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Some Bass Fishing Equipment Tips to Consider

There are a number of little special bass fishing tricks and that do not involve lure selection or use, yet add to their tournament success. Actually, to have a better bass fishing experiences, using the perfect tool isn’t enough. You need better guidance, experiences, bass fishing equipment tips  and general senses that come into play when the bass takes your bait.

Without perfect guidance’s, a newbie cannot get a proper idea on how to know for creating baits, when to catch bass and so on.

Most Important Bass Fishing Equipment Tips

Here is a brief rundown of some of the less obvious fishing tips that can lead to more productive days on the water.

The Question of Scent for Bass Fishing

Long before commercial bass scents were on the market, California pros were dipping their plastic worms into a variety of concoctions in an effort to enhance their catch ratios. In those days, the “secret” mixture was the oil of anise, the licorice scented liquid sold in drug stores.

To keep the injection-molded worms from drying out and becoming too hard, the pros would put them in a plastic bag with some mineral oil and a few drops of anise.

Scent for Bass Fishing

The mineral-anise oil combination would give the bait both a glossy sheen and an appealing smell.

Commercial Bass Scent Types

Today’s commercial bass scents are basically divided into two types: attractors or stimulators. Some manufacturers claim their scent attracts the bass with a Tantalizing aroma. Others believe their scent stimulates the attack-feeding response in the fish.

Regardless of the school of thought to which you subscribe, one thing is certain-bass do feed not only by sight but also by smell. As with other fish species, their olfactory senses are relatively keen.

Furthermore, there is good scientific documentation that bass gives off a danger” odor when caught and then released back into the water. This is known as the “Schreckstoff Response” and research clearly indicates it is very powerful among members of the bass family.

Bass will actually emit an odor that will warn their companions of impending danger. The only exception appears to be fish that are hooked outside the lip.

My Experiences on Scents

I have personally experimented with a wide variety of these commercial scents and, in my opinion, they definitely work. In other experiences I used fish oil based products in standard, crawdad or shad flavors, as well as other scents that are prepared from a natural biochemical strike stimulant.

I have also used scents in liquid, paste and roll-on form. They all seem to work. In any kinds of fishing, like trout fishing bait, crab fishing bait, scent is important tool.

I do a lot of plastic worm fishing and throw a lot of the subtle baits such as grubs and P-heads. I always add some type of scent to these lures.

Usually, I’ll put a few drops on about every third cast or so. Many of the manufacturers package their scent in large pump spray bottles. The problem with these is that 80% of the liquid ends up in your boat or out in the water and not on the bait.

Purchase a small squeeze bottle similar to that used for backpacking or for medicines and transfer the scent into it. You only need a few drops of this concentrated mixture to work with the lure.

A final note on Scents

Many of these compounds will Stain clothing or affect the gel coat on expensive fiberglass boats. Keep a wet towel handy to wipe up any spillage and try to work away from the boat. Take that extra effort to add scent to your lures. The results may be well worth it!

Important Eyewear for Bass Fishing

There is a wealth of accessory items that the serious more bass can purchase at his local tackle shop.

Some of these appear to be pure gimmicks, but others are worthwhile investments that may lead to better catches.

Like using proper fishing rod, reel, lure, you should also focus on safety clothing like boots, gloves, footwear, head wear and glasses. Polarized sunglasses can be very effective thing to have.

Polarized Sunglasses and Lances

For the plastic worm aficionado, polaroid sunglasses are an absolute must. So much of this type of fishing is done by sight or by line watching. The Polaroid lenses cut down on the glare and really highlight the line as it enters the water.

Eyewear for Bass Fishing

Polaroid sunglasses are also important because they can actually let you penetrate through the water and often see your quarry. On clear lakes, in particular, this can be critical because you may have to stay way back from the bass so they won’t spook.

Quite often, with a good polarized lens, you can see the bass lazily cruising or playing Hide and seek in the brush many yards away before you cast.

Types of Manufacturers

There are a number of manufacturers that make polaroid sunglasses in plastic or glass lenses. My favorite, pioneered by Western anglers, hunters, backpackers, and outdoors people, are made with heavy duty glass lenses.

And also, these are manufactured by Costa Del Mar. The frames are incredibly light and can be worn literally for

Comfort Issue for lenses and Glasses

This style of sunglasses gives optimal protection and handles a lot of abuse from dropping. scratching, etc. I also recommend you purchase an eyeglass strap with these glasses. Too many times the angler leans over to unhook a fish and the sunglasses slide off and fall into the drink.

Sporting goods stores and fishing tackle shops feature the Costa Del Mar line of angler’s polarized sunglasses.

Tips on Selecting and Using Line Stripers

The Berkley Company has devised a unique little gadget termed a line stripper that can literally save you many hours of tedious work over the course of a year.

Selecting and Using Line Stripers

Many bosses have a tendency not to change line often enough. They buy line and expect it to last all season.

Getting the Most Out of Stripper

The pros realize that the line–not the rod, reel, or hook ‘is the most important link between themselves and the fish. They purchase top premium grade mono-filament and keep their reels filled at all times.

Exposure to the sun, heat, rocks, brush, and structure will even wear down the best of lines. Thus, the pros will often change lines every time out.

This can become a major project if you have 6 to 12 reels that you use in a tournament situation. Here is where the line stripper pays for itself. Powered by two “C” batteries, an efficient miniature roller forces the line off the reel and through the stripper.

To remove 150 to 200 yards of monofilament takes just a matter of seconds with this inexpensive little device.

Rotating Whetstone Building

Also built into the stripper is a rotating whetstone that serves as an excellent hook sharpener. These Items works great with strong jerkbait rod and bass fishing rods.

rotating Whetstone bass fishing

Throughout this article on bass fishing equipment, I have harped on how important it is to sharpen the hooks used on all artificial bass baits.

The same holds true for live bait hooks. You can sharpen hundreds of hooks with this little miniature grindstone, quickly and efficiently.

Some Other Handy Fishing Tools

Other Handy Tools Often the novice bass fisherman decides to customize his pork rind frogs and he has nothing in the boat to cut through the tough bait. It is one of a good bass fishing tip to follow for some.

Similarly, he may need to trim back a vinyl or rubber skirt if the lure appears to be too bulky. A pair of scissors designed especially for fishing can be very helpful took here.

Most of these instruments also have a cutting, knife-like edge on the outside of the two Scissor blades. You can use the scissor function to cut the pork or trim the skirting material, then use the sharp outside edge to make cross cuts in the pork rind without going all the way through the bait.

Shoreline markets an absolutely indispensable little gadget. This is basically a surgical hemostat that makes the dandiest hook remover you’ll ever use. This inexpensive tool also has a cutting edge adding to its versatility. I won’t leave home without one stashed in my boat.

Split-shot Plastic Worms for Fishing

Finally, if you are going to split-shot plastic worms or fish live bait with the older style, crimp-on shot, then be sure to carry a pair of pliers with you. Many manufacturers such as G-96 and Sampo market small compact pliers designed especially for fishermen.

Don’t try to use your teeth with this style shot. The potential damage isn’t worth it. Invest in a pair of good pliers.

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