Shimano Curado I Baitcasting Reel Review

Shimano Curado I Baitcasting Reel Review: Check Our Honest Opinion

Shimano has been top graded cycling, adventure accessories, and fishing tool manufacturer for several years. Shimano Curado I is one of their best fishing accessories on the market. Fishing season is no more fun when you are spending your time with low-quality fishing accessories.

Engineers have been developing and researching about this fishing wheel for several years and came up with high gear baitcast spinning fishing reel. And talking about the value to price ratio this reel is the one that crashes every other reel on the market.

While different fishing reels with high price range often offer a lack of quality and performance, you will rather glad about this one from Shimano. It comes with top grade quality, gear power, and drag performance.

Shimano Curado I Review: Features and Performance

Check out the honest review to learn more on this high quality reel.

Shimano Curado

Built durably

This product is built like a tank. The aluminum cage around pinion gear and spool shaft give durability and quality. As a fishing roll, it has to travel a lot from your home to riverbank to sea or even to the mountains.

Shimano Curado, I take the beating like a champion. You can just take it out of the box and take it to fish right away. Shimano used the aluminum on this build to not only make it tough but also lowering the weight. It will never catch any rust even after long time use. Shimano made this smooth just like their other reels.

Top-notch Technology

Shimano has implemented its technologies like X-Ship technology and Stable Spool design to make your experience smooth as butter and silent like a butterfly. A-RB stainless steel is certified as harder than regular steel. Shimano has implemented A-BR ball bearing design to last longer. Design strategy has made it a small and yet powerful.

On Curado I Reel it has stable spool design that lets you drag the fishing line smoothly from the kayak as well with the use of the paddle. SVS infinity breaking system will never let your lines sleep. 5 shielded A-RB anti-rust stainless steel ball bearing ensure fishing line to pass without any hiccups.

The Cross Carbon drag system positions the carbon fiber washers on either side of the master gear and even pressure on both sides.

Shimano Curado - Premium Grade Material

Premium Grade Material

Aluminum frame and highly efficient gearing mechanism make it the best reel on the market at its price range. You can take this to anywhere you want to ignoring the fact of weather condition or water issue. The color and gear give a cool mechanical look to it. It’s small, you can take it anywhere when you’re about to go fishing.

So, the campers and traveler out there can choose this reel if you’re up for fishing while camping. We have had seen some trout fishing trips with this reels too It’s cheap, so, it can be a great gift for anyone who loves fishing. It’s powerful, you can easily take care of big salmon fishes or even bigger ones. Here you’re going to know more about this fishing wheel.

Performance of Shimano Curado

As the built quality of this wheel is super good compared to price point it also performs like a champ. The total wheel weights only 7 ounces. With a lot of power like it can allow the drag of 11 pounds without even breaking any sweat.

It has the gear ration of 7.2:1. So, when you need to pull all loosen fishing line into the reel it’s just smooth as a breeze and fast like a dragonfly. It has a mono line capacity of 8lbs/180yeds.

Gear power and the ratio

SHIMANO Curado I Reel is equipped with high quality and cutting edge engineered gear system. It has the retriever on the right side of the gear and reel. So, if you’re a righty person you will et good advantage out of it.

This gear can pull 30 inches of line in one crank and you can imagine how quickly it can pull all your lines when you are fishing in a big lake. While you’re using monoline the capacity it will provide are (lbs/yds): 8/180,10/155,14/110 which is far better than most of the cheap ones out there.

Value for the money

Shimano has been making accessories for fishers and explorers for many years and they have a very good reputation among the bests.

You can be sure that the money you are going to spend on this wheel is going to pay off after several fishing sessions. This model of wheel costs around less than most quality reels and goes to a few hundred dollars as you upgrade.

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  • Price point is quite cheap
  • Smooth bearing system
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Small and powerful


  • Should have come with more color variation

Final Thought

To summarize about the wheel, It’s a lightweight pack with a lot of power. It’s a size that can easily fit into your palm. After spending money on this piece of engineering you will never feel the need for moving on from Shimano products. The reel will not get any rust or never get faded for overuse. It’s a fun product to take with your holiday tours, hunting or fishing. You will surely realize that every money spent on Curado I is worth it.

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