Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat Review

We all feel the need of wearing a nice and protective hat while going on outdoor adventures in sunny days. The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure can be a great choice for any kind of sunny activities.

If you are looking for a nice hat for your outdoor travelling and camping the weather in the spot is too hot. Here I am going to help you with your decision by talking about the Ultra Adventure hiking hat.

This is a very protective and versatile hat. Let us discuss this product in this review.

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Review

Looking for the best hiking hat for your next trip this summer? Check out this Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Review and pick this hat if you like the features.

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Review

A Little Bigger Hat with Protection

The Ultra Adventure looks a little bit large. It is not super stylish. The hat has a wide 3.5″ brim which will wrap around the sides of your head. The long 6-inch neck cape will cover your back of the neck well.

The hat has a chin cord to tighten. The hat can easily be collapsed into a pocket-friendly nine inches long and a quarter-inch thick form.

The size may look bit odd but the protection will help you to cover your sensitive areas from the heat, which is really effective for heated desert or high-temperature areas.

Weight and Material of Sunday Afternoons

This comfortable hat is very lightweight. It weighs only 2.6 ounces. The weight isn’t very light considering some lightest model but is in the range of lightweight. Also, the comfort of this hat doesn’t go below with the weight. The other features make it very easy to wear it for a longer time with the weight being lower.

The Sunday Afternoons hiking hat has 50+ UPF materials.  The hat is made from very lightweight nylon/polyester materials which make it really comfortable to wear. The Sunday Afternoons hat is made of 88% Nylon and12% Polyester Dobby.

Great Protection from the Sun

This exceptional hat will fully protect you from the sun. It is really lightweight and comfortable. There is a darker colored under brim material which reduces glare while traveling over reflective surfaces.

The cape will protect your neck from the sunburn. The materials of the hat are very quick-drying, which is a great feature of it. One of the special features of this outdoor sun hat is sunglass lock. You can put your sunglasses there without them falling off.

Comfort Is Awesome with Breathability

Another thing is really important t in the sun hat is breathability. Doesn’t matter how much comfort your hat is, if it sweats too often, then you won’t be able to wear it for a longer time. Luckily this Sunday Afternoon hat comes with better breathability than most of the hats on the market.

The breathability of this hat is very good. It is made from light nylon/polyester materials which are very breathable. The cape style of the Ultra Adventure is tapered which creates a better airflow.

There is a sweatband in the that goes around your whole head which absorbs your sweat away and keeps your head cool.

Lasting Built Quality with Decent Design

The Sunday Afternoons hiking hat is not super stylish. It loses points when it comes to style. But in my opinion, it does not matter as long as it protects you from the sunburn really well.

Also, this hat will serve you for a long time. The quality of the Ultra Adventure hat is really good and long-lasting. You can use this hat roughly without worrying.

Price is on the Mid Higher Side

The only thing to consider before buying this excellent sun hat is the price. Unlike the Columbia Men’s Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hat, you cannot have this in low budget. You have to pay for the comfort and the quality a bit more than what you may expect.

But if you have a better knowledge of the quality hats in the market, then the price isn’t unknown to you, you have to pay for the perfect experience and protection from the sun.

In my opinion, the price is quite fair and reasonable. It has a good value of money because of its quality.

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Things We Liked

  • Lightweight materials make this hat wearable for a long time
  • This hat is really comfortable and easy to wear for in the heat
  • The Design gives total protection from the sun
  • Durable and long-lasting quality materials used to build this hat
  • Come with Water and Stain Resistant feature
  • You can pack it in your outdoor backpack very easily
  • Wicking Sweatband with breathable feature makes it super comfortable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not so stylish and a little bigger on size
  • Flapping neck cape isn’t very popular amongst the hikes 

Final Thought

Overall the Ultra Adventure is a very good choice if you are looking for a hat to fully protect your face and neck from the sun. This is one of the finest versatile hats.

The quality of this hat is one of the best. The price of the hat is reasonable. In my opinion, this is the best cap in the market with this kind of quality and price.

So, this hiking hat is worth every penny. It is very popular among runners and hikers. It is the best choice for any kind of active sunny activities like hiking, kayaking, backpacking traveling, paddling etc.

So, the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure is strongly recommended for you if you are looking for a good sun protection hat.


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