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Fish Finders for Dummies: Features

Fish Finders for Dummies: Features to Look for

While choosing a proper fish finder isn’t an easy task for even the professional anglers, you can still get a decent one with some ideas and information on fish finders for dummies. You can look out for some fish finder features and get the proper ideas on what are the necessary option you can look […]

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Healthy Travel Tips and Guide

9 Healthy Travel Tips and Guide Everyone Must Know

While traveling you’ll have to be prepared to maintain your general health. This applies especially to jet lag experienced after a long haul flight, foot care on the trail, health for women travelers, etc. With some knowledge of healthy travel tips and some guides, you can actually stay well after these travels. When you are […]

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Springtime Beach Fishing Tips for Cobia and Red Drum

5 Springtime Beach Fishing Tips for Cobia and Red Drum

Spring is the time for cobia and red drum beach fishing. It can be really good in the clear water of early spring. Several things come clear in the early spring. So, springtime beach fishing can be really an exciting thing to do for anyone. The main thing for me is the water. I’m not […]

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Setting Up Your Terminal Tackle

Setting Up Your Terminal Tackle In a Best Way

The first question on some angler’s lips is just what is terminal tackle? That’s a fair question and I have the easy answer. Basically, it’s the stuff on the end of your line that gets the bait to the fish! How simple is that? Seriously though, it includes everything that is attached to the business […]

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How to Fly Fish for Beginners Guide

How to Fly Fish for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Fly-fishing is almost a different sport from other kinds of fishing. The equipment and baits are very specialized and generally not interchangeable with those used for other kinds of fishing. Although any kind of fish can be caught on fly-fishing equipment, some species are more traditional than others. Fly-fishermen seem to have a different attitude […]

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Floating Worm Fishing Tips

3 Important Floating Worm Fishing Tips to Follow

Bass fishermen around the nation will tell you hardly anything compares with the sudden, jolting strike of a bass smashing a topwater fishing lure. But surprisingly few of those same anglers seriously consider fishing a soft floating plastic worms on the surface. Actually, plastic worms can be used very successfully as topwater lures. And a […]

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Topwater Fishing Tips for Bass

Top 10 Topwater Fishing Tips for Bass

Bass fishermen generally describe topwater fishing as the most exciting type of fishing because the action occurs in full view on the surface. But they also describe it as a very fragile type of fishing. That’s because so many different conditions influence topwater fishing. And, a change in any one of them can stop the […]

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Fishing Hooks Types and Sizes

Fishing Hooks Types and Sizes to Consider for Anglers

Fishing hooks have been around in the form that we know them today for about 6,000 years. But while they were once crude and made of bone, brass, or bronze, today there are thousands of different styles, each in dozens of sizes, finishes, colors, wire thicknesses, and shank lengths. Different Types of Fishing Hooks There […]

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Fishing Lures Types

Fishing Lures Types and What Lures Catch What Fish

It is really tough but essential to understanding what lures catch what fish. Also, one should know, different fishing lures types and their uses. A vast knowledge with some experience will let you identify a better match for the lures. In my experience with different types of fishing with efficiency, I have used different lures. […]

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Echo Lakes for Fishing, Camping, and Sightseeing

Guide to Echo Lakes for Fishing, Camping, and Sightseeing

The Echo Lakes are outside the Wilderness proper. People often love Echo lakes for fishing and camping. These lakes can also be great for sightseeing as well. However, the entrance road to the lakes from Highway 50 provides easy access to the backcountry. The real claim to fame for this access is that it starts […]

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