Best Hiking Hat For Sun Review

Best Hiking Hat For Sun 2019 Review and Buying Guide

Planning for an adventurous hiking day? Or going fishing? You already have thought about your boots, bag pack, clothing, enough food supplies and almost everything. Did you miss anything? Yes, you did. It’s the best hiking hat for the ultimate comfort and ease in your long and tiring hiking day.

It is always a better solution to have a sun hat for the hiking day. If you are planning to go on a long sunny day, how are you going to take all the heat and sunlight on your head? Yes, your sunglasses can save up a bit but not entirely. If it is a snowy evening or a rainy day, a hat can always help you and choose a hat is not exactly the hardest thing to do as well.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Hiking Hat

Whenever we think about buying a hat, we don’t think much about it. We just choose one from an online shop or any shop in our neighborhood and go with it. But, you need to choose your hat according to your need.

You can’t have a winter hat in a casual meeting. That would be weird. You can’t wear a beanie hat when you are hiking a mountain high. You will freeze to death. Hats are meant to be chosen in some certain ways. You are paying a few bucks for it but you should know about the product as well.

With my own experience in buying the hiking hat and the opinion of our hiking experts, we have come up with a checklist for buying the hat for hiking.  Let’s light up some factors you should keep in mind when you are trying to buy a new hat.

Think about the Brand

I personally don’t like choosing a product just because of the name of the brand. But I do agree, in the most occasion, a better brand produces a product with better quality. That is also true for the hiking hats.

A brand product always will be a bit costly than the leftovers in the market. But, the product also ensures you the higher durability and the proper protection. A brand product will provide you much comfort and you can trust the product with so many queries.

Comfort is the Key

Okay you have found a really cool hat and it looks good on you too but the hat doesn’t feel comfortable. It doesn’t fit your head or it itches somewhere. Is it wise to buy this hat for your next adventure? The honest answer would be no. Of course, an uncomfortable hat will not help you much when you need them much. You cannot just have a good time with an uncomfortable experience.

Is it Providing Proper Protection?

Remember why you are wearing your hat. It has to protect you from the heat of the sun. So, you have to check for the protection your hat is providing you. You can easily check that from the given information of the hat.
Mostly the best hat to wear hiking comes with UPF 50+ which blocks almost all the sun rays from any kind of harm.

Understand the Types of Outdoor Activities

Are you going mountain hiking? Get a winter hat. Are you going to a party? Get a baseball cap. Are you planning for fishing? Get a sun cap. Different occasions require a different kind of hats. It also depends on your choices.

So, first, you need to understand what you need before choosing the hiking hat. Also, there are a few other factors you cannot overlook. Colors can also be a fact in here. Of course, you should not wear a black hat in sunny weather.

Check the Material of the Hiking Hat

Efficiency or the Comfort of the hat mostly depends on the material of the hat. If the material is good, the hat can provide a really good experience. There are different types of materials for different kind of hats.

So, take a look at the materials of the hat before planning to buy it. Check the fabric and you will understand the type and comfort of the hat. The winter hats mostly made of wool or thicker material. Beanies are also made of wools. Sunny hats are made of polyester or nylons.

Lockage for The Hat Protection

You need a good protection from the sun but you also need a good protection for your hat as well. If you are wearing a good hat, it should protect itself. Mostly that depends on the lock systems such as chin strap or the band. It should be well adjusted and easy to operate.

The material also shouldn’t be of something harmful. It should be friendly with the face and head.

Ventilation Gives Better Comfort to the User

Your hat should have a good ventilation. Your head can become hot and you may feel suffocated if the hat doesn’t have enough ventilation. On the other side your head needs air and sun because if it stays in the dark for long, the skin can get damaged. The hair can get damaged as well. To avoid any suffocation good hat manufacturers always prioritize the ventilation.

Folding and Mobility is Good for Backpacking

The lightweight products should have a feature for folding the hat. You may not wear the hat the whole time. If the hat can be folded properly in a size that fits in your pocket properly, then this can be a great advantage as you will not have to make extra space to keep it.
In the time being, you can fold it and keep it in a small space or you may keep it in your pocket if possible or in your luggage. The weight and the functionality must match for this.

Designs: Stylish or Comfort?

Of course, a fashionable look will not harm anyone. But you cannot overlook the comfort in your hat, because you are going to wear them for a long time while hiking and camping with safety. So, you need to check if the design is comfortable enough for you.

Also, you can make sure the comfort comes with the proper style. Because it will look good on you and you will be confident enough to wear it outside. A fashionable hat with comfort and convenience is all you need for your long road trip or the hiking adventure.

Top 10 Best Hiking Hat Reviews

Our team has used more than 20 to quality and popular hiking hats for personal and review purpose. With considering the quality comfort and other important aspects here are the top 10 hiking hats for the users. We suggest you read the review and compare the features before choosing you most preferred sun hat for hiking.

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats – Best for Comfort and Simplicity

Columbia Men's Bora Bora Booney II Sun...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Columbia Men's Bora Bora Booney fishing hat Omni-Wick fabric for sweat-wicking capabilities and Omni-Shade UPF 50 technology that blocks out 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • HANDY FEATURES: This high-performance fishing hat features a mesh breeze-inducing vent to keep you cool and protected during long hours outside.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: This men's fishing hat is equipped with an adjustable drawcord and toggle at back so it fits comfortably and snug.
  • FIT: This men's fishing hat fits secure and comfortably for active days out on the water.
  • Columbia's Men's Bora Bora Booney fishing hat is the perfect accessory to hot, long days out on the water.

When you are talking about hiking hats, the Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats are one of the best products on the market. Not only the cool and comfortable feel is the reason for the huge popularity of this hiking hat, but also the adjustability and quality get it into this top list.

The product weighs just 3.2 ounces. So, wearing it will not make you uncomfortable. You can totally fit into the hat with this and there will not be any free spaces for removal. There is an adjustable chinstrap that strongly binds the toggle. It helps with the security issues.

To make it more suitable for long wear it has an amazing sweatband which is combined with a mesh vent panel. The sweatband is non-UPF. This will keep you cooler and safer from the sunlight and the heat as well.

This product features UPF 50 that blocks out almost 98% harmful UVA and UVB rays which can harm you with so many diseases like skin cancer. So, this best Columbia Sportswear has also covered it well.

With being so helpful for health, it also senses another comforting fact -which is sweat. It gets messy when you get all sweaty in the sun. The sweatband helps you to get rid of the unwanted sweats and uncomfortable situations. There is an amazing feature called quick dry feature. That allows the hat to be dry in seconds if it gets all wet up.

During the hike, you won’t be able to tell perfectly, when it will rain. But don’t worry, this hat will not create any problems in rain. Your hat won’t be wet at all. This is so handy for the rainy seasons and the cloud environments. There is an adjustable toggle which allows the user to adjust the hat for your head.

Our Thought

“This Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats is my personal favorite for its excellent comfort with ventilation and waterproofing feature. We had to test it in rough trail trekking trips as well for better assessments of different users, and the outcomes were really satisfying.


  • There is an adjustable toggle with this hiking hat
  • Comes in a flexible size and colors
  • There is an adjustable chinstrap with the hat
  • check
    The quick dry feature makes it really comfortable
  • check
    The ventilation systems work well during the heat


  • Recent products are getting low in quality sometimes.
  • Sometimes it looks like an old woman’s hat.

Sun Blocker Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap – Best Face and Neck Protecting Sun Hat

Tirrinia Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing...
  • HAT WITH NECK FLAP: 3.2" wide brim, 24" head circumference, one size fits most adults. Adjustable chin cord keep hat firmly in place in windy. Sturdy front brim and long back flap will provide great protection for face, neck and ears from the sun rays
  • WIDE BRIM DESIGN: IDEAL FOR camping, hiking, gardening, traveling, fishing, boating, hunting, safari, beach, pool, doing yard work and field research or any other outdoor activity for all seasons use
  • GREAT VENTILATION: Two mesh side panel design and moisture-dispersing sweatband greatly improves cooling and airflow, make your head and neck cool and comfortable all the time
  • ULTIMATE SUN PROTECTION MATERIAL: Made of protective micro-fiber features in 100 SPF/ UPF 50 to prevent sunburned. Windproof, breathable, quick-drying, ultra-light
  • EASY STORAGE: Light-weight breathable mesh performance fabric. Foldable brim make it easy to carry, hiding it in your luggage, or backpack when you're on the go.

Sun Blocker Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap is another amazing product from the sun blocker. They are providing amazing hats from a very long time. This outdoor hat has a large bill and neck flap which cover most of your face and neck.

If you like a bit stylish and trendy hat, rather than the simple looking Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney hat, then this one is the best sun hat option for you. Although, there is a lot more than just the style of this hiking hat.

One of the biggest factors to put it in the top two is its excellent protection feature. This wide flap hat ensures your full protection and security with large bill and flap behind the neck. So, your full face will be well covered by the harmful UV ray without creating any problems for sight.

It is an amazing choice for camping or hiking or fishing or any kind of outdoor activities you want to do. There are two mesh side panel and protective sweatband which allows both ventilation and free of sweat experience. It is really flexible and breathable even in the strong sunshine.

It comes in the unisex model so it doesn’t matter wherever you go, it is a stylish choice as well. This hat can also be said as the women’s hiking sun hats for its features and style.

The chain strap feature locks the band and it makes sure of no free spaces around your head. The product comes in 100% nylon and lightweight. The side panel is made of polyester and the lightweight fabric makes it really comfortable. It is also dirt, water and muck proof.

You can easily roll it up and put it in your pocket. The product’s extreme light weight makes it enjoyable for the outdoor events and the float core brim technology used in the brim allows easy storage and easy to pack.

Our Thought

“We liked the stylish and user-friendly design of this hiking hat. Also, the useful full face covering wide flap and neck flap really impressed our editor members. It provides great sun protection for our neck, face, and two sides of heads.

While using this in making the full hiking hat review, we were impressed with the stable chin strap which kept the hat in place even in the windy condition. In my first look, it seemed to be weaker, but I was proven wrong after a few uses.

The overall quality and feature are excellent for all sorts of users. One can complain about the price, but when you see the quality of Sun Blocker Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap, you cannot really complain much. “


  • The product is really lightweight and easy for long time wearing
  • Perfect for any outdoor events such as fishing, hiking, tours, paddle boating
  • It can also be used for hunting, camping and so on.
  • check
    Comes with user-friendly float core brim technology
  • check
    This hat is easy to roll up the hat that you can put it in your pocket easily
  • check
    Protective from sunlight, rains, and dust


  • Sometimes it can be messy to roll up
  • Sometimes it doesn’t float on water

Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat Summer Sun Caps – Best Outdoor Hats for Men

Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat...
  • 100% polyester and the material is soft
  • Diameter(inch): 7.5 inner, 13.5 outer
  • UPF 50+ excellent sun protection, Anti-UV and vented
  • Adjustable drawstring for fixing the hat, especially in windy days
  • Great for hiking, camping, tourism, gardening or any outdoor activity

Camo Coll is one of the biggest hat manufacturers and they came up with this amazing product. This hat is one of the outstanding products in the market. Coming with all sorts of feature for the ultimate comfort in the sun, the quality of the materials used in the hat will also impress most of the critique.

It is really comfortable for the soft and soothing material of the product. This product comes with 100% polyester. This makes the product really smooth and lightweight. During the outdoor hiking season, you can wear this hat and forget it without any issues.

The product is protected from the sunlight and rain. UPF 50+ excellence comes with this product. An excellent sun protection, well ventilated and anti-UV makes the product more trustworthy and secured. This feature will ensure ultimate safety of the travelers and shooting expert exposing himself to the sun of noon.

There are amazing features such as an adjustable drawstring which can adjust and fix the hat in bad weathers and for user choices. You can use it for different purposes as gardening, kayaking, and fishing as well.

This amazing product is really popular among the hikers. It is also great for fishing, traveling, camping or even gardening. This product is basically made in China and delivered to almost every country.

The hat is adjustable in every size. Even the kids can use one with the adjustable straps and make it a comfortable wear. The product is really versatile and comfortable.

The ventilation feature is also smoother with this hat. Enough air ventilation is available with the hat and also it makes the perfect patch for the chin as well. So, when you are outside in the heat of the sun, the ventilation will exhaust body heat and provide fresh and cooler feeling.

Our Thought

“We were pretty amused by its price point, which is really cheap. This simple hat is one of the best choices for me when I go outside casually for fishing or kayaking. While reviewing this one to keep it in the top 10 hiking hat list, we had two hiking trips with it for the first-hand experiences, and the overall feelings were great.

This is the best hiking beanie according to most of our review team members because of its comfort, lightweight, ventilation and adjustability features.”


  • The product comes with 100% polyester which makes it really smooth and lightweight
  • Enough sun protection and anti-UV
  • This product is really handy for gardening, hiking, touring or any outdoor activities
  • check
    Adjustable drawstring feature is available for the adjustments


  • Some of the users have complained on the packaging
  • Sometimes the adjustments can be tricky

Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure Hat

Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure...
  • UPF 50+ sun Rating
  • 31/4" folding clamshell brim and 6" neck cape
  • UPF 50+ crown ventilation
  • Sunglass lock keeps glasses in place
  • Wicking sweatband

Sunday Afternoon came up with this amazing product. This unisex adventure hat is really popular among the hikers and the adventurers. The hat comes in four different colors. If you like simple color and style, then surely you will love this hat. I will give the designers 10 out of 10 for making such a smart design with vent and proper protection for the hikers.

Like the Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50, this hat also impresses in the comfort sector. The product is made of 88% nylon and 12% polyester which makes the product much more smooth and lightweight. This product is ultra- updated with so many great features. There are clamshell brim and sunglass lock.

The sunglass lock is really helpful for the hikers. In most of the outdoor events, people tend to get a sunglass because sometimes the sunlight protection cannot be totally done with a hat. Most of the cases it becomes troublesome with the glass and the hat to maintain if you are on a jerky road. The sunglass lock plays a great roll in here. You don’t have to worry about your glasses to fall down or anything like that.

This amazing product has 31/4” folding clamshell brim and 6” neck cape which is convenient. The product comes in medium and large in sizes. The crown ventilation is amazing. There is wicking sweatband which allows you to have a sweat-free experience of your outdoor activities.

Who wants sweat in their face through a long sunny day wearing a hat? But you always get sweaty. This amazing hiking sun hat will protect you from being all messed up and uncomfortable.

Our Thought

“The first and most important features we have found while reviewing this hat is the excellent ventilation system. We have used it in the humid weather and the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat remain cool without overlooking any kinds of protection from the sun – which is the striking point why I will buy this hat.

However, we have found that the wind protection isn’t very good for some users. You can use a metal hook or something like that get over this problem. The other features like the comfort and lightweight will ensure you to fall in love with this hat.”


  • There is a sunglass lock for the sunglasses you have for the sunny day.
  • Useful for most of the outdoor occasions
  • Lightweight of this hat makes as hiking, camping, fishing easier
  • check
    Too much flexible and outgoing hat
  • check
    The style and color will adjust with any clothing and condition
  • check
    Comes in medium and large in size


  • Sometimes the hat can be shaky and loose in the wind
  • Adjustments can be tricky sometimes

Military Camouflage Boonie Bush Safari Outdoor Snap Brim Hat

Military Camouflage Boonie Bush Safari...
  • 3" Brim & Neck Flap protects from the SUN
  • Material : Cotton 60% + Polyester 40%
  • 4 Grommet Eyelets with Mesh Screen
  • Chinstrap with Cord Lock

Speaking of a good looking and sporty hat, Military Camouflage Boonie Bush Safari Outdoor Fishing Hiking Hunting Boating Snap Brim Hat Sun Cap with Neck Flap is an amazing product and must be mentioned. This is one of the attractive hats that existing on the market. Especially with the strips on the side part with the rough color, gives a great flavor of adventure.

The hat comes in 60% cotton and 40% polyester for the material. This makes the hat really comfortable to wear and sporty. I love wearing this hat for a long time for the comfort in the inner part of this hat. With the chinstrap being smooth enough and having the weighs only 12 ounces, I have no space for any objection in the comfort sector.

There is a 3” brim for the sun protection and there is also a neck flap. The neck flap is useful when it’s a sunny day. You also can tuck the neck flap into the hat if you want. There are 4 grommet eyelets with a mesh screen. It is one of the best boonie hats for outdoor time spending for the protection and comfort.

The product comes in large and medium but they are all flexible and adjustable. So, you can easily take the product in your size and comfort. Although some of the users have some issues to put it on the bigger heads, we didn’t think that as a big problem.

The experience is smoother with this product for every age. This product is also adjustable for the chin.  This is one of those cowboy style boonie hats or sheriff style hats that give it a fashionable look and comfort at the same time.

Our Thought

“We had mixed opinions about this hiking for some reasons, number one is the color and secondly the size can make problems to few people – a very few ones. In the process of testing it and cleaning it, the color got bled through it a little, so that was a little disappointing. However, the comfort felt amazing to all of our review members.

And also, the neck protection and lightweight will ensure, you will want to wear this under the sun for a long long time, without any problems. Also, the price is really cheap for this kind of quality. So, if you are looking for a comfortable hat at a reasonable price we will suggest you give it a go.”


  • A sheriff style or to be precise cowboy boonie hat
  • The design of this hat is really fashionable and attractive
  • Comfortable wear for every outdoor activity such as hiking, traveling etc
  • check
    Sporty and comfortable at the same time
  • check
    Comes with a warranty


  • Sometimes adjustments can be tricky sometimes
  • Sometimes it can be problematic for the kid's size
  • If you wash it, it can shrink and lose color

Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat – Top Lightweight Sun Hat for Running

Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat,One Size
  • Our Classic Training Ball Cap Our Most Popular Training Hat, The Swift Cap Has Sun Protect
  • Supplex nylon
  • Airflow and weather protection
  • Mesh liner crown aids ventilation, transaction headband for comfort and moisture management
  • Shaped plastic stiffened bill

Outdoor Research is one of the leading company for making hats. They came up with this amazing product entitled outdoor research swift sun hat. This is one of the best and most popular classical hiking hats in the market. The design and style will attract any outdoor enthusiast to wear this under the sun.

This hat comes 100% nylon for material. That makes it really comfortable and soothing. Especially, if you like fishing then it can one of your most favorable choices – the best fishing sun hat to wear.  Also, most of our review team members, it is one of the world’s best fishing hats for the people who like staying a long time in the sun for fishing.

It is one of the imported goods so, it has its own perks. There are classic training ball cap and popular training hat. Also, with that, there is a swift cap as well which has overprotective sun protection. The material is called supplex nylon which is used for making this product. Overall, this is one of the best hiking beanies for comfort and quality.

The ventilation is pretty much good with the product.  It has airflow protection and weather protection. This has mesh liner crown aids ventilation and transaction headband for comfort and moisture management. There are a shaped plastic-stiffened bill.

The product is basically made in China. There are nylon panels which can protect from serious harm from the sun. This product only weights 1 pound and its costing are really convenient for a hat. Affordable in price and comfortable for every outdoor occasion.

What do you want more for a hat? Moreover, the product also comes with a warranty. This product comes in of a size which means one size fits all. So, you have less complexity with adjustments and wears. The product is also can be said as a unisex product.

Our Thought

“Out of the 30 caps we tested for making this hiking hat reviews of 2019, this Outdoor Research Swift hat is my special favorite for unique ventilation feature and user-friendly style. Wearing this cap, the user will forget about it instantly for the lighter weight and net ventilation on both side.

The nylon panel will ensure that the upper head remains protected from the harmful waves, though the neck will remain open. We suggest it to the users who are looking for the simply styled hat using for casual hiking purposes. “


  • Really light weighted product and it dries really fast
  • Sweat-free experience
  • The unisex product can be used by both male and female
  • check
    One size fits all for the size option which is really convenient


  • Not much of a side protection
  • Size can be an issue sometimes
  • One-sided protection can be problematic sometimes

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat –Best Coverage Hat for Sun Hiking

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat
  • 31/2" down-sloping front brim and 33/4" sides with floatable foam core and Poly brim wire
  • 71/2 inch back veil neck flap with lift-up tab
  • UPF 50+ Certified breathable sun Rating (mesh vents not rated)
  • Strategic mesh ventilation
  • Water repellent/stain resistant

Sunday Afternoon is one of the best manufacturers of hats in the market. Also, this hat is one of the best product they came up with the foldable, packable and flexible option and this one can take a beating in toughest condition. This is one of those good-looking hats that goes with every outdoor activity.

I have used this hat for my trip of 2017 and I felt love instantly with it’s for comfort and lightweight. I had used it while fishing in the lake and to me, it is the world’s best fishing hat in this price range.

The product is really soft and convenient. The materials that is used in this product is nylon and polyester. The material is about 50% nylon and 50% polyester. The product is imported so these have really good qualities.

The down-slopping front brim is about 31/2” and the side is about 33/4” sides with floatable foam and poly brim wire. There are a 71/2 inches back veil neck with up tab. The protection consists of UPF 50+ certified breathable and S rating but the mesh vent is not rated with it.

There is strategic mesh ventilation which makes it more comfortable and useful. It also has water repellent and stain resistant technology which is really helpful. The UPF 50+ is a high sun protective rating. So, you can easily assume the protection of this product.

You will also be happy to know that this hat has lift neck cap which will add better breathing capacity and better comfort. Also, the adjustable sizing is another feature to be impressed at.

The hat is as fashionable as it should be for the outdoor event hat. A sun conscious design with comfort and good fabric which make this product really one of a thousand.

Our Thought

“This hat looks good, feels really comfortable and dry. We were also satisfied with the quality of this hat. With being super durable, it also impressed us in the protection sector. The neck and head were really covered under the down stopping brim, so you will be fully protected under the sun.

 Sometimes, overprotection lack proper ventilation but not with this sun hat. It has mesh ventilation for comfortable and dry. In wet and humid condition this is really helpful.”


  • Really comfortable and fashionable design
  • The material is about 50% nylon and 50% polyester
  • check
    Sun protection is UPF 50+ which ensures the heavy-duty protection
  • check
    Really lightweight product


  • Sometimes the adjustments can be tricky
  • The neck flap can be loosening up sometimes

Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat – Top Class Supplex Nylon Hat

Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat
  • Medium brim with 3/4-inch polyester mesh in the crown plus dark underbrim for glare protection
  • Constructed from water and mildew resistant from 100 percent supplex nylon Tilley Nylamtium
  • Maximum UPF 50+ sun protection rating
  • Secret pocket in the crown for storing license, $20 bill, or room key
  • Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle

Speaking of some elegant product Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat is one of them. The smart design of this compact hiking hat does just what it’s needs to — provide the comfort in the sun and wicks away unnatural sweat. This cool and outdoor preferred Australian look and color are one of the few reasons why it has become so popular.

The product is made of full nylon.  The company has been importing nylon so that ensures the quality of the product. The medium brim comes with ¾ inches mesh in the crown plus dark under brim for glare protection. The hat is constructed with water resistance and dirt resistance as well.

This is possible for 100 percent sup nylon tilley nylumtium for material. This product has UPF 50+ sun protect rating as well which ensures the protection from the harmful sun rays. Here come some interesting features of the product, there is a secret pocket in the crown for licenses, a few bucks or the house-key of yours or even the documents.

This hat can be washed by hand and machine both. You can use any germ reliving product as well. The hat basically has an Australian look to be precise. This is comfortable for hot days and any sweaty activities.

The fabric that used in this product is known for the blockage of almost 98% of the sun damage. UPF 50+ is also the highest rating for the sun damage protection. Another interesting fact is every tilley hat is hand-sewn and the lock system is really good. You will not be facing any loosen up situation or any uncomfortableness. This product is also useful for the windy and rainy weather.

Our Thought

‘In between the varieties of hiking sun hat, this one stands out the most other hats in durability and style sector. We have tested this hat in different weather and temperature. In the hot weather, it felt really comfortable for its excellent ventilation and fabric.

The surprising thing was in the cold temperature this hat provided better warmth and we were really amazed by this fact.  The overall protection was really fine considering the price it offers. The only thing the company can improve is making a design that doesn’t take a long time getting into the shape to wear. “


  • 100% nylon product that ensures the softness and the smoothness of the product.
  • Secured lock system with every situation
  • check
    A cool old school Australian look
  • check
    Fashionable yet comfortable


  • Sometimes the packing can be a bit tricky.
  • Sometimes the reshaping can take a long time after you get it out from your luggage or the drawer.

Lenikis Unisex Outdoor Activities UV Protecting Sun Hat - Best Hat for Wind and Rain

Lenikis Unisex Outdoor Activities UV...
  • Full Protection: features 50+ UPF fabric which block 98% of UV rays. This flap hats will protect your ears, neck and the back of your head from the scorching summer sun.
  • Light Wearing: made of quality polyester which is lightweight, quick-drying, foldable, water and stain resistant.
  • Breathable Mesh: the mesh side panels allow ventilation which makes your head breathable in sunny with strong sunshine.
  • One Fits All: adjustable back band (22-24inches) and chin strap provide a comfortable fit and keep your hat from being blown away on windy days.
  • FUNctional: whether you are out walking, hiking, fishing, playing golf, gardening, sightseeing, on the beach, at a ball game or working outdoors, this hat has you covered.

If you are looking for the best rain and sun hat, then you can check out this excellent hat. The biggest manufacturer Lenikis came up with this amazing hiking hat. This is one of those lightweight beautiful hats which blows your mind when you wear it. From the name of the product you already know it is a unisex product which tells you don’t have to be worried about who to wear the hat.

It features the UPF 50+ protection which is one the better side in this list to provide security for the hikers. The hat can block up to 98% of UV rays and save you from skin issues. The flap hat has the protection from the harmful sun rays and it can protect your ears, neck, face, and back of your head as well.

Not always the protection is the main reason for choosing a hiking hat, there have to be some other reasons as well. And the happy thing is this Lenikis hat has proper comfort along with the protection. It is made of lightweight polyester which makes it really quick drying, foldable, water-resistant and resistant to wind.  Also, the material ensures you can easily use this under the rain and in wind without any problems.

Moreover, the mesh side panels have a proper ventilation system to keep you had cool under the heat of the sun. It also allows proper ventilation which makes the head breathable even in the strong sunshine and sunny days. I have also used it for gardening along with the hiking because it is one of the best gardening hats for the money as well.

An adjustable back band and chin strap make this hat a perfect package. The hat is comfortable and easy to go for every outdoor activity. This chin strap also protects your hat from being blown away in windy weather. This hat is too good for any outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, gardening, sight-seeing or even touring.

Our Thought

“Lenikis Unisex Outdoor Activities UV Protecting Sun Hat is one of the better hiking beanies for providing the most protection under the sun and doing it without compromising the comfort. We found some other advantages as well such as the breathable ventilation, lightweight material, better adjustability and functional for many uses.

Although, adjusting it for the first time can be a little problematic especially for setting the straps, but giving it few times solve the problem on most occasion. Cleaning and folding options are the two minor reason I fell in love with this hat after few uses. This is the best rain hat for hiking in our testing. We suggest it to any kind of hikers for using it in rain and wind. “


  • A good product for any outdoor activities
  • Really lightweight product for outdoor activities
  • check
    Polyester for the materials which makes it more convenient
  • check
    Breathable mesh for proper ventilation
  • check
    Adjustable back band and chin strap for enough protection


  • Sometimes the adjustments can be tricky
  • The straps of this hat can be problematic
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Sometimes it is not exactly a comfortable chin strap

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap – One of the Best Hats for Running Under Sun

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap
  • Snap on Sun Skirt
  • Features a supplex nylon
  • Convertible design, light fabric, removable sun skirt snaps to bill and covers mesh for total protection
  • UPF 30+, TransAction headband for comfort and moisture management, mesh side panels aid ventilation

This is the last product of our best hiking hat of 2019 list but be sure it is not the least effective hat for using outdoor hiking, fishing or any other activities. Outdoor Research came up with this amazing product called outdoor research sun runner cap. This is one of the unique and overly protective caps in the market.

This product has a stylishly simple and yet modern look with its sun skirt. The material used in this product is supplex nylon which is totally soft and comfortable for the head. To make the comfort, even more, user-friendly, the cap has a very lightweight fabric in use. The design is convertible and the fabric is lightweight so, this is one comfortable product to be precisely expressive.

This is an overprotective product, has a UPS 30+ rank which tells you it almost blocks most of the sun rays. There are some interesting features such as TransAction headband and sun skirt snap. The TransAction headband provides much comfort and moisture management.

This hat is the best hat to protect the face from sun according to our sun hat review team. Not only the proper shade that is responsible for this excellent support. The sun skirt is another of the unique features of this product. This makes a total protection for the face in the sunny weather.

This makes it popular within a very short time especially for the person who will run and go to places of windy atmosphere without any issues.  Also, the removable sun skirt is another good option for the hikers which bill and covers mesh for better protection on neck along with the head.

The product is made by China and also ensures better build quality. This hat also has better style and also ventilation system. A well-ventilated hat is really important for outdoor activities. You really want to have a sweat less and covered experience in the sunny weather.

Our Thought

“While making the sun hat review, we were pretty amazed at the special features of the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap, comparing with the Outdoor Research Sombriolet hat that we couldn’t eliminate any of these from our list. While the Sombriolet hat is really popular for its simplicity, we had to keep this Sun Runner Cap for its protection feature along with the ventilation and locking option.

We have used this hat for our last 3 hiking trips and surely, we will suggest this one for the people who have to run in windy condition. The comfort and lightweight are another good things about it as we have discussed earlier. “


  • Sun skirt feature for the full protection of the face
  • Overprotective product for using it for long camping
  • check
    Built quality will ensure long-term use of this hat
  • check
    Great for the hiker who loves waking with speed in the wind
  • check
    Well ventilated hat for comfort in wet condition
  • check
    UPS 30+ protection is provided


  • Sometimes the sun skirt can be tricky.
  • Sometimes the headband can be problematic.

Types of Hiking Hats

There are plenty of hiking hats that are useful for any outdoor activities but you have to choose what is best for you, right? Let’s see about the various types of hiking hats.

Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Hat

This is one of the good looking and full of a protective hat. This provides a stylish look as well. This has a wide range of features for a hat. Mostly it has a sun skirt and a detachable shield which mostly covers up all of your face and neck.

This is vastly used for a really sunny day outing. It has well ventilation as well. It is mostly functional for a heavy duty outing in really sunny weather. This is well adjusted and overly protective of course. There are protective features like chin straps and bands, so you can use this with satisfaction with the product’s efficiency.

Sun Hat with chin strap

This is almost the sun protection hat without the sun skirt or the detachable shield. This has the lightweight materials and long flaps. Mostly the good products come up with UPF 50+ which ensures you the sun protection.

Mostly they have a classic belt feature or the chin strap. This is adjustable for every head shapes. These products mostly come with unisex designs. This comes in different designs and colors as well.

Quick Drying Hat

This is one of those hats that have materials for really quick drying. These have an ideal fit for almost every head shape and quick adjustments. This hat mostly used in rainy weather and heavy sunny weather.

It can quickly dry up the rainwater and sweat. These products mostly have lightweight as well. Some cases they have sun skirts too. They are also lightweight. These have enough ventilation for the head.

The Beanie Hat

These hats are just useful for protecting your head or a fashionable look. These products don’t have a brim or flap. Beanies are for casual outdoor activities but they are helpful in so many ways. This hat is highly used in winter season.

This can be a real saver when it’s too cold outside. These come in different colors and shapes. Mostly the material is wool for the product. This can be identified as winter wear for most of the countries. This is not much use for sunny or rainy weather. This is a perfect choice for the winter and cool places.

Winter hat

The best winter hat will protect the head from the cold and keep the hiker safe. The winters hat is used for a rough mountain hiking or an icy country visiting. basically a winter hat is made of very thick material for the protection.

Mostly these have a proper solution for the winter areas. This covers your ears and neck and in some cases, you have a face skirt to save your face as well.

This is also made of a thick material. With a heavier and thicker clothing, you need a hat like this when you are going to Alaska or some cooler place. This is the one solution for you.

Baseball Cap

This is one trendy and fashionable choice for the outdoor activities. When you are going out on a sunny day, you can have a baseball cap for your sun protection and a fashionable look as well. This is not a hiking hat but you can use it a totally in the casual Fridays or hanging out with friends. This will not cover most of your faces and neck as well but the minimal cover-up is also worth to use it.

Final Thought 

Choosing the best hiking hat needs proper understanding of the hat and also the better companies to choose from. In this article, we have tried to provide a guidance that will help you to choose the right hiking and camping hat for you. Also, we have selected the best items from the most popular hiking hat brands on the market and made a comparison to make it easier to pick. 

In our use and test, the Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II is the best one to choose for hiking. 

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II

Check out our overall best hat for hiking from the below ling for reviews and later price

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