Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow Rest Review

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow Rest Review (Honest Opinion)

The market of arrow rest is changed a lot across time and history. In this Competitive world, you need to make sure that every accessor is there to improve the performance of your arrow when customizing it. And the Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow rest might be something we need for better bowhunting experience.

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH
  • Limb Driven
  • Full containment
  • Easy set up
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Full fletching clearance

Most of the time, we often don’t consider arrow rest when customizing. We think that scope will do the job of accuracy.

That is where we are wrong.

We need arrow rest to improve accuracy. Arrow lies on the arrow rest while taking a shot. It helps to take a more accurate shot with your arrow. Vapor trail limb driver arrow rest is one of the best in the market.

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow Rest Review

There are actually quite a few reasons, why I picked this arrow rest into my top favorite list. It comes with excellent quality, easy installation facility, light weighed materials for comfortable usage and some impressive features. Here are some of the features of this rest you might like to see.

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow RestVapor Trail Pro v Installation and Using is Easy

The limb driver arrow rest is very easy to install. When I first bought this one, I was pretty impressed to see how easy these are to use instantly and using it was smooth and perfect. I must give proper credit to the manufacturer for the design.

Moreover, the paper tuned the bow and the site delivers the well-balanced shot. There are no chances of the activation cord impede with Camp timing cause of being hooked to the limb and a cable.

The launcher arm of the rest will pick up and self-centered the bow every time so the arrow rest allows you to keep the bow where and when you want it until it is the containment cage.

Full Metal Body and light-weighted

The Vapor trail limb driver pro v is totally made of Aluminum. While this gives extra toughness to this rest, it makes it really lightweight. Actually, the weight of the vapor trail limb driver is only 5 ounces that is easy to adjust.

And everyone knows lightweight means comfortable handling.

A big thumb up for the other materials, which are used in this bow rest. The limb driver is lubricated by lubricant guaranteed for not to freeze up in a harsh winter. There is no cheap parts or plastic wear or fail down.

Vapor Trail Pro v bottom

Free Floating launch arm

While gathering resources and information to make this limb driver pro v review, I had to use it for testing purpose, more intensely. Also, I had seen some of the other blog posts and user reviews to see what others are thinking. More or less, we all agree that this Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH has one of the most perfect floating launch arms in the market.

During the shot cycle, your arrow passes through the launcher’s arm, the arrow rest allows it to push against the spring-backed rest. To ensure perfect arrow flights on the release from this string fixes inconsistencies or bug fixes during the shot cycle.

Traditional fall-away forces your arrow to travel on a hard surface which can decrease the accuracy and increase inconsistencies.

Supporting the arrow almost 70% of the shot cycle

The Vapor trail limb driver is supporting the arrow almost 70% of the shot cycle because of it allows eyeballing everything and fine tuning at the range. You will be excited with the overall performance, which is smooth, comfortable and really enjoyable.

Also, the quiet action will help you to concentrate on the target without hampering anything. And also, you do not need a bow press to adjust your draw chord.

An Adjustable Spring Tension

The rest fine-tunes your predilection of  bow performance because the force of spring cushions on the launch arm can be adjusted and When the bow is shotted, the rest stays in the upside position and the upper limb is returned to its normal position and pull down the activation cord so that the rest is restored to the position below.

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V

Accuracy is Great With the Overall System

It is a great innovation in the archery market. It replaced the QAD hunter. The vapor trail arrow rest is a great setup for hunting and consistently because it is more fully-capturable, adjustable spring tension, free-floating launcher arm and supports the arrow almost 70% shot cycle than any other arrow rest has ever invented.

One of the few drawbacks of the Ripcord drop away arrow rest we saw is, sometimes positioning the arrow rest can become a little difficult. But this one, we could adjust it with very easily. Also, the price is good for different kinds of bowhunting to give this arrow rest a shot. This is an absolutely unbeatable and really great upgraded arrow rest over last 10 years.

Customer Service

Vapor Trail’s customer service is always one of the best in the industry, although installing and setting up your Limb drivers, run into a field accident or having problems with your equipment. To start from the beginning, you will talk to a real person, the automated method will not help you to find your way.

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  • Easy to set up and use during sports
  • Full Containment body is another good thing
  • Reliable and durable for hunting and games
  • The quiet and accurate performance with most bows
  • Centered shot with perfect smoothness
  • Excellent quality and awesome design
  • Consistent arrow flight
  • Flawlessly functions every time
  • Worth to money


  • Not a universal fit with all of the bows in the market
  • The drop away is too fast
  • The arrow noses get down before achieving maximum forward motion

Final Thought Vapor Trail

The overall performance in all of our tests was great. We saw perfect arrow throwing and accuracy from the bow. The Vapor trail pro v installation is also another thing that was quite impressive. However, the arrow rest might not fit with all the bows in the market, so check it out before buying.

Vapor Trail Limb Driver is a great rest when it supports the arrow.  It is surprisingly easy to protect after installing this organ-powered rest. Simply hand-operated rest and much easier than installing tuition from the draw, you don’t need to have unnecessary tension in the sensitive wire system.

You should definitely try the Vapor Trail Limb Driver if your preferences are good quality, perfect accuracy, and flawless performance.


Editor Review
  • Built
  • Comfort
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexibility


Check out the in-depth honest Vapor Trail Limb Driver Arrow Rest Review to find if it suits you or not.

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