Essential Travel Medication and Vaccinations 101

Essential Travel Medication and Vaccinations 101

One of the joys of adventure travel is that it often takes us to exotic locations. Locations, that are far off the beaten path. One should keep essential travel medication and vaccinations to skip the diseases and have healthy travel experience.

Especially, Going on safari in Africa, taking a riverboat up the Amazon, and crossing India by train are all fantastic opportunities for those looking for an amazing travel experience.

But unfortunately, all of those places can also expose us to dangerous viruses as well. Potentially by sending you home with something more than just priceless memories. Thankfully, there are medications and vaccinations. These can help protect us from these diseases, keeping us healthy where ever we go.

Essential Travel Medication and Vaccinations

Having proper headwear/hat for travel and clothing can save you from many diseases. But some may cause from the viruses. So, you need some travel medication and also vaccinations if necessary. Here are some of the tips you can also follow.

Check the destination if it has any specific virus

The first steps you should take after selecting a destination id checking destination and weather. And after that, find out if there are any dangerous viruses active in the region you’ll be traveling through. You can do that by visiting the Center for Disease Control.

Check the destination if it has any specific virus

Or you can visit World Health Organization websites, both of which have specific pages designed to provide information for travelers. Those pages are constantly updated with the latest information about the most prevalent health risks for the places you’re planning to visit.

That information can let you know which medications and vaccinations you should have before setting out.

Use the medications or vaccinations for the disease

Some of the more common viruses that travelers risk exposure to include malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis, and typhoid. The dangers that those diseases present can range from only mild symptoms all the way up to life-threatening conditions.

These happen to depend on the strain of a virus, activities undertaken, and the infected person’s overall level of health. Also, check the safety of water of the are you are hiking or traveling.

Thankfully, each of those viruses listed above has either medications or vaccinations that can limit the chance of contracting them. Or even eliminate that chance altogether. That means that travelers can safely visit places. Places, where those diseases are rampant, and greatly reduce the chances that they’ll become ill.

This allows us to travel with more confidence and opens up the possibility of visiting destinations that would normally be too dangerous.

Get the medication before setting out

Unfortunately, many travelers don’t bother to get the proper meds and vaccinations that they need before the set-out. This is usually due to the fact that they either don’t know the risks they face. Or they are willing to take the risk. Or, they simply haven’t budgeted for the extra costs of health care.

The first of those challenges is easily overcome, as a simple Internet search will provide all of the information we need for the destination we are visiting. The other two excuses are a bit more challenging to overcome.

Importance of taking the meds within the travel

If a traveler is willing to take the risk of visiting a destination without first getting the proper vaccinations or medications, they could find themselves playing with fire. These diseases are very real and can be extremely dangerous.

Visiting a place where malaria is common for example doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically contract the virus. But without the proper meds, the chances of it happening increases dramatically. And can end up have a long-lasting impact on your health or even potentially result in death.

meds within the travel

This can also happen, if you do not know the proper information and setting up a first-time travel plan. By ignoring those risks, it could be just a matter of time before you’re exposed, and the consequences could be dramatic.

Different areas cost different medication charges

As for those travelers who say they can’t afford to pay for the medications and vaccinations necessary for the place they are visiting, I’d say they can’t afford to.

The cost of medical bills can result from contracting one of these diseases will far exceed the cost of preventing them, and often in the case of vaccinations, you could potentially be safe for years to come, or even the rest of your life.

Paying for those vaccines should be seen an investment in your health and future travel, allowing you to not worry about where you go in the future too.

Changing the travel plan in some cases is important

Sadly, there are still some dangerous viruses that we don’t have vaccines for just yet. Zika and Ebola are two such diseases that have made headlines in recent months, and both should be concerns for travelers.

These kinds of health risks will also be shared by the CDC and WHO, so checking those websites will let you know if there are similar concerns for the place you’re going.

Ebola and Zika in Travel Destination MAp

Those kinds of diseases could are enough to make you change your travel plans altogether, and if you feel you’re at risk, that is a viable option to take.

Play safe during the travel is better

Adventure travelers enjoy taking some risks from time to time. But in this case of exposure to dangerous viruses, it is best to play it safe and smart. Get the proper medications and vaccinations you need for the place you’re visiting. Also, avoid destinations that are experiencing dangerous outbreaks.

In the long run, your health is more important than any travel plans, and those places will still be there in the future when the risks will be less.

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