximum level.

Although, some users have faced some problems in positioning the arrows at the target. I think giving few shots and time with the arrow rest will solve the problem easily.

During my hunting game experience, I can really on the tuning option. It makes hitting the target a lot more precise and perfect, than before. If you are looking for flexibility and performance, the Ripcord Fall-Away Arrow Rest is a perfect choice.

Fall Away System that Makes Arrow Release Stable

The reason I will put this arrow rest standout from others is the patent-pending perfect fall away system. While shooting with the bow the hand torque can cause problems, making the arrow move from the actual target you have aimed.

The manufacturer of this arrow rest has creatively designed a way to offer better stability. The fall away system of Ripcord will transfer bow hand torque processing to the arrow with perfection. It makes the arrow few inches forward during travel before falling away.

Actually, while researching a bit on this arrow rest I have found some really interesting information from the other users, I didn’t really felt in my first experience. After the research, I took some shots to find out if actually these are true or not, and surprisingly some of them are present in the features.

Enjoy Better Control with the Vane Launcher Design

Enjoy Better Control with the Vane Launcher Design

This model of the ripcord arrow rest comes with advance designed ultra slimline launcher. The launcher provides more than 45% vane clearance from the traditional launchers. To control the broadheads better than ever, it has short and stiff vane.

With mixing with the fall away design, the vane design provides excellent clearance while shooting the targets. So, this makes another reason why most of our experts have suggested this arrow rest.

Smooth System for Flexible Operation

The drop away arrow rest comes with an advanced brake system. The system works organized preventing the rest to bounce bake while shooting. Moreover, the offset cord helps a smoother experience of shooting

Ripcord comes with Drop Dead brake system – the first in any arrow rest. The system ensures there is no launcher bounce back.

The system also allows the fletching to pass flexibly without any internal damages during clearance.  Also, what impressed me a lot is the dampening system. The internal dampening system makes smooth operation with eliminating the noise when in action.

Also, you will be pleased with the ThumbCock feature of this arrow rest with the MAX launcher. It lets you load arrows and also cock the rest using only one hand. So, the whole using process will be quick and hassle-free.

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  • Comes with a fully adjustable design for maximum flexibility
  • Has micro adjustment feature for accurate and precise target shooting
  • Comfortable design for the hunters with soft rubber padding cells
  • Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest is sturdy enough to use for a long time
  • A smooth operational system to make hitting the targets with arrows easily
  • Provides better control with exceptional vane launcher
  • Installing this arrow is easier than most other models


  • The arrow rest price is on the expensive sides
  • Sometimes positioning the arrow can be a little difficult

Final Thought

Despite some minor downsides of this Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest, you will be fairly happy with its performance. With some unique option like micro-adjustment feature, vane launcher, and ThumbCock feature, it can be very attractive for the game hunters. So, the popularity level of this product is valid, not overrated.

By being very smooth and accurate in bow operation, the manufacturer hasn’t forgotten to implement comfort for the users. The durable frame is covered with soft cells to make it very easy to hold for a longer time in big game hunting.

The only complain this Ripcord Drop-Away Arrow Rest will receive is the price, which is little more than the expectation of some of the consumers. But I think the price is fairly done when I take the performance and the quality into the considerations.

If you are willing to pay a little more to get a quality piece of arrow rest, we recommend this one to be on the first in your list.

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Check out the in-depth honest Ripcord Drop Away Arrow Rest Review to find if it suits you or not.

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