How to Stay Cool While Camping in the Summer

How to Stay Cool While Camping in the Summer

Summer camping means experiencing hot weather. Summer camping has so many activities to offer which other seasons cannot provide you. To enjoy this hot weather you need to stay cool and be cool. If you do not know how to stay cool while camping then you might face some real problems while camping.

As you will be far from the city and locality you should go prepared for every situation and also you should know the tips for handling circumstances. If you have no idea about the park of hot weather then you might face heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Therefore, you must go through the tips I will be giving you on how to stay cool while camping.

Stay Cool While Camping in Tent and Out Side in the Summer

In my experience in Florida and other USA state camping, whether it is on foot or car camping, summer has always been tough for the families and friends.

Sometimes excessive heat in camping can ruin your mood while you are out to have fun in the wild. So, keeping cool is one of the issues to solve for a better camping experience in the summer.

Here are some of my personal tips on summer camping for the beginner campers.

1.Choose a Camping Spot with Shade in Summer

while choosing your campsite to make sure to choose a spot which can provide you shade and can partially protect you from direct sun. After choosing your campsite, choose the place coolest for your tent within your compound.

If you set up your tent in a place where you get direct sunlight, you will not be able to even stay inside it for a minute; your tent will become oven for you.

2. Use Tarp that Gives Shade

Choose a spot for your tent where you can put up your tarp. It is one of the most important things to do in hot weather tent camping. Tarp will provide you extra shade and privacy from sun and heat.

  • tarp for summer heat
  • Tarp in Summer Camping

You will also be able to sit outside your tent without worrying about direct sunlight. Of course, you will need the best camping tarp available in the market that provides better shade. Set your tarp in a way that it only protects you from heat and does not block the natural view. 

3. Use Mesh Tents for Better Shade and Less Heat in Camping

There are tents which have layers of mesh; you can easily find those in the market. Buy a tent with mesh walls which can protect you from heat but does not block breeze from entering inside your tent. Mesh layers can also protect you from bugs and insects.

While buying a mesh tent, make sure you are choosing a summer friendly tent and not a winter camping tent. There are meshes tents with ground cover and without ground cover; buy the one with ground cover as it can save you from heat and insects.

If you do not have much idea about tents with mesh layers, then while buying, mention that you want a tent for summer camping. While buying a summer tent choose lighter colors as light colors do not soak in excess heat and can reflect light better. Also, try to buy lightweight tents with mesh liners inside.

4. Use Reflector to Keep the Light Away

While you are in the wild, you need to have proper wood camping gears with you. For summer or winter camping, the proper gears will always help you to stay in shape.

You can use a light reflector to make the light and heat go away. For this, you can set up a thermal blanket on top of your tent or on the campsite just like a tarp. Make sure to put it 8-10 feet up from the ground. 

5. Summer Camping Tips on Ventilation: Play with vents

If your tent does not have mesh layers or liners, in that case, open your windows and doors to keep your tent cool.

Summer Camping Tips on Ventilation

This provides bugs and insects to come inside but this also gives the breeze to come inside and opens a way for ventilation. To prevent bugs and insects from entering a tent, you can do netting on your tent vents.

6. Remove the Fly if Necessary

I have seen a lot of questions like how to beat the heat camping or something like how to stay cool at summer camp. Sometimes, little thing about camping can do a lot of improvement, when you are fighting with the heat. Like taking off the rainfly.

Check on the weather, if you see the chance of rain is very low then take off the rain fly. If your tent is waterproof then this tip is easier to perform.

This can let the breeze enter your area and can help you lower the temperature inside your tent. Do not apply this before the sun goes down otherwise the sunlight will hit you directly.

7. Ditch Your Sleeping Bag

In the summertime, sleeping bags are not necessary gear. You can ditch this gear and can just use the liner as a mat. If your bag liner is made of silk then it is a plus point for you, as silk feels way cooler than cotton liners.

8. Hot Weather Tent Camping Can be Easier with Tent Fan

There is no surety that you will be able to feel cool breeze all the time while camping in summer. For constant breeze you can carry fans, fans can make you cool with the artificial cool air.

You can either hook it with the tent ceiling or you can put it close to you; on a table or floor. If you are using a larger camping tent like a cabin, then using a fan can be a great thing for a large group of people. Buy the perfect size and the one with lighter weight.

9. Use A Perfect Hammock for Hot Weather

Hot weather camping in a tent it can be less comfortable on most occasion, to be honest. It is because of the lack of air passing ability. Tents are isolated and do not let pass the wind fully inside.

For this, you can use hammock instead of a tent for sleeping. A hammock can let you sleep in peace and will give you the leverage of enjoying a cool night breeze. This is one of the other ways to stay cool while camping.

If you want to put on a tarp make sure you leave a gap of at least 5-7 feet between your hammock and the tarp; this will let the air pass smoothly. 

10. Search for Water Body as the Weather Remains Cool There

The places close to water bodies are fairly cool than other spots. Also, you can easily go swimming whenever you feel like and this will also keep your body temperature low.

11. Camping Cooler Is Another Option

Search for Water Body in camping

To do some activities around water you can bring balls, Frisbees, hula-hoops, etc. location around water bodies are best for summer times, hence pick a spot around if you have the chance.

You have the chance to bring ice or if you think I have access to it then you can bring cooler with you at camp. Coolers use ice to vent out cool air from inside which can help us keep cool. It can also help to stay cool in the tent.  

 If the weather is too hot you might have to refill it with ice, therefore make sure you have access to ice before carrying it.

12. Drink Water Regularly to Keep Your Body Cool

Drinking plenty of water can lower your body temperature. You will also be hydrated if you drink a lot of water.

Preferably you should drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day but as you are camping in hot weather you should consume at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day.

You can carry a thermal flask or ice box to keep your drinkable water resource chilled.  This flask will also let you save water during camping with giving the most out of it.

13. Drink Salt Water to Reload Electrolyte in Excessive Heat

Excessive sweating cause salt and water reduction from the body which can cause electrolyte imbalance. To eliminate this problem, you can add some salt to your water or you can carry glucose and drink it when needed.

Salt will provide potassium and sodium to your body; which you loosing in the trail and will make you feel a lot better. It is as important as staying cool in the summer camping or hiking.

14. Eat Cold Camping Food that Eliminates Heat

 Hot or warm foods will only increase your body temperature and will make you sweat. There are a lot of camping meals or dry food items for a trail that will provide the right energy, but to be cool in the heat, you need to make a choice of the food items.

Foods like cold pasta salad, cold beef, vegetables, fruits, etc. are the best choice for summertime. These foods can help you eliminate the heat and can keep your body cool.

Have the Perfect Summer Camping Hat

You need to choose your clothes wisely to be cool in heated hiking or camping. As you will be walking or sitting in open space, a hat can save you from direct light and heat. There is a lot of summer hiking hats that will save your skin from direct sun.

Do not wear a heavy hat as it can cause sweat, use lighter and comfortable hats through which air can enter easily and can also protect you from hot.

15. Cloth Selection for Staying Cool in the Summer

Selecting the right cloth for summer camping is as important as having other suitable gadgets. You need to wear light clothes with more space for your skin to remain refreshed and cool.

Pack light colored clothes

As dark colors absorb a lot of heat, make sure to bring lighter colored clothes for summer camping. As you will be out in the woods, under direct sunlight, lighter colors can also soothe and comfort your eyes.

If you are camping with children in the summer season, you should carry lightweight pants and t shirts for them. You should carry more than. If one of the clothes get wet, you can change them with another.

Choose light and loose clothes

With colors also choose clothes which are lightweight. Light clothes can definitely keep you cool and can help you sweat less. Lighter clothes do not mean very thin fabric through which sun rays can enter easily. Make sure to choose fabrics which are summer friendly.

Choose light and loose clothes for summer camping

Also, tighter clothes can restrict air to pass away; to prevent this carry loose clothes which can keep you cool. You can wear oversized t-shirts, baggy pants, short sleeved loose dresses, and skirts to make a way for air to pass from inside.

17. Use Sunscreen to Protect our Skin from Direct Sunlight

Sunscreen is a must when it comes to summer camping. You should never go out without putting on sunscreens.

According to the heat choose a sunscreen for the exposed parts of your body. Sunscreens are not used for balancing your body temperature it is used for protecting you from the harmful sun rays.

As you will be in direct contact to the sun you should use a sunscreen with SPF 50. Also, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

18. Wear Sandals for Your Feet to Stay Cool

Use sandals instead of sneakers or boots. Your feet temperature can make a huge difference in maintaining your body temperature. If you wear sandals your feet will be exposed and hence you will be able to feel the air touching it.

It will help your feet to stay cool while camping. While you are walking try to wear something that provides proper gripping and has the right air space for ventilation.

19. Thin Socks is Good for Hot Weather Camping

If you are out for hiking and you are not allowed to hike without shoes; then choose lighter shoes and thin socks to keep your feet cool. This can prevent excessive sweating and discomfort as well.

Thin Socks for camping

20. Swimming is Better to Remain Cool in the Summer

to keep yourself cool you can go for some camping activities. Rather playing on the ground, go for swimming. You can even play with balls or anything staying in the water, this way you can enjoy your time and can also keep yourself cool.

You can also go for wild swimming if you are a good swimmer, but if you do not have good command on swimming then do not go for this.

You might also want to do a picnic in the water. For that, you can use a tube ring for you to float with peace and you can carry your picnic essentials in a waterproof bag. Move slowly and enjoy your time with your partners and beat the heat.

21. Head for the Hills to Keep Things Cooler

If you are not a swimmer or you do not like swimming, go hiking instead. The higher you go the lower the temperature becomes, so you can spend some quality time on the hills and can keep yourself cool.

Hiking can make you feel hot but this is be gone for good when you reach the height.

Top hills for cool in Summer Camp

Last Few Words

If you follow these tips you will surely be able to keep yourself cool while camping in the summer. One more tip for you, wake up early in the morning before the heat can attack your tent. Early risers are privileged with more energy as well.

Also, early risers will get the opportunity to enjoy wildlife with cool and weather.

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Looking at the bluest sky, I forget all my stresses. Going through the green I try to breathe, more than I do in my reality. So, that's why I love camping.

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